Was she the lie?


- MATURE SMUT IS INCLUDED - LOOSELY FOLLOWS THE ORIGINAL PLOT OF THE HARRY POTTER FRANCHISE -NOT COMPLETED/ UNDER HEAVY EDITING (I suggest waiting to read until it's finished, just make sure to put it in your library so you remember to come back) Intro: Arabella's fifth year at Hogwarts starts with her newfound beauty and confidence becoming the talk of the school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Through having to find out who has pure intentions of pursuing her and who doesn't, she stumbles onto a life-changing power. And this power might just leave you asking was she the lie?

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

~Arabella’s pov~

The first thing I hear is the heavy droplets of water hitting the window as I begin to wake up from a deep sleep. I slowly start to open my eyes and along with the droplets, I hear Scarlet’s soft snores coming from across the room while she continues to sleep. On the other side, I see Beatrice curled up under the covers because of the cold, with a book in her hand, reading with amazing concentration. The corners of my mouth turn up into a smile as I realize how much I miss my friends and how much I missed being at Hogwarts.

I jump out of bed and quietly walk over to Beatrice’s bed. Taking the book out of her hands, I give her the biggest hug. She tenses up at first not realizing that I was awake or that I had walked over to her, but she quickly melts into my grasp.

“I missed you so much,” I say as I start to pull away.

“Me too, Bella, I’m sorry I didn’t write much over the summer. I just had a lot of family issues and couldn’t find the time... but I wanted to,” Beatrice says giving me a sympathetic smile.

Ever since I’ve known Beatrice her family has always been complicated. Her father is an advisor to the Minister and their family comes from a long line of pure-blood wizards, making her childhood a cold one. But for the more recent drama, Beatrice’s older brother openly married a muggle, sending the family into chaos. And rather than having the family image compromised, they completely disowned him. I don’t know all the details but I know how close Beatrice is with her brother and how hard it’s been for her.

“Don’t even worry about it, we have the whole day to catch up.” Beatrice nods her head in agreement.

I start to get up from Beatrice’s bed slowly and point at Scarlet, who is still snoring. Beatrice and I hold in our laughs as we both head to Scarlet’s bed. When we reach her we both jump on her and shake her violently while laughing. I start to tickle her and she jolts up with confusion.

“Where am I?!” she shouts as she starts to become more awake. Beatrice and I start laughing hysterically.

“Fuck you guys,” Scarlet whines while letting out a raspy giggle and throwing her middle fingers up at us.

“Get up, get up, get up. I’m starving, let’s go get breakfast, ” Beatrice says pulling at Scarlet’s arm.

It’s a Saturday, which means no classes and no uniforms. So I decided on my favorite pair of jeans that hug my bum perfectly, a simple black tank top, and then add a dark green flannel. Simple but flattering.

“Damn, we look kinda hot.” A proud smirk takes over Scarlet’s smile.

Beatrice and I both chuckle at her.

We make our way out of the dorms and into the Slytherin common room.

In my first year, I wasn’t sure about being sorted into Slytherin, especially since my family is mainly made up of Gryffindors, but I soon found that it would become my second home. I’ve made amazing friends and even though I sometimes don’t see eye to eye with some of my housemates, I will never forget how amazing being a Slytherin is. Also, dark green looks really good on me.

We arrive at The Great Hall and as we walk in I feel everyone’s eyes focusing on us. We continue to walk to the Slytherin table and people are still staring and whispering.

“Why is everyone staring at us?” I ask Scarlet.

“They aren’t staring at us, they are staring at you,” she replies.

“What? No, they aren’t.” I pause and look around. I notice that people are still staring.

“Are they?” I suddenly feel insecure and shrink down.

“Let’s face it, you changed so much over the summer,” Beatrice says.

I guess... I kind of did. I had braces, I was a late bloomer, I didn’t know how to take care of my skin, and I had been carrying around some extra weight. Over the summer things changed. I got my braces taken off and I started to eat a lot better and work out a little. I also learned what skincare was and that hygiene was super important. My chest grew and my curves became more defined. Now that I’m thinking about it, I defiantly changed.

“I hadn’t realized. I mean I did but it was gradual and no one pointed it out at home so it didn’t register but why do people keep staring and whispering?” I ask.

“Cause you’re hot!” Scarlet shouts, which I’m sure half The Hall heard.

We start eating and I eventually forget all about the staring. We all finish and start to head back to the common room since it’s still raining and there isn’t much going outside.

I love the rain though. I love staying inside and sitting by the fire or playing games. It brings me so much peace and focus.

As we exit The Great Hall a tall and slender figure bumps into my shoulder, almost knocking me down but Beatrice’s quick reflexes keep me upright. I can’t see who it is at first but out of the corner of my eye, I see bright white hair. An instant clue to who just bumped into me. Anger starts to grow in the pit of my stomach. I turn to the tall figure to see Draco Malfoy with his two puppets behind him.

“What the fuck Malfoy?!” I nearly hiss with anger.

His grey eyes dart to me with anger but instead of hissing something back, he pauses. His look confuses me. It’s a mix of intrigue and annoyance which confuses me even more because you rarely see Draco Malfoy intrigued.

His silence continues and just smirks. Then he just walks away as if he’s the king and we’re his loyal subjects.

