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Just A Matter of Time


George shakes his head no, “Nothing. We asked all of our informants, muggle and magical and neither side have not seen or heard anything in the past couple of months.” “We need to find him,” Harry sa Harry is so focused on his life, changing and improving the wizarding world. Working secretly with his team, catching criminals in both magical and muggle world. Aaron spends his life caring for his son and catching bad guys as the leader of the BAU. A case takes Harry and his team from London and to the states, where their two worlds collide. A chance meeting makes both men discover that there is more to life than catching criminals.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Chief Lead Special Investigator, Harrison Potter-Black, is in the conference room waiting for his team to arrive. For the past three months, they have been trying to track down Theo Nott. Every time they get close, he evades them. Harry and his team are a separate division that answers only to the Minister himself. He and his team are trained to be the best of the Unspeakable’s and yet they do not work with them. Harry and his team are much like a magical version of the Navy Seals, SWAT or Green Berets. People know they exist, and theybut no one knows who the team members are. They lead normal lives but are only called when needed.

Harry sighs, thinking about the way things have turned out. After the war, people expected so much from him. He hated disappointing them but seeing far too many people he cared about die during the war had changed his perception on life. It made him want to change the Wizarding World in so many ways. If it weren’t for his blood adopted father, Severus Snape, and the few people he let into his life, Harry would have drowned himself in his work and nothing else. The war had lasted longer than everyone, including Harry, had expected.

His thoughts stray to those who had lost their lives. Hermione had died after being bit by Nagini before Neville had a chance to slice her head off. He had known how much Ron had loved Hermione. He had thought he would lose both his best friends that night; they had been in the middle of planning their wedding when the last battle took place. But Ron had stuck around, only to be killed two years ago chasing after a witch trying to escape from Aurors. The witch had been under suspicion for kidnapping and killing muggle babies, then using their body parts in a new type of love potion.

Remus had died from the injuries he had sustained from his battle with Greyback. Tonks had died by the hands of her own Aunt, that evil bitch Bellatrix. Leaving Teddy without parents to watch him grow up. Before they died, they had made Harry Teddy’s godfather without telling him. After the funerals he, Teddy and Andromeda had moved into Malfoy Manor with his adopted father, stepfather, and stepbrother. If anyone had told him that he and Draco would one day be friends much less brothers, he would have hexed them to Hades and back. Draco had been there for Harry when Ron died, even before that if he really thought about it. A smile came to his face when he thought of his family. They are quirky in their own way; no one would believe that the stoic Potions Professor, Severus Tobias Prince-Malfoy nee Snape, had the Malfoy Lord wrapped around his fingers. After the war, his father accepted the Prince Lordship and had adopted Harry, and he made him his heir.

Harry had gotten pissed when the Wizarding World was ready to crucify his Dad and Lucius for being Death Eaters. Thankfully, Dumbledore had planned ahead. Albus had kept files and a pensive for all of the meetings, detailing times and dates, and secured them all within his vaults. He had left these to Harry in his will prior to his death as proof that the Malfoys and Severus had been spies since the first war. After the war it also came out that James Potter and Severus Snape had not been true enemies, shocking many that had known the pair. They only pretended for the sake of the war and the fact that Severus was a spy.

After the incident that almost killed Severus, they both decided that it was time to end their stupid pettiness. James had apologized for all the hurt he had caused Severus. In the end, they turned out to be much better friends than they were enemies. It had been heartbreaking for Severus to know that Harry’s mother and father died, in addition to the fact that he, like everyone, had believed that Sirius was guilty of killing their friends. Severus wanted to take Harry in but had told him that since he was a spy, it was impossible. It had not been his idea to treat Harry the way he did during Harry’s first few years at Hogwarts. Dumbledore and Severus had decided not to let anyone know just how close he and the Potters were. Harry had grown closer to Severus after Sirius had died and had found out about the friendship between his father and Severus. After the war, Harry had agreed to let Severus adopt him making him the Prince Heir.

Narcissa had died at the hand of Voldemort when he realized she had lied when she told him that Harry was dead when he was not. Severus and Lucius have been lovers since their years at Hogwarts. Lucius’s father had been a homophobic prick who forced him to marry Narcissa to produce an heir from the illustrious Black and Malfoy lines. It seemed the elder Malfoy forgot that Severus despite being a half-blood, came from the Prince bloodline, which is still considered superior among purebloods and could have provided heirs that would be seen as pure as the driven snow. Narcissa understood that she would never be the love of Lucius’s life. She agreed to marry and do as was asked of her by her family as a way to help her friends. After she had Draco, she moved out of the Manor to one of the Malfoy Manors in France.

There she met Jean-Paul, a wealthy Muggle who was later poisoned. A jealous ex-girlfriend had poisoned a glass of wine, trying to murder Narcissa. Poor Jean Paul ended up drinking the wine, unknowingly saving his love’s life. Narcissa had been so beside herself; she had moved back to Britain. Unfortunately, she couldn’t have picked a worse time, as it was when Voldemort had returned.

The world had been in turmoil after the war. And after so long, it is finally getting back on its feet. He is brought out of his thoughts when two of his most troublesome members walk into the door, George and Fred Weasley. Since the war ended, Charlie, Bill, and Ron before his death, are the only Weasley’s that he still keeps in contact with. He is still the Twins’ silent partner in the joke shop, but after the war, they felt that they needed to do more to help. They wanted to rebuild the world they grew up in, to actively make their world into something better. Kingsley came up with the idea of a special team after the war and approached Harry with the idea; he couldn’t help but think of these two and all the weapons they could make. It was the twins’ idea to call their team the Phoenix Anti-Crime Unit or PACU. They also work with muggle law enforcement as a private task force and negotiators at times.

The other members consist of Draco, who was currently engaged to both the twins, which had further separated the twins from the remaining Weasley’s. Blaise Zabini is currently married to Luna, and they are about to have their first child. The man could scare a criminal to the point of them pissing their pants, but a single lift of his wife’s blond brow, which makes Harry and the rest chuckle every time. Their friendship had been another surprise, he got to know the other Slytherin through Draco and found that Blaise not only has a dry sense of humor but he is also someone you would want guarding your back in a fight.

Neville, who is not only a professor at Hogwarts but, is now married to Seamus. They had just gotten back from their honeymoon when this case dropped into their laps. Everyone had expected Luna and Neville to end up together. So it had been a shock to their friends when Luna instead married Blaise and Neville, and Seamus had announced they were together.

They wanted to be the best of the best in what they did. As a team, they had trained hard and really pushed themselves. Their training was hard and rigorous; they took judo, martial arts and self-defense classes, like krav maga. Neville had suggested that they each attended a Muggle University for a specific degree; all of them took accelerated courses. They also decided that each member would take classes for different degrees and teach each other what they learned, that way, in the end, they could all take the required exams for various degrees.

Harry got his degree in Criminal Justice; his degree covers more than just the law, which he is well versed in. It encompasses the whole, which covers computer security, law enforcement, policing and investigations. Draco is their resident genius. He read any and everything he could get his hands on muggle or magical. It is a bit scary sometimes how much Draco knows. He received a degree in Criminal Psychology. He is also Harry’s second in command.

Blaise got his degree in criminal justice with an emphasis on forensic science. Neville got his degree in behavioral psychology; he also kept his love for herbology and took a few classes in botany. And the twins went left field and got their degrees in computer science and computer forensics. To ensure that their magic and technology would work, Harry and his team crafted a spell, which only they knew. The spell works as a bridge between both magic and technology, such as cell phones and computers.

