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Hacker [Jeon Jungkook FF]


"aww noona. look how hot you are looking all tied up in my bed ", he said creepily. "Just Stay Away From Me You Creep ", I yelled in his face while trying to get myself free. "stop this useless try, noona. You won't be free. and let's see tonight will you be able to keep me away from you ", he smirk and started to open my shirt only to make me look at him in horror. ~~~~~ Jeon Jungkook, A brat son of a rich entertainment owner and also a hacker. He loves only two things. 1st money and second hacking and exposing his enemies' secrets. What will happen when a beautiful trainee joins his father's company to be an idol? Kang Y/n, Being the little sister of Kang Seulgi, she is already famous. Her beauty and vocals can attract anyone. Almost all of her sister's fans want her to be an idol. Her sis also asked her to give an audition to SM company but she doesn't want to get known as the little sis of Seulgi. She wanted to be known by her own name so she didn't join SM. She auditions another company name 'my time entertainment' and gets selected. What will happen when the son of the CEO gets attracted to her? Will she make him able to stay away from her?

Drama / Romance
Kim Juthika
Age Rating:


Never tell everything you know
. - Jeon Jungkook

///Jeon Jungkook///

* 18 years old
*Hacker ,spoiled , dangerous and brat and not forget to mention hot
*The son of a big entertainment company named "my time ".
*Best friend of Taehyung and Jimin
*Loves y/n as his only his .

//I am not a stalker . I want to make sure you're okey at all times . You can look at me as an unpaid bodyguard//

///Kang Y/n///

*19 years old
*Kind , innocent and very talented but orphan
*Sister of Kang Seulgi
*She is very known in her sister's fandom .and wants her to be an idol
* Her beauty and voice is enough to make everyone fall in love with her

//I don't want to be known because of my sister's name . I want to be known by my own talents //

///Lim Jaebeom///

*Stage name JB
* 21 years old
*Idol and leader of famous group "Got7"
*handsome, cute but at the same time hot too. Kind unlike jungkook and caring
*Never been in a relationship cause he never met his ideal type

//Never in my life thought I will meet a girl who is my type and I can call her my girl . When I saw her I knew she is just my type but now I am confused how to confess to her my feelings//

///Kim Taehyung///

*Stage name V
*20 years old
*Best friend of jungkook and jimin .also brother of Kim Yerim
*Solo artist of "my time" entertainment
*consider his Best friends as his own blood brothers

//Friendship means everything even if it takes kill and I will make sure my best friend's love can't go away from him //

///Park Jimin///

*20 years old
*Best friend of Taehyung and Jungkook and brother of Park Soo-young
*Solo solo artist of "my time" entertainment like Taehyung
*he also consider them more than a best friend but that doesn't mean he will also be with them when they do something wrong

//You can't make a girl yours by force . You have to win her heart then she will be yours willingly//

///Kang Seulgi///

* 21 years old
*Kind , generous just like her lil sis but knows when to be rude and cold
*Idol of a group "Red Velvet"
*Love her sister to the bottom of my heart and took care of her like her own child after their parents death
*Has a crush on someone but nobody knows that even her lil sis doesn't

//My baby sis is my life . If you don't want to see the bad side of mine then better keep your hands away from her //

///Park Jinyoung///

*21 years old
*Only caring for his loved ones but dangerous to the people who hates them
*Idol of group "Got7"
*Best friend of JB and step brother of Jimin and Soo-young

//I can be good like an angel to you if you are in my good book but it will take me less than a sec to be worse than devil if you are in my bad book//

///Red velvet///

Members : Irene,Seulgi ,Wendy , Soo -young (joy), Kim Yerim

///Got 7///

Members : JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung , Youngjae , BamBam , Yugyeom

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