“Asshole,” I mutter just as I think he’s gone.

Draco stops dead in his tracks just before The Hall doors. He doesn’t do or say anything for a few seconds. All of a sudden, he turns and starts towards me with a straight face. He stops an inch away from my chest and stares directly into what feels like my soul.

What is this guy’s problem?

“What did you say?” His harsh voice makes its first appearance.

It’s lower than the last time I heard it, which was months ago.

I shrink away and divert his strong gaze.

I am never this much of a pushover but for some reason, Draco has a way of making people, me included, feel obsolete.

“N-nothing,” I say quietly.

He almost laughs while keeping a devilish smirk.

“What was that?” His voice is almost joyful.

Embarrassment flutters up my spine.

“I said nothing,” I repeat with a stronger tone but I keep my gaze on the floor.

There’s a beat of silence so I turn away but as I do so, he grips my shoulder and faces me towards him.

I can feel his grip on my shoulder tighten and I can almost feel the coldness of his rings through my shirt. Scarlet and Beatrice are still by my side while this is happening but it feels as if Draco and I are the only people in the corridor.

“Don’t ever call me an asshole again.” Although I can feel the anger sifting through his words, there’s still that hint of amusement and joy.

He lets go of my shoulder and turns to walk into The Hall. I wait until he and his puppets are gone from my sight and then I let out a huge breath. When I turn to Beatrice and Scarlet they both have shocked looks on their faces. They’re both just staring at me.

“That... was intense,” Scarlet says.

“He is so hot,” Beatrice confesses.

“No, he is not,” I snarl after catching up on my breathing.

“To each their own,” she shrugs playfully.

Scarlet and I laugh at her and then begin to walk back to the common room. Before we get too far I see Cedric Diggory walking towards me with a worried look on his face.

Cedric and I have been good friends since my first year. Our families are close which initially helped our bond grow and now we’re great friends, nothing more.

He comes up to me and I notice he grew a few inches and his jaw has sharpened since the last time I saw him.

“What just happened with Draco?” he asks.

“It was nothing,” That makes Cedric’s expression turn from worried to angry.

“I hate that guy. He thinks he owns everything and everyone,” Cedric says through gritted teeth.

I can see Beatrice and Scarlet giggle through the corner of my eye as they share their feelings about Draco’s hotness with each other.

“We should catch up later,” I say to quickly change the subject.

He nods. “I’ll come find you later.”

Then he pulls me into a tiny hug and I’m immediately engulfed by his sent. I try to discover the scent more but he pulls away.

“I’ll probably be in my common room so meet me outside of it at 6.”

I nod and then he walks off with his mates.

Scarlet and Beatrice are both sarcastically fanning themselves behind Cedric’s back while he walks away. I roll my eyes at their immaturity and lock arms with them.

“I forgot how many hotties there are here,” Scarlet says.

When we reach our common room we sit by the green fire and spread out onto one of the sofas.

We talk about our summers. Scarlet starts to tell us about how she had lost her virginity and I sit there in pure jealousy.

“What was it like?” I ask.

“Painful and uneventful but I’m glad I got it out of the way,” she shrugs.

“What was yours like again?” I turn to Beatrice.

Beatrice had lost hers a year ago with her now ex-boyfriend. And let’s just say they didn’t end on good terms but she doesn’t mind talking about her experiences.

“Painful for the most part, but it did bring us closer together for the time we were still happy. It wasn’t exactly special but I guess it was an average first time.” She slouches backward. ” I just wish I could have a variety of experiences instead of the handful of times I did it with him.”

“I just wish I could get to the good stuff,” Scarlet jokes.

“I just wish I could get to the stuff,” I joke.

Beatrice jokingly pouts at me and Scarlet wraps her arm around my shoulders.

“Your time will come, innocent one,” Scarlet mocks me.

“Oh trust me, I’m far from innocent, I just don’t get very many offers.”

“I just thought of the best idea.” Beatrice’s eyes widen with a revelation.

“What idea?” Both me and Scarlet ask.

“I heard these 7th-year girls talking about a scavenger hunt on the train yesterday and at first I didn’t think anything of it until they started mentioning hickeys, snogging, etc... So I started listening closer and they were creating a sexual scavenger hunt,” she starts.

My eyes widen.

“We could each come up with things to put on each other’s lists and make it into a scavenger hunt. One thing item on the list could be like, kiss *this person*. Another could be like go to third base in a classroom,” she explains.

It’s almost laughable how excited she is.

“The items would all equally add up to the same amount of work but different for each person and some challenges would be more difficult and some easier.”

Scarlet and I look at her in disbelief yet my insides are almost jumping at the idea.

“...and of course if you don’t want to do something we can just replace it with a stupid or embarrassing dare but we each get points for the things we do that are on the list and whoever finishes theirs first gets a prize but we’ll figure out what the prize is later.”

“The way your brain works is amazing,” Scarlet says.

“Are you guys in?” she asks.

“Of course!” We simultaneously shout.

We run-up to our dorm and a few pages of parchment. While throwing ideas around of what we can do, we decide that I’m going to make Scarlet’s list, Scarlet is going to make Beatrice’s list, and Beatrice is going to make my list.

It seems a little out there, I know. Especially considering I haven’t done much with a guy but it seems like the best way to introduce myself into the world of sex. Why not?

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