This allows Harry, his team, Kingsley, and a few selected family members to use magic around technological devices anytime they need to keep in touch with family or even give Kingsley updates on certain cases. Later, they found a way to incorporate that spell into a tattoo that was magical, which they each wore on their shoulder. Harry’s tattoo was in the form of a Phoenix if viewed closely enough a person could see it moves with his emotions. PACU members are all licensed to carry a muggle gun and only do so when working with muggle law enforcement.

Kingsley and Harry decided to keep the PACU a secret from everyone else. The secrecy is why they are not in the ministry building but stationed in a warehouse in between the Muggle and Wizarding world. The whole building is outfitted with the latest computers, security system and lab equipment but is also warded with runes to prevent wizards and muggles from finding out their identities or exact location. Whenever they are required to work closely with their magical counterparts, they are required to take a vow of secrecy. This way Harry and the PACU members can live a normal life.

Every member of his team has found happiness except him. They have all found someone that completed him in every way. He is not jealous of them; on the contrary, he is happy for them. He knows one day his magic will lead him to the one that is meant for him. After the war, he thought Ginny was the one, but after he had walked in on her and Dean fucking, he cut ties with her and has not spoken to her since.

“Hey guys, tell me you have something new on Nott?” He asked the twins.

George shakes his head no, “Nothing. We asked all of our informants, muggle and magical and neither side have not seen or heard anything in the past couple of months.”

“We need to find him,” Harry says aloud. “He’s spent two years under the Ministry’s radar, killing those he deemed of impure blood,” he continues.

“How no one picked up on it is a mystery to me. You would think someone would notice,” responded George.

Fred speaks up, “He was good that’s for sure, he played the perfect politician, taking his father’s seat in the Wizengamot. He made sure the Aurors found out exactly where his father was hiding when they were rounding up the remaining Death Eaters. Voting and agreeing with everything you wanted to be passed with the IWC and the Wizengamot, not to mention taking his father’s place on the board of governors at Hogwarts. If he wasn’t brought up under suspicion, I’m telling you, Hart. Nott could have given Kingsley a run for his galleons for the next minister. No one paid attention to the deaths because they were muggles.” He pauses for a second, and a contemplative look appears on his face. “What I don’t understand is why to kill his wife and child; you would figure his wife would have been safe as she was from an influential pureblood family. I mean no one liked Pansy while we were in school or during the war but the way he killed her was gruesome.”

Fred is right. Theo is evil to the core; he had had the whole world fooled. After the war, he jumped right in, donating money to rebuilding Hogwarts and St. Mungos. He even joined Harry in opening a magical orphanage, stating that children who lost their parents due to the war needed to feel secure. The deaths started out small, and the first one was two years ago. The body showed up on the doorsteps of the police station. The first victim was Samantha Carter, mother of one. There were signs of abuse but despite being naked, she was not raped.

Theo saved the rape for his next victim six months later. Harry remembered seeing the file of Michelle Saunders, a mother of three. She was raped, beaten and tortured. They estimated she was Nott’s punching bag for a couple of weeks before he put her out of her misery and sliced her throat, killing her. According to the file notes, they believed Samantha was a test to see just how far he could go and if he could get away with the crime.

This continued with two more victims: all women, all mothers, all muggles. Since no one in the Wizarding community took any notice of the murders of muggle women, no one put it together that a wizard could be doing the killings. That is until Pansy Nott nee Parkinson’s body was found the same way the second victim was killed. Her body was found in an abandoned warehouse in Knockturn Alley. There was no paper trail on who owned the building, so that was another reason why no one suspected Nott at first. Reading more into the report, Nott had raped and beat his wife repeatedly. Other signs indicated that he would cut her then heal them and cut her again, probably getting off on watching her bleed. In the end, he slit her throat, putting her out of her misery. With what was done to her, everyone knew it was a witch or wizard that was killing the women and not a muggle.

Theo played the perfect grieving husband when he was told about the death of his wife. He raged over the way she died. Whenever he was in public, everyone felt sorry for him. What put him on the scent of the Aurors was the mysterious death of his son from an overdose of pain potion. They questioned Nott on why his child, a mere three old, would need to ingest pain potion in such large amounts.

He was ready with an answer, saying that his son was very active and liked jumping off things in their home. He played it as if it is normal for a child so young to have broken bones all over his body. When asked why the boy was not taken to St. Mungo’s to have them properly healed, he answers that he gave the child skelegrow, hoping that the bones would grow back and mend themselves.

The Head Investigating Auror, Michael Walticus, found his answers suspicious but did not want to place blame to a now upstanding citizen in the Wizarding community. Soon afterward, it was noticed that the child was wearing glamor. Once it was removed, they saw the bruises on his face and arms. The child had broken bones in his left arm and legs, none of which were properly healed.

After getting permission from Kingsley to search Nott’s house, Walticus and his Aurors went to Nott Manor to arrest him on suspicion of murdering his wife and the other victims, only to find all the house elves dead and Nott was gone. When the news of Theo Nott’s heinous crimes got out, people were shocked. The Wizarding World was devastated that such an upstanding citizen, one who took the time to invest his own time and money to help rebuild their world, could commit such brutal murders, of not only muggle women but also his own wife.

That was when Kingsley turned the case over to Harry and his team. They tracked down every lead that they came across their desk. The last lead they had followed resulted in Nott being cornered at one of his family abandoned cottages in Scotland. They had lost him when one of Walticus’s team members, one just out of the academy, gave away their position after they disabled the wards. After Harry was done chewing out the newbie’s arse, it came out that the guy had been trying to impress him. He impressed Harry all right, to the point where Harry had him sent back to the academy.

“Well, we know what his motive for killing is.” Harry continues with the conversation. “We can tell by the fact that he started with muggles first. He is finishing what Voldemort started.” Since his death, whenever Harry says Voldemort’s name, no one winces or shudders. His name is no longer feared, and they know he is truly dead and will not return this time. “And you’re right Fred, and no one cared that muggles were dying. But once a wizard or witch dies, people pay attention. It’s just sad that a child had to die in the process, along with all those women. But I have this feeling that we are missing something else. The real reason he is killing these women, some clue he is pushing right in our face.”

Their conversation is interrupted when Draco bursts in. “He’s in America. The bastard got an illegal portkey and fled to the States.”

“How do you know this?” Asks Harry, happy to finally have some news on where Nott is.

“I got tired of not hearing a thing from any of our informants, so I went to Father and asked him to see if he could find out anything from one of his more seedy contacts. It seems Nott could not help himself and started killing again. Several women killed in the same manner as the ones here, and that’s how we were able to find him.”

“Are we sure it’s him?” asks George.

“Yes, it is the same M.O. He tortures and rapes his victim before slicing their throat. All happens in a broad daylight, places where it’s crowded, no one hears or notices anything, and the body is left uncovered to be found later.”

Fred replies, going to stand beside Draco, “Where exactly in America is he?”

“He’s in a place called Pittsburgh. Apparently, it’s in the state of Pennsylvania,” Draco says looking at the paper in his hand.

Nodding his head, Harry says, “Get in touch with Blaise and Neville. And I will speak to Kingsley to get us access to whatever special unit that is handling the case. It seems Nott stepped up his game by taking his killing worldwide.”

Considering that he is not a seer, Harry leaves the warehouse with the strangest feeling that going to the states is going to change his life in more ways than one; maybe it is more of a gut feeling than anything else.

One-week prior

Aaron Hotchner, the Unit Chief of the Behavioral Analyst Unit (BAU), sends his team home for the night. They have the weekend off, but Aaron isn’t holding his breath. He drives home on automatic pilot, trying his best to shrug off his ‘Hotch’ persona and simply be Dad again.

