On the Run

Chapter 15

Pacific Coast Highway, somewhere between San Diego and Los Angeles

Kensi was ripped from her sleep by the sudden movement, her eyes catching them spinning and hitting other vehicles. What felt like an eternity, the out of control movement came to a sudden stop. She turned and saw blood coming from Deeks’ head. The airbags ejected on impact, protecting them from more damage. But the blood coming from Deeks concerned her the most.

“Deeks, wake up.” She gently moved his shoulder, but he didn’t respond. She felt a sudden pain in her gut and felt sharp pain in her right shoulder from the impact against the door. Her legs were pushed up against her body as the front of the vehicle caved in from the impact. She was trapped and in pain, but she pushed it from her mind and focused on Deeks, but he still didn’t respond. She grabbed her cell and dialled Eric.

“Kens, what’s up?”

“Eric, we need paramedics. We’ve been in an accident on the PCH. Find our GPS location. Deeks is bleeding from the head and he’s not responding.” She couldn’t hide the panic in her voice. “There’s about…” Kensi tried to count the cars, “twelve to fifteen cars involved in the accident.”

“Already on it, Kens. How are you?” Hetty walked in about to dismiss her Analyst and Technical Operator when Kensi’s call came through.

“I’m fine. I’m just trapped. I’m not bleeding from anywhere.” She looked around her body, just to be sure.

“Keep talking to us, Kens. Help is on it’s way.” Eric brought up their GPS location and highway cameras and found the devastation. A fifteen car pile up could be messy, but this was crazy. Fifteen cars, six had overturned, three were on their sides, Kensi and Deeks were somehow facing the right way up, which gave them hope that they would be okay. They were worried about Deeks’ condition however, and urged help to get there fast. They felt helpless as they watched the live feeds from the camera and then the news feeds from the helicopter as it flew over. Police vehicles, the Fire Department and Ambulances arrived soon on scene.”

“Sam, where are you?” Nell called their other team member, knowing that he’d be on route home as well. Granger was staying another night to help his San Diego people, who, like themselves, were buried under too many cases.

“I’m on the PCH, heading home.” Sam sighed as the traffic slowed. “If I ever get there, there appears to be a hold up on the freeway.”

“A fifteen car pile up. Deeks and Kensi are caught up in the accident. Kensi’s called us, Deeks has a head wound and is unconscious. All the emergency services are there now, dealing with it. Is there anyway you can get to them?”

Sam looked ahead and could see the helicopter hovering overhead. “I think I might be about a mile away, but I’m not going anywhere.” He worried about his colleagues and thought what to do next. He got out of his vehicle and looked ahead. He noticed police directing vehicles off the freeway. He might just be able to get there, but he’d have to show his badge and explain that his team were involved.

After what seemed like eternity to Sam, he found that he could move towards the off ramp and he changed lanes to get closer to the highway patrol who were directing people off. He wound his window down and showed his identification. “My team is involved in the accident. I need to get to them.”

The Officer nodded and let him through. Thankfully the vehicles ahead of the exit ramp had been redirected down the on ramp and the four lane freeway was clear for Sam to head slowly up to the scene of the accident. As he pulled over, he showed his badge and his breath caught at the sight of the carnage. He scanned the area and saw the silver SUV slammed in the middle of the scene. So far no one had managed to get to them, as they were dealing with the vehicles around them. How on earth did this happen? He searched for a way in and once he had found the safest route in, he grabbed the bolt cutters from the boot of his car and headed into the chaos.

Sam could hear moans and cries out for help. He stopped and assessed people as he came to them and calmly soothed them, telling them that help was here. Ice cold eyes stared out at him from another vehicle, the driver had died on impact as his vehicle became airborne and landed upside down. People were trapped and the likelihood of Deeks and Kensi getting out looked slim as he approached the vehicle.

“Sam.” Kensi cried out as she saw him out of the corner of her eyes. Her breathing had become laboured and the extent of her injuries became more apparent to her as her legs went numb and she found it hard to breathe. She didn’t think that she had broken any ribs initially, but now she realised that must be the problem.

“Kens, can you get out?” She shook her head and she looked pale to Sam, which worried him greatly. “Talk to me, Kens. Tell me how you feel.” He remained calm, a voice for Kensi to focus on.

