The little things i love about you | Kageyama x OC


The duo, Fujisaki Y/n and Kageyama Tobio, you never see one without the other. This is a mega cheesy story told from the 3rd pov. Watch how secretly soft Kageyama can be when it comes to her

Humor / Romance
Age Rating:

Her smile

Why did it get dark?
She looked up from her book
and saw his figure loom over her.
She smiled.

“Hi!” Y/ns sweet voice rang
through his ears. He felt a pang
in his chest, he shouldn’t have
a crush on his best friend.

“Fujisaki” He sat beside her, stealing
a peek at her book. “Again?” He scoffed.
“Yes, again. You could never
understand the complexity of
a book such as this one.”

“That made my brain hurt” His brows furrowed.
“Froyo after school?”
Y/n perked up and slammed her
book shut, “Is that even a question?”
No, it wasn’t a question. He knew
just how much y/n loved frozen yogurt.

“Whats the occasion?” She smiled and

shoved another bite of froyo into
her mouth.
“You bought me extra toppings,
why? Why’s today special?”
His blue eyes couldnt help but stare.
The way her hair fell perfectly over
her shoulders, somehow, the sun
always seemed to shine when he was
around her. He knew he was
staring for too long but he couldn’t
bring himself to look away.

“Yama?” She waved her hand in
front of his face. “Back to earth”
Her cheeks were pink.
“What?” He blinked at her,
she replied with a wide smile.
“Get out of your head and talk to

He didn’t know what it was
but something about her
was just so

Was it her citrusy-lemon scent?
Was it her never ending curiosity?
Perhaps it was the way she
instantly brightened his day.
Not a single sight in the world could
beat the beauty of her smile.

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