Opening the door, he grunts as a small body collides with him. “Daddy!” Jack shrieks excitedly. Aaron smiles, he lifts up his son and hugs him, “Hi Buddy. Have you been good for Jessica?” It’s been two years since Haley was killed. Hotch would never have made it without Jessica Brooks’ help. Jessica could have blamed him for her sister’s death. Instead, she had offered to take care of Jack while he’s working.

Jessica has her own reasons for inserting herself into the Hotchner men’s lives. Always jealous of her sister, Jess had offered to help to prove to herself, Aaron, and Jack that she is a better mother than Hailey ever was.

Aaron has worked to keep Haley’s memory alive for Jack. He’s grateful that Jessica is willing to do the same. The now five-year-old has very few personal memories of his mother. Hotch is thankful that despite his early trauma, Jack is as well adjusted as any normal five years old.

“I’ve been good! Promise!” Jack vows. Bouncing in Aaron’s hold, he shouts, “We’re making cookies! Chocolate chip, your favorite! Come on!” The boy wiggles until he is let down and runs into the kitchen.

Aaron follows at a more sedate pace. Jack is already on his stool next to Jessica. “Hi Jess,” he greets as he kisses her on the cheek.

“Aaron,” she replies with a friendly smile. Two years has smoothed away the rough edges of their relationship. It only took a few months to see what Haley had seen in Aaron. He is an incredibly dedicated Dad and loves Jack with every fiber of his being. It is hard to hate someone who is willing to give anything to make his son happy. Jessica just wants a little of that love to come to her. To have Aaron love her with as much dedication and strength as he does his son. More than anything Jess wants Aaron to see her as a desirable woman. He's shown no interest in her or anyone else for the two years since Haley’s death. At least, none she knows of. “Supper’s in the fridge.” Laughing when Aaron’s stomach growls, “Forgot to eat again or too much paperwork?”

Grumbling in a playful manner, “Don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jessica simply quirks a brow in disbelief. “Okay, okay. So I might have forgotten to eat while I dealt with a pile of paperwork. I’m not Reid, okay? It takes me a while to get through it all.”

Jessica laughs, nudging the man with her hip. “Too bad you can’t pass it off to Reid, then.”

Hotch scoffs, “Reid does enough paperwork without mine too. I don’t think Morgan or Prentiss even try to be subtle about passing off their paperwork to him anymore.” It’s nice that Jessica is willing to let him talk about his team. They don’t talk about cases, but Aaron appreciates having another adult to talk to. Jessica has become like a sister to him. As he eats, Aaron lets his son’s happy babbling wash over him. Jack always makes him feel better. His innocence never fails to make his forget all the bad things and bad people Hotch deals with every day.

Aaron enjoys the weekend, packing in as much quality time with Jack as possible. He and David Rossi coach Jack’s soccer team to a 5-3 win. They celebrate by treating the kids with ice cream before going their separate ways. Aaron and Jack get pizza, playing board games and watching Jack’s favorite movie, Cars. They finish the night by reading Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who.

On Sunday, Aaron and Jessica take Jack to the zoo. They meet up with the rest of their party at the primates. Spencer Reid is babbling happily about gorillas to his three-year-old godson, Henry LaMontagne, who is on his hip. Derek Morgan watches his fiancé’s enthusiastic rambling, a fond look on his face. He knows Spencer will be a great father; they are getting closer and closer to being able to adopt their own child, and Derek can’t wait. Bubbly Penelope Garcia stands next to Derek, smiling happily at Spencer and the little boy that disproved the Reid Effect. Jennifer “JJ” Jareau and her husband Will LaMontagne are talking quietly behind them.

As soon as he sees the group, Jack runs to them. “Spencer! Derek! Henry!” The youngest Hotchner has clear favorites. Spencer knows magic, Derek plays sports with him, and Henry is like his little brother.

It takes a little bit of time for Spencer to start leading the group around the zoo. The two little boys listen to his rambling with obvious, rampant adoration. Their Uncle Spencer knows everything! Derek and Penelope trail after them, chatting and flirting, as they tend to do. The parents hold up the rear.

Aaron knows as soon as his cell rings, they’re being called into a case. “Hotch.” It’s Strauss.

“You’re needed in Pittsburgh. Three women have been kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered. The Unsub is accelerating.”

“Yes, Ma’am. I’ll gather everyone.” Sighing, Aaron looks to JJ.

“So much for our weekend off. Almost made it to Monday,” JJ says grudgingly. They had all day Saturday off. It’s more than they get sometimes.

Aaron calls his son’s name, while JJ calls Henry’s. Squatting in front of Jack, Hotch says, “I have to go to work.”

“You hafta go, Daddy?”

“Yes, Jack,” Aaron says quietly.

“Ok, catch the bad man,” the little boy says solemnly.

“I will. You be good for your Aunt Jess. I love you.” He hugs his son tightly.

“Love you, too,” he mumbles into his dad’s chest.

The team says their goodbyes, leaving Will, Jessica, and the two boys behind. Far too used to unexpected calls, each of them have a go bag in their vehicle.

JJ grabs her bag before climbing into the passenger’s seat of Aaron’s SUV. Hotch calls David first, who unsurprisingly already knows. His relationship with Strauss isn’t widely known, but Aaron has known for about it for a while. “I’ll grab the files for the team and meet you at the jet,” Rossi says before hanging up. He phones Emily Prentiss next, who mummers a quiet “I’m on my way.”

Hotch and JJ drive straight to the airstrip, finding Rossi already inside the jet. He is in the process of looking over the file. Aaron takes his bag to the bathroom, struggling into his suit in the far too small room. After he emerges, JJ does the same, changing into a slim pantsuit. By the time she exits, Derek and Spencer have arrived with coffee for the team. Morgan is wearing a sweater instead of his t-shirt and has kept on his black jeans. Reid is back in his usual teacher’s aide look, having changed in the car before getting onto the jet. Prentiss is the last to arrival, looking sleek and dangerous.

It’s quiet in the plane as the team reads through the file on the murders. Reid is done way before anyone else, having already memorized the file before any of them are even done reading. He stares off into space, going through the case in his mind and what the Unsub’s behavior is telling them.

Clearing his throat, Hotch nods to JJ. She begins, “The Unsub first known kill was in Chicago. Martha Castle, a twenty-nine-year-old mother of two. She was abducted in mid-August. Her body was found three days later. She was repeated raped. The Unsub tortured her for two days before cutting her throat. Three weeks later in Cleveland, Ohio, Carrie Kellerman, a twenty-seven-year-old mother of a one-year-old was kidnapped. Again, her body was found three days later. He employed the same method, two days of repeated rape and torture before he slices her throat. Two weeks after that in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Natalie Jones, a thirty-year-old mother of three was kidnapped. Raped, tortured, with her throat slit.”

Reid ponders, “No hesitation marks on any of the bodies. Every cut is sure. The throat slice is one fluid motion. Martha Castle isn’t his first victim. There has to be others somewhere.”

Aaron nods, “We’ll have Garcia look for more victims.”

“How is he killing in such populated areas without a single person seeing or hearing anything?” Morgan questions.

None of them have an answer. Castle had been killed near a baseball field where a tournament was going on. Carrie Kellerman had been killed in park, while a large family reunion had been taking place in the park. Natalie Jones had been killed half a block from a police station. Not a single person heard any of the women’s screams as they were raped the final time before being murdered.

Four days later:

Harry and his team get to the states four days after they received word of Nott’s location. Originally, they had been going to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania but they were re-routed to Virginia. Nott’s latest victim was killed in Alexandria.