“Hard to breathe. I think I might have broken a rib. Shoulder’s dislocated and my legs are numb. Deeks. He’s bleeding and unconscious.” Sam looked between the two and decided that he needed to get Kensi out of there first.

“Kensi, I need you to keep talking to me. I’m going to use these bolt cutters to get you out.”

“Get Deeks out first.” He saw the pleading in her eyes.

“Deeks is breathing okay, am I right?”

“Yes. Pulse is steady but on the weak side.”

“I know you’re worried about him, Kens, but I need to get you out first.”

Kensi went to argue with him, but pain shot her through her ribs as she tried.

“No arguments. Keep talking to me. I’m listening. Tell me what happened.” Sam worked to cut the twisted metal on the SUV to remove the door.

“I don’t know. I was tired, Deeks said he’d drive so I could sleep. I woke up when I felt the impact of other vehicles hitting us and we were spinning around.”

Sam yanked the door and pulled it away from the SUV. He assessed Kensi and saw just how tight she was sandwiched in. He tried to move some of the dash from Kensi’s legs. It took a lot of effort, but he managed to pull some of it away.

“Can you move your legs, Kens?” She shook her head. “How about you turn your body towards me.” He needed her to help him, it was hard to pull the dash off her legs as it was.

He watched the frustrations on Kensi’s face as she twisted herself. Panic grew within her as she struggled to breathe. “I can’t…”

She’d moved just enough. Sam let go of the dash and moved to lift her out. “Kens, you’re bleeding.” Her eyes widened when she saw the blood on the seat. She looked up at Sam with shock and confusion in her eyes. “Stay with me, Kens. I’m getting you out of here.”

With all the strength that Sam could muster, he lifted her out of the SUV and carried her over bonnets and roofs of cars towards paramedics, waiting on the north side of the carnage. He laid her on a stretcher.

“She’s struggling to breathe. Fractured rib must be cutting into her lungs. Dislocated shoulder, her legs are numb and she’s bleeding internally. There’s blood coming out down below.” He didn’t know how else to explain what he’d seen. It didn’t look good to him. “She’s thirty-one and a Federal Agent, works for NCIS. It’s important that you contact our boss, Henrietta Lange on this number. He grabbed the notepad from the paramedic and wrote Hetty’s number down. “Take her to Camp Pendleton. She needs to go to their medical centre.” The paramedics nodded. They knew where they were, just on the outskirts of the Military base. It was a wise move, but only Military personnel could be sent there.

Sam would have preferred to have gone with her, but he’d yet to get Deeks out of the SUV. He grabbed the attention of a Fireman and showed him where he was needed. When the Fireman looked at him puzzled, Sam pulled out his credentials and told them there was a cop unconscious in the middle of the mess. No more needed to be said. The Fireman grabbed a colleague and they followed Sam into the middle of the chaos. Sam pulled his cell out and dialled into Ops.

“Tell Hetty that Kensi’s been taken to Camp Pendleton Medical Centre. I’ve got help to get Deeks out. But he can’t go there, he’s not military.”

“I’ll make a call, Sam, and have Deeks transferred there also.” Hetty immediately dialled Camp Pendleton and filled them in about her people. She needed Deeks to be at Camp Pendleton, where both would be safe and given the best medical assistance possible in that location. The other local medical centres in the area would be chaotic with the other injured and the dead.

“Thanks, Hetty.” Sam disconnected and worked with the two fireman to get Deeks out. He checked Deek’s pulse, still steady, but on the weak side. The blood had clotted and stopped pouring down the detective’s forehead. It was a challenge with a car wedged up on the driver’s side of the vehicle, they had no choice but to lift him out through the passenger side or the windscreen. After discussing the best move with his companions, it was agreed for Sam to enter in through the passenger side and the other two would removed the windscreen. It was the safest move, not knowing what other kind of injuries Deeks had sustained from the crash and it meant that one of them could be inside the front of the SUV to help move him out. A third Fireman came over with a board to place Deeks on once they had him free. More rescue people came into the centre of the pile up and dealt with other injured victims.

Sam had to lever Deeks’ chair back, to place him in a more horizontal position. Thankfully, his legs weren’t trapped like Kensi’s were and he was able to lift them up to the waiting Fireman.

“On the count of three, we lift him out of here.” One of the Fireman took control of the situation. Sam nodded and climbed partially into the back and helped move Deeks forward. The Firemen took Deeks from Sam and moved him gently onto the board. They