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He's My Baby Daddy


“Actually, I have a better idea. Let’s get you pregnant… the natural way.” “whAT?” Of all the words that could have left his mouth, is he insane?

Romance / Drama
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Okay, lovelies, I am once again resurrected from the deep deep depths of my very unproductive and procrastinating mind.

So, I have a fanfic in mind. Like an actual planned out story, not some trash I wrote on my phone when I was in my feels on a really shitty road trip with my chaotic family. Imma throw out sort of a synopsis before y’all get into it and uhm, idk what to say. (what do authors even talk about in their notes?)

Before i forget, i got inspo for this fic from two amazing authors and their stories.

- maybeamanda on fanfiction.net

- musyc on ao3

Pls go check them out, they have the JuCiEsT content (ew, i cringed so hard) on dramione and sherlolly.

TW - swearing, child abuse and ofcourse (for all you thirsty asses who gonna ignore this one, cause it’s the reason you’re here) smut. I will put warnings in front of the smutty content, so y’all can skip over(as if that’s happening), it won’t affect the plot.


He’s My Baby Daddy (im literally not creative and suck at making titles)


“Actually, I have a better idea. Let’s get you pregnant… the natural way.”

“whAT?” Of all the words that could have left his mouth, is he insane?


y/n is a financial manager for BigHit Entertainment (it’s hybe now but whatever) and she has worked there for the past three years, her job allows her to be close with all the members.

Age: 25

Birthday: December 5 (she’s a sagittarius, y’all)

Born in Korea, moved to London at the age of 2, came back to Korea for her job.

Y/n wants to quit and Tae doesn’t like that. So he formulates a plan… a fool proof plan.

(btw, hit me with baby names)


*justin seagull has left the chat*

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