First, Kingsley had gotten in touch with the President and ensures that his team would be able to work the case. They will be working out of the FBI field office in Quantico, Virginia. Kingsley specifically asks for a team that specializes in profiling and catching criminals. He is directed to a department called the Behavioral Analyst Unit, aka the BAU, which is located in the Federal Bureau Investigation building. Luckily enough, the BAU has already been assigned Nott’s case.

Harry decides to get in touch with the American Aurors, letting them know that Harry Potter and friends will be traveling to America on ‘vacation.’ They would not need a security detail, it is just a precaution. Because they are traveling so far and it would have taken a longer time by portkey, they used the Prince-Malfoy family plane. Their father is not happy that they are leaving the country and are not sure when they will be returning. Neville has his assistant take over his class until he returns. He is a bit apprehensive about leaving his new husband, who they found out is three weeks pregnant; Seamus tells Neville that he will be fine, his grandmother will be there to watch over him if anything goes wrong.

Teddy is used to Harry leaving on odd missions, only tells him to come back safe, giving him a kiss and goes back to playing with his toys. Blaise, thinking that because Luna is already in her second trimester that she would argue that he’s leaving her, gets a shock. She literally throws him out of the house, telling him he would be back before the baby is born.

They touch down in Virginia. Harry is to meet with an Erin Strauss at the FBI office in Quantico. He tells the others to go ahead and check into the hotel that Draco had booked for them. They will need to get settled before they start the search for Nott. They decide to stay away from the magical community while they are here working this case. Harry is just as famous here as he is in England. It is the reason why they told the American Ministry they are on vacation, just in case a witch or wizard spots him.

Harry gets on his bike, the one his godfather left to him in his will. With a few additional wards and some tweaking to give it a more updated look, the bike runs as good as new. He never goes anywhere without his baby, sometimes he feels like Sirius is always with him, guiding him. Before pushing off, he makes sure to program the directions to the FBI building into his cell phone. Making sure his helmet is secure; he sets off to find his destination. Zipping in and out of traffic, he focuses on where he is going. Thinking about his personal life, it has been a while since he has had anyone special grace his bed, male or female.

After he had found Ginny and Dean together, he explored his sexuality, not sticking with one gender. In his exploration, he had discovered some important things about himself. One, he prefers men to women. Two, he likes to be Dominated in bed. He is already an Alpha at work: leading missions with his team, coordinating charity events, or meeting with the Wizengamot. He is such a leader in all other aspects of his life, he likes the idea of letting go and letting someone else be in control for just a little while.

He guesses it is one of the main reasons he has not rushed into a relationship as of yet. He knows Severus is worried that he will never get married, or produce any heirs, but how can he meet someone when all they see is Harry Potter and not just Harry? They see the man-who-lived-twice, the Lord and Heir to three prominent houses. He wants someone who looks at him and sees him for him and nothing else. Harry pulls up to the building his GPS directs him and parks his bike, wandlessly warding it from theft. He takes his helmet off, running his hand through his shoulder length hair.

One of the few things he is thankful for after Severus had blood adopted him is that his hair is now less messy when it is longer. Most might argue that he looks more like Severus than James the older he gets but when Harry looks in the mirror, all he sees is his parents. He still has his mother’s eyes, James’ messy hair when cut short and Severus’s blue-black hair color. He will admit that when his emotions are high, he gets a black ring around the green in his eyes, whether happy, sad or extremely aroused, which as one of his former lovers had informed him is a huge turn on.

He walks into the FBI and is stopped by security. “Sir, can I help you?” asks the guard.

“Ah, yes I am supposed to meet with BAU Section Chief Erin Strauss, she is expecting me,” He pulls out his ‘Special Investigator’ badge.

The guard looks at his badge and nods, he then picks up the phone on his desk and informs, the section chief that he has arrived. He does not have to wait long before a middle-aged woman with blond hair walks up to him with her hand out. It is obvious this is the woman in charge; her powerful aura makes that clear enough. “Special Lead Investigator Potter-Black, it is a pleasure to meet you. I’m Section Chief Erin Strauss.”

He shakes her hand. “Please, call me Harry.”

“Harry, it is. You may call me, Erin.” She releases his hand. “Aren’t you a bit young to be a lead investigator? And where is the rest of your team?”

“We’ve just landed. I had them go to the hotel to get settled. I wanted to speak with you alone before we combined our teams. Is my age going to be a problem? I wasn’t aware that there is an age requirement on catching criminals.”

“Understandable, at the moment Agent Hotchner and his team are in Pittsburg following up a lead on the Unsub. They should be returning tonight,” she explains to him as she leads him to her office. She does not respond to his cheek, as Severus would call it, in regards to his age.

“The Unsub, as you like to refer to him, is a man named Theo Nott,” he tells her.

“Excuse me? You know the name of the Unsub? Why was I not informed immediately?” Strauss bristles; her outrage at being left in the dark is subtle but noticeable.

Harry smirks internally; Erin is obviously a woman that hates to be left out of the loop. “Theodore Nott, British citizen, is suspected of murdering four young mothers, as well as his own wife and child.”

“How long has he been killing? How long have you been chasing this Nott?” Strauss asks in a demanding tone.

“We believe he’s been killing for two years. My team has been actively pursuing him for three months. We know he travels light.” He wisely refrains from adding that they suspect Nott is using wards to alert him of when the authorities are getting close to him. “His killings are getting more gruesome than his prior ones; we believe we made him angry by forcing him to flee from England.”

“How is it you managed to let a vicious serial killer get away? I’m to understand your team is the best of the best,” Erin’s scorn is clear.

Harry’s eyes narrow at the evident insult but before he can reply her phone rings.

She picks it up, rudely ignoring Harry’s presence. “Strauss,” she says. Whoever is on the other end of the phone seemed to soothe her a bit; if Harry is not mistaken she even blushes before speaking a few words quietly and hanging up. “Well, Harry, my team has just returned from Pittsburg. I advised them to go home and get some rest and start fresh tomorrow. I would advise you to do the same.”

“Thank you for the advisement, but I think I would like to see where exactly my team will be working. Also, I would like to get our badges to forestall any problems we might have tomorrow.”

She hesitantly nods her head. Harry gets up feeling a vibration on his hip. He picks up his phone and sees that it is a text from Draco, detailing the hotel’s location and what room number he has. He also tells Harry that his bags are already in his room, and that he and his devils (the twins) are going out to have a quick dinner before going to bed. Harry sends him a quick text that he will take care of everything they need here and they will all meet for breakfast in the morning. He also tells Draco to enjoy the brief alone time with his devils. As they are unlikely to have much down time until Nott is caught. Harry follows the Section Chief as she shows him where he and his team can set up in the morning.

He fills out all the required paperwork for his team members. Erin tells him their visitors badges will be waiting for them in the morning at the security desk. With all that done, Harry leaves the building and goes to his hotel, ordering room service with the intention of having a quiet meal and then turning in for the night. But after his shower, he feels a bit anxious. He knows it is from jet lag and wanting to get this case over. While he is eating his dinner, he surfs the web for a club that caters to his sexual preferences. One where it does not matter if you are gay or straight as long as it has a bit of kink to it.

He finds one not too far from his hotel called Wicked. He gets dressed in black snakeskin leather pants that are so tight they look painted on. He pairs it with a black muscle shirt that is just as tight as the pants, showing off his defined upper body. He pulls on his dragon hide boots that zip up on the side rather than lace up. They have a bit of a heel, which makes him appear slightly taller than he is. He thinks about leaving his wand but thinks better of it, putting on his holster making sure it was secured and invisible to muggles. He checks himself out in the mirror making sure he looks good enough to catch someone’s eye. He no longer has to hide his eyes behind his glasses. After the war, he had finally gotten them fixed. Thank Merlin his father is a brilliant and accomplished potion master. Satisfied he looks good, he leaves his hotel room.

He decides not to ride his bike or try to find an apparition point just in case he decides to drink too much. He whistles for a cab and asks the driver to take him to Wicked. When he gets there, there is a long line to get in. Instead of standing in the line, he flashes his badge at the bouncer, who lets him in without any questions. He makes a beeline for the bar and orders a whiskey. Once he has his drink in hand, he sips it as he turns around to survey what there is to offer. There are a few good-looking men and women that catch his eye, bodies all over the dance floor dancing and gyrating against each other.

He has just finished his first drink and is ready to order his second one when a deep voice says into his ear, “Dance with me.”

Aaron sighs as he enters his house, wishing he could see Jack but knowing he can’t. His son is already asleep at Jess’ house. Hotch is resigned to the fact that there isn’t a point to bringing him home to sleep, only to send him back to his aunt’s in the morning when he has to go to work. He feels edgy, this case is only going to get worse and Aaron is apprehensive of this new team he’s being forced to work with. The BAU has little experience dealing with international criminals, even less with non-American law enforcement. He isn’t worried about his team, though. They work with other law enforcement on a regular basis, they’ll all be professional. Hotch wonders about the young leader Strauss had told him about.

Shaking himself, he tears himself away from work. Determinedly, Aaron strides to his closet. In the back, he finds what he’s looking for: a form-fitting, deep red shirt, and tight, black jeans. The outfit emphasizes his lean but muscular form. Hotch grabs his keys.

Going to Wicked is just what he needs to take his mind off his work. Aaron is going there for one reason: to find a boy to fuck. Having sex with men feeds a part of him that no woman can touch: a need to dominate, even to hurt. Nothing gets him hotter than dominating another man, having a man willingly submit to him. No one knows he swings both ways, he’s never told anyone. Not his team, not even Haley. He suspects that Morgan and Reid’s relationship probably has a D/S element but Aaron has yet to feel comfortable in talking about such things with them.

The regular bouncer lets him in immediately with a nod.

Aaron scans the crowd, looking for a pretty little Sub for the night. His eyes stop the moment he sees a young man at the bar. The boy is average in height with shoulder length blue-black hair. His body is shown off tight leather pants and an equally tight muscle shirt. But Hotch’s eyes are drawn to the man’s ass; his dick twitches at the sight of the rounded cheeks. Something instinctual tells him, the young man is a Sub. Aaron doesn’t hesitate, the man will be his tonight.

Sidling up behind him, Aaron whispers into the man’s ear. His voice is deliberately low and husky with an edge of a demand, “Dance with me.”

Harry shivers a bit. The voice alone is enough to make his pants feel tight. Despite his arousal, Harry feels a spark of anger at the arrogant demand. He’s going to turn around and give this pushy bloke a piece of his mind. This bloke can’t just tell him what to do and have Harry panting after him. He isn’t that easy. Yet, when he turns around, Harry is struck dumb. The other man doesn’t move and Harry is practically plastered to his hard, muscled chest. He has to look up a long way. Shivering again at how tall the man is, Harry’s head barely meets the man’s shoulders. He takes in the man’s appearance, and thinks “Damn.” He is tall, dark, and handsome with beautiful brown eyes, and short black hair. Wearing a tight, button up red shirt that shows off his slim but muscular body; his black jeans are snug, encasing a drool worthy bulge. The man is hot. His aura is very masculine and powerful. This man is a Dom, no question.

“What’s your name, Little One?” Aaron asks, stroking his hand through the boy’s thick, black hair. He is even more beautiful from the front. He has an androgynous look that Hotch adores. He’s pretty, a perfect mix of feminine and masculine traits. He also has the brightest green eyes Aaron’s ever seen. They’re vaguely unnatural, seeming to almost glow.

“E—Evan.” Harry realizes immediately that the man knows he’s a Sub. He wonders how he knows. Harry isn’t wearing anything or behaving in a manner that would make it apparent he’s a Sub.

Hotch raises a brow.

It takes a second before Harry realizes why. “Sir. Evan, Sir.”

“Good boy.” The sexy Sub is British; Aaron is going to love to hear him beg with that accent.

Harry feels a burst of warmth in chest, he’s pleased the Dom. “A—And you, Sir?”

“Bruce.” Hotch tends to favorite superhero names in his Dom aliases.

Harry refrains from laughing at the obvious lie, there is no way this Dom’s name is Bruce.

“Dance with me, Evan.” Again, it is clearly more of a demand than a question.

Harry nods his shyly, allowing ‘Bruce’ to lead him to the dance floor.

Hotch has a possessive hand on Harry’s hip as he plasters himself to the boy’s back. He isn’t shy about pressing his hardening cock into the boy’s ass. Aaron grins, feeling the man’s breath hitch in response. “You feel that, Baby?”

Harry shudders, ‘Bruce’ isn’t even attempting to be subtle.

“I’m gonna split you open, shove my cock so deep in your ass you’ll taste me.” Aaron grinds his crotch into Harry’s ass.

Harry finds the utter lack of subtly insanely hot. He knows unless he says something soon, ‘Bruce’ will be fucking him tonight. Harry’s answer is obvious as he pushes back into the man behind him.

Aaron reaches around and cups Harry. “Fuck!” the Sub whines, wantonly thrusting his hardness into Hotch’s hand. “He’s mine,” Aaron thinks.

Harry has never had a Dom get him this hot, this quickly. By the time they get to the actual fucking, he’s going to be out of his mind. Their movements are less like dancing and more like having sex fully clothed on the dance floor.

Hotch is drowning in this Sub’s reactions to his touch. ‘Evan’ responds beautifully to his every touch. In an instant, Aaron knows he’s going to make this boy come in his pants right here on the dance floor. Hotch rolls his hips faster as he strokes the boy harder.

Harry is flying toward the brink. His hands reach back, grabbing the Dom’s ass and pulling him closer with each thrust. “Please,” he begs.

Smirking in satisfaction, Hotch asks, “You want to come, Pretty?”

“Fuck, yes. Sir, please!”

“You do not come until I tell you to,” the Dom orders.

“Bloody hell!” The dark, dangerous, forceful tone is in no way helping Harry keep himself from coming. He’s shaking, desperate to come. His entire world narrows to feeling, of ‘Bruce’ at his back and the Dom’s strong hand on his dick. Minute after minute of being stroked and humped without mercy or relief. Without even being aware, Harry is sobbing with frustration.

Aaron’s cock throbs as he listens to the boy’s uncontrollable sobbing. He knows this is a Sub that will follow his every command. ‘Evan’ is clearly out of his mind with need but won’t come until he’s told. He covers the boy’s mouth with his hand. Low and husky, Hotch commands, “Come.”

The hand across his mouth muffles his scream as Harry explodes. Trusting ‘Bruce’ to catch him, Harry goes limp.

Ignoring his own need, Aaron whispers praises into the Sub’s ear.

Zoning in and out, Harry only hears parts of what ‘Bruce’ is saying. A minute later, he finally snaps back into his body. He flushes, remembering how wanton he had been. He’d come in his pants like a blushing virgin! Harry straightens; at last able to support his own weight. His hip brushes against the Dom’s crotch, making him hiss at the contact.

Aaron’s need to take care of his Sub had overridden his need for release but the brushing touch of his cock forces his mind finally to acknowledge his own body’s needs. He’s not going to come in his pants like ‘Evan.’ Hotch fully intends on coming down that pretty throat. Without a word, he grips the Sub in a powerful grip and leads ‘Evan’ to a secret room. A discrete guard at the door immediately recognizes Aaron as a member and ushers him through.

Harry stares dumbly at the room he’s led to. A large bed is the focus of the room. However, what draws Harry’s eyes is the sidewall. It is lined with toys: whips, cuffs, floggers, cock rings, vibrators, and so much more. It’s a BDSM fantasy room. “Bloody hell!” Harry thinks. Wicked is somehow hiding secret, BDSM rooms within the club.

Aaron grins wickedly; his little Sub had evidently been expecting to fuck in a bathroom or the alley. He looks shocked at the clean, well-stocked room. “Strip.”

Harry doesn’t hear him, his mouth hanging open and his eyes still focused on the wall of toys.

SMACK. Hotch’s hand slaps the Sub’s ass. “I said strip.”

Jolting, Harry practically tears off his clothing. He doesn’t even take the time to wipe off his come. Without thought he drops to his knees, hands clasped behind his back, and his head down.

Aaron pets his head in approval. ‘Evan’ looks good on his knees. He nudges the boy’s chin up until their eyes meet. With his hair off his face, Hotch can see an unusual lightning bolt scar on his forehead. “Safe word?”

“Jade, Sir.”

Opening his jeans, Aaron pulls himself out. He strokes slowly as ‘Evan’ watches his every move. “If you need me to stop, grab my thigh.”

Harry nods eagerly, knowing he soon won’t be able to verbalize a safe word.

Stepping toward ‘Evan,’ he stops when his cock is directly in front of the kneeling man’s face. “Suck me.”

Harry drools at the sight of the Dom’s hard length. He opens his mouth, moaning as ‘Bruce’ pushes inside. Harry sucks, bobbing up and down. Relishing the groans coming from the other man, Harry inch by inch eases the cock down his throat and swallows.

“Fuck.” Aaron is rapidly approaching orgasm. The heat and tightness of the Sub’s mouth around him is overwhelming. Hotch grabs his head, ‘Evan’ is given no choice but to allow himself to be controlled. “ ’m gonna fuck your pretty little mouth. Choke you on my cock until I cum down your throat.”

Harry whimpers in want.

Aaron thrusts harder and faster until his control breaks. He fucks the Sub’s slack mouth without mercy, forcing himself deep inside when he finally comes shouting Evan’s name.

Harry has no choice but to swallow around the pulsing hardness. ‘Bruce’ pulls away seconds later. Harry gasps, trying to regain his breath. Feeling unsteady without his Dom’s support, Harry sways a bit. A firm grasp steadies him.

Hotch carefully puts himself away, zipping up his pants but leaving them unbuttoned. He looks down at the Sub; satisfied to see he is hard and leaking simply from bringing Aaron pleasure. “Good boy. My perfect little cocksucker,” Hotch croons as he pets his hair. Basking in his post-orgasm high, he doesn’t notice the extra ring of color around Evan’s eyes.

Harry leans into the caress, bursting with happiness at pleasing this Dom. He doesn’t want this to ever end; he wants to be Bruce’s Sub permanently.

Unknowingly, Aaron echoes Harry’s thoughts. ‘Evan’ is the kind of Sub Aaron has always wanted: pretty, eager, responsive, and perfectly submissive. Shaking out of his thoughts, Hotch says “Up.” He pulls ‘Evan’ up, holding him still until he gets his feet under him. Aaron leads the unresisting Sub to the wall of toys. He watches closely as Evan’s eyes run over the variety of toys, grinning at the toys those green orbs linger on. Hotch reaches out and grabs the leather flogger that his Sub wants, swishing it carefully.

Harry stares at the Dom’s every movement, ‘Bruce’ is obviously experienced with a flogger. Merlin, he wants that on his skin.

He grins at the lust on Evan’s face. “This is going to be fun,” Aaron thinks. Putting the flogger around his neck, he snatches the cock ring ‘Evan’ had lingered on and clipped it on. “I own you, Little One, even if just for tonight. Everything you are right now belongs to me.” Aaron grips Harry’s cock and squeezes it, making Harry hiss. “Your orgasm belongs to me.”

He shivers at the possessive tone. Harry is never going to be able to forget ‘Bruce.’ He’s afraid he’ll spend the rest of his life searching for a Dom to live up to this one.

He makes a mental note to use the vibrating butt plug that caught the Sub’s attention later on. Silently, Aaron tugs ‘Evan’ to a bare wall. “Hands on the wall.” He is pleased when the Sub immediately obeys. “Stay.” Unbuttoning his shirt, Hotch relishes the cool air caressing his chest. “Use your safe word, if you need, Little One.” With Evan’s barely distinguishable nod, Aaron stands back and takes hold of the flogger. He starts swinging the flogger in a slow rhythm until his wrist action is smooth and easy. Satisfied, Aaron swings it softly forward across the Sub’s curved cheeks. Each light touch is like a soft caress.

The easy rhythm washes over Harry. Feeling content, he can feel the edges blur as he sinks easily into his subspace in a way he never has before. For a reason he cannot explain, Harry trusts this Dom to give him exactly what he needs, more than he has ever before.

Hotch increases the swings, the impact against the meat of Evan’s ass effortlessly increasing. Suddenly, he slaps the flogger hard enough to make his Sub grunt and sway. The next five strikes are gentle, easing the tenseness in Evan’s body. Aaron alternates three medium, four soft, two hard, six softs, one hard, four medium, three soft. Over and over, again and again as Evan soaks up the unpredictable pace.

Harry feels euphoric, wanting nothing more than to be flogged for as long as ‘Bruce’ will allow.

Aaron delights in how effortlessly ‘Evan’ takes everything he gives him. He is leaking inside his boxers at the sight of this beautiful, responsive Sub. Hotch slows his rhythm until he stops completely. Stepping closer, he drags the flogger across Evan’s shoulders, down his back, across his ass, grazing his powerful thighs last. Aaron rests the flogger on his shoulders and hugs his Sub. Using his fingers, Hotch caresses Evan’s bare skin as he gradually surfaces.

The fingers and the bare chest at his back ground him to the here and now. Harry is shaky when he finally leaves his subspace. Docile, he feels himself being lifted into strong arms. ‘Bruce’ lays him carefully on the soft bed.

“I’ll be right back. I’m not leaving you,” he promises. Hotch is quick about grabbing a bottle of water. He sits behind his Sub, pulling him back to rest against him. Gently, Aaron lifts the water to Evan’s lips, whispering praises and endearments into his ear.

Harry savors every moment of Bruce’s aftercare, feeling safe and cared for. “Thanks, Sir. It—it’s been a while for me.”

“Believe me, Evan. It was my pleasure,” Aaron murmurs seductively. ‘Evan’ stays safely circled in his arms for several minutes. Hotch continually caresses his body and hair in long, soothing strokes.

Feeling steady again, Harry requests “More. Please, Sir. I need more.” He’s hopeful that ‘Bruce’ wants this night to continue as much as he does.

It’s exactly what Hotch has been waiting for. Getting up to stand beside the bed, he says, “Lie down.” His order is followed without challenge. Aaron goes back to the toy wall and grabs everything he needs.

When ‘Bruce’ kneels beside him on the bed, Harry mutely lifts his wrists in an offering. He sighs as he feels the padded cuffs enclose around his wrists. He lets his arms be raised until they are pressed into the mattress above his head. Harry curls his fingers around the spines in the headboard.

Aaron strips off his shirt, revealing in the hungry look in those green eyes as his chest is fully exposed. Leaning forward, their lips meet for the first time. It’s sweet, almost chaste. Starting with feather light pecks, Aaron increases the pressure until ‘Evan’ sighs and parts his lips. Diving inside, he dominates the kiss. His hands hold the Sub in place as he maps the inside of his mouth with his tongue. When Aaron pulls away, glazed verdant orbs stare back at him. Heavy breathing echoes throughout the room.

Harry is dazed; he’s never been so turned on by kissing before. ‘Bruce’ kisses like he is trying to possess both Harry’s body and soul.

“God, he’s beautiful,” Hotch thinks. He does a double take as he looks into Evan’s eyes. It almost looks like the green is surrounded by an extra ring of black. Shaking his head, Aaron thinks, “That’s not possible. It must be a trick of the light or something.”

He doesn’t want to let this pretty, little Sub go; even knowing he will probably never see ‘Evan’ after tonight. Aaron may not be able to keep him, but he is going to make damned sure ‘Evan’ doesn’t forget him. Straddling his hips, Hotch forces Evan’s neck to arch. He nudges his nose against the soft, pale skin. ‘Evan’ smells of vanilla and sex. Starting at his nape, Aaron drags his tongue up his neck. All he can think is that ‘Evan’ tastes like he belongs only to him. Attaching his thin lips to the delicious skin below his ear, Aaron sucks hard as ‘Evan’ keens. He admires the red mark, moving down the pale skin, sucking mark after mark.

Harry squirms and whines. Every possessive mark makes a shot of lust run through him. “Bloody hell!” he screams as Bruce unexpectedly bites his shoulder. Without the cock ring, Harry would have exploded right then. “Please, please, please!” he begs.

Hotch provides no mercy; kissing, biting, and marking down his chest. The boy is covered in marks, his marks. ‘Evan’ will not forget him.

“Pleasepleaseplease! Sir!” Harry pleads. He can feel the Dom’s hot breath on his throbbing dick.

“Spread ’em,” he commands. ‘Evan’ wantonly spreads his legs wide. Aaron grabs the lube and a condom from the stand beside the bed. He shoves a pillow under Evan’s hips. Slicking up his fingers, he eases his thumb inside. Evan’s body welcomes the intrusion, surrounding it with his tight heat. Pulling out, he thrusts in two fingers. Hotch growls in approval as ‘Evan’ clenches around his fingers, the greedy hole desperate to keep him inside. Scissoring his fingers, he quickly stretches his Sub. Satisfied, Aaron lubes up the vibrating butt plug and slides it inside, inch by inch. Hotch turns it on, thrusting in and out. Shoving it deep, he leaves the bed.

Harry mewls softly; the vibration and pressure on his prostate are sweet torture. Merlin, he wants to come so badly. His mouth hangs open as he pants, eyes half closed, peering at ‘Bruce.’

Aaron strips off his pants. Lowering his boxers, he groans as his cock slaps against his stomach. His chocolate colored eyes meet Evan’s, and Hotch starts to stroke himself leisurely.

Harry licks his lips, watching Bruce’s hand move up and down. He wants that hard length back in his mouth. “Sir?” Harry asks, making a show of opening his mouth wide.

Chuckling at the Sub’s brazenness, “You wanna suck me again, Beautiful?”

Nodding excitedly, “Yes, Sir, please!”

Hotch straddles his chest, allowing ‘Evan’ to lean forward and take him in his mouth. “Yesss,” he hisses as the boy sucks him. Aaron supports Evan’s neck, helping him bob up and down his length.

Concentrating, he goes deeper and deeper until Harry can swallow around Bruce’s dick.

“Fuck, Pretty.” Aaron stares down as his Sub. “Look at you, swallowing me down so easily.” The boy preens at the praise, making little happy noises. Both ends filled and ‘Evan’ couldn’t look more blissful. Aaron savors the pulsing around his cock, plunging deep inside Evan’s throat until he feels close to coming. Aaron eases out of that welcoming mouth. “You ready for me, Little One?” He swears he can see that same black ring around the verdant eyes but again dismisses the thought.

“Please, Sir!”

“I am going to fuck you so hard, and you’ll feel me tomorrow. Do you want that, My Own?”

“Fuck yes! Sir! Fuck me! Use me! Make me yours!” Harry begs.

Aaron releases Evan’s hands, allowing him for the first time to touch him. Curious, needy hands run over his body as Aaron moves down to Evan’s hips. He pulls out the vibrating butt plug, turning it off and tossing it aside. Ripping open a condom wrapper, Aaron sheathes himself.

Harry wraps his legs tightly around Bruce’s waist, groaning as he at last sinks inside. ‘Bruce’ thrusts steadily until he’s balls deep. “Bruce…” he cries. His Dom stills, waiting for Harry’s body to relax.

“Fuck, you’re perfect around my cock,” Aaron growls. The tight, squeezing pressure only breaks down his restraint more rapidly. Far too aroused to take this slow, Aaron’s pace is hard and fast. He can feel Evan’s fingers claw down his back, leaving red streaks. His Sub is as desperate as he is. Aaron moves Evan’s leg from his hip to his shoulder. He snaps his hips forcefully. Aaron buries his cock deep in Evan’s ass, pulling out and thrusting forward.

“Sir, please. Fuck me, Bruce. Fuck me harder! I need to come, please!” he yells. Harry scrambles to get a grip on ‘Bruce,’ clawing his back in his desperation. He needs more, needs ‘Bruce’ closer, deeper, consuming him body and soul. Squeezing Bruce’s ass, Harry forces his Dom to fuck him violently.

Aaron releases the cock ring, “Come for me, Evan. Come for your Dom.”

Harry screams as he comes violently, without a single touch.

Folding him practically in half, Aaron fucks his Sub mercilessly. His body is limp as ‘Evan’ lets his Dom use his body. The sound of skin slapping together echoed as Aaron races toward the brink. Plunging deep, Aaron fills the condom, growling Evan’s name as he comes. He collapses heavily onto his Sub.

Harry runs his hands down Bruce’s back in long, smooth strokes. Enjoying the heavyweight of his Dom, he silently hopes that ‘Bruce’ might suggest meeting again. Harry doesn’t want this to be the end.

More than anything, Aaron wants to keep this pretty Sub. To claim him as his and allow no one to touch ‘Evan’ but him. With deep regret, Aaron carefully pulls out and discards the condom in the basket by the bed.

Harry glances at ‘Bruce,’ wanting to speak up but unable to get the words out. This Dom is perfect, able to inflame him with a single touch. Harry’s eyes implore ‘Bruce’ to say something, to ask him to stay.

Aaron feels cold inside as his intense gaze runs over ‘Evan.’ He can’t do it, can’t ask this boy to be his. As much as he wants, he simply cannot. Aaron has to think about his son and his own heart. For it would take little to fall in love with this beautiful Sub. Silent, he makes a decision. Cupping his face, Aaron kisses ‘Evan’ deeply. “Goodbye, Little One.”

The hope he had felt dies a bitter death inside him. This is it. It’s over, and he will never see this man again. This Dom that Harry feels halfway in love with after a few hours. Turning away from ‘Bruce,’ he hides the single tear that glides down his cheek.

Aaron dresses quickly and leaves, even as everything inside him screams to go back. To claim what is his. His heart feels like it is being torn out, pain bursts in his chest. Tears blur his vision, and Aaron breaks out into a run. He needs to get away now.

Left alone, Harry feels a heavy weight inside him. It is as if a piece of his soul has been ripped away. The loss of his Dom, a man he knows nothing about, is almost unbearable. ‘Bruce’ is gone and Harry is lost. Sighing woefully, he looks down at his body. He sees the fingertip bruises on his hips, mark after mark over his chest made by Bruce’s mouth. He may not have his Dom, but he is stilled marked as Bruce’s, at least for a few days. It isn’t much, but it makes Harry feel a little lighter. He wipes his come off his body with a towel he finds in a drawer. Harry dresses and leaves Wicked. He slips into bed, his fingers pressing on the bruises on his body. The jolt of pain is sweet, and he falls asleep with a smile on his face.

The next morning

Harry wakes up with a delicious ache in and on his arse; a smile plays on his lips as he thinks about the Dom who had played his body like a string instrument. He decides against taking a pain-relieving potion because he wants to hold on to the way he was able to trust and let go last night. It was the first time in a long time he let himself feel. He just does not want to think about the reason why he was able to trust this particular Dom when he can’t trust any other. He and ‘Bruce’ had made no plans to hook up again, which is quite disappointing because he would love to have another taste of what the man has to offer. He gets out of bed and gets himself together. Today, he and his team will be meeting with the team from the FBI to look over the case and see if they can track down and finally arrest Theo Nott. He wants to make a proper first impression, so he pulls out his dark blue Armani suit with a white crisp shirt but he forgoes wearing a tie from his case. He wants to be comfortable after all.

Going into the shower, he washes up quickly. He does not want to waste time this morning. He has to get into his Harry Potter mind frame, not Harry the Sub. He exits the shower, wandlessly dried his hair and body and starts dressing. There are a few love bites on his neck; he covers them up by using glamour’s, so his friends will not know about his nightly activities. Thank Morgana that the other marks are on parts of his body that no one else will see. He is not ready to let his friends, especially his brother know what he likes sexually. Draco can get a bit crazy when Harry gets hurt when they are on the job; he hates to think what he would do if he finds out Harry wants and likes getting hurt this way. Once he is finished, he picks up his phone and calls Draco.

A laugh comes from the other end, “Hello.”

“Are you boys ready?” he asks

“What, no good morning Draco, no how was your night, Draco?”

He chuckles, “Seriously Draco? You picked up the phone laughing. I don’t need to ask if you had a good night.”

“That is true, and to answer your question, yes we are. Blaise is already here and I am sure Nev is not far behind. We will meet you in the lobby for breakfast.”

Hanging up, Harry grabs his badge and gun, putting the gun in the holster under his jacket. He does not need to check for his wand; it is something he never leaves without. Grabbing his messenger bag from the chair, Harry slings it over his shoulder. He is all set to go. Heading out of his hotel room, he goes to meet Draco and the others. They are already there waiting for him.

“Morning Boss,” greets Blaise.

No matter how long they have been friends, how long it’s been since they started working together, or how many times he has told Blaise to call him Harry, he still calls him boss.

“Morning Blaise.”

“How is it you tell him good morning and all you do is bark questions at me?” pouts Draco.

“That’s because I like Blaise better.” He says jokingly.

“Watch it Potter, I am pretty sure Lady Zabini would not like you coming on to her husband. Then again with Luna you never know, she might want to watch you two go at it.”

Harry wishes Draco was kidding on that one, but Luna has always been a free thinker. It is Blaise who answers with the straightest face possible. “She does wonder how you three go at it; she has tried to persuade the twins to put a video camera in your bedroom.”

The shocked looked on Draco’s face is priceless. Draco looks from Blaise to the twins, back to Blaise, then finally back to the twins. “You devils better not think about it! When we get back home, I am doing a clean sweep of our bedroom!” with that he stomps away. The twins run behind him, trying to calm their angry dragon.

“When are you going to tell him you were joking?” He asks Blaise.

“Who said I was?” then he walks off to catch up to Draco. Then, Nev comes up and stands next to him. He looks at Harry’s face then to the backs of the others, then back to Harry again.

“Ok, what the hell did I miss?”

“Oh Nev so much, so very much, I’ll tell you on the way to breakfast.” He and Nev, jog to catch up to the rest.

Over breakfast, he fills everyone in on where they are going and the little information the BAU team has on the case.

Wiping his mouth Nev asked, “What is it they do have?”

“As far as I can tell, not much. They just found out his name because I told their boss Erin, who by the way seems to have a problem with my age.”

“Why would your age be a problem, think they will have a problem with the fact that we are all quite young?” questions Fred.

Harry shrugs his shoulders, “Merlin, who the hell knows? All I know, is I introduced myself and her first comment was, aren’t you a bit young to lead a team? In any case, we are here to catch a criminal not pander to these lot and their insecurities.” He looks at his watch, “It’s time for us to go anyway. Best behavior guys.”

“Are you taking your bike?.” Draco asks, “Or riding with us?”

“Now, Draco what a crazy question to ask. Do you think I would bring my baby all this way and not use it?” Draco rolls his eyes at Harry’s answer.

“Well then, see you in a fe,” Draco tells him as he and the others get up from the table.

Making his way back to the hotel parking lot, he un-shrinks his helmet and places it on his head. Sitting on his bike, Harry winces at the slight pain in his arse. He sets out to begin a new day. He moves easily into traffic, making sure to stay in his lane because he is a different country. He wants to make sure he follows the rules by stopping at every stop light and sign. He is doing fine for the first half of the ride. He knows he is close to the FBI building, so he decides not to slow down at the next stop light and instead guns it. He does not see the SUV that comes out of nowhere, causing him to swerve out of the driver’s way, almost losing control of his bike. Only his skills as a rider keep his mind cool enough to regain control and avert an accident. He does not stop because that would cause an accident and just keeps going on his way. He does look back to make sure that everyone is ok, which they are.

When he gets to the FBI building, he parks his bike in the parking garage with other bikes, making sure it’s secure. Shrinking his helmet, he puts it in his pants pocket. Harry goes to the lobby where his team is waiting for him. They go over to the guard, signing in and receiving their visitor badges and go on their way to meet the new team. Making their way over to the nearest elevator, they get on silently. For some reason, no one is talking. The twins are not their jovial self or having Draco constantly telling them to behave. It is a completely different atmosphere than breakfast. When they get off the elevator, Erin is waiting for them. The guard must have told her we were on our way.

“Good morning Erin, I was not expecting to see you this morning.”

“Good morning Harry, I thought it better to introduce you to Agent Hotchner and his team.” She replies.

Nodding his head, “Would you like for me to introduce my team now or when I we do it with the others?”

“Let’s do it with everyone in the room, this way it we will not have to do it again.”

“I agree. I guess we should get this done then,” he tells her.

When she turns her back, Harry does not miss her comment, “Are all the agents in England so young?”

Harry turns to look at his friends and notices they all had heard her comment but decides not to say anything. They follow her to a conference room where he presumes the other team is. When she opens the door, Harry notices a guy who looks about the same age as Harry. The man has the room’s attention with whatever he is talking about. He is dressed like one of Harry’s grade school teachers. There are four men and three women sitting around the table listening to him. One of the men has his back turned to Harry, Erin, and his friends.

“…we don’t know why he is killing these women, the gruesome way he does. It is as if he is trying to get a message across, but what his message is or to whom is...”

“…We believe his purpose is to finish what his master started,” cuts in Harry.

“Master, what master?” says the guy looking through his files.

“It would not be in your files,” he continues.

“And how would you know that?” the African American guy asks.

“Well you see it’s simple, Theo Nott’s family was a part of a terrorist group, who fashioned themselves after Hitler. And to answer your question, Agent…”

“Morgan,” he answers.

“We went to school with Theo Nott.” The other team all look shocked, and more than a few can’t hold back a gasp. At that moment, the man who had his back turned to the room has turned around to face Harry and his friends. All that goes through Harry’s mind is Bruce. There is more than one emotion on “Bruce’s” face. Harry cannot pin-point what surprises ‘Bruce’ more: the fact that he went to school with Theo or that last night he had his cock up Harry’s arse. Either way, this case just got more interesting. All of a sudden it hits Harry, ‘Bruce’ the Dom from last night, is a member of the BAU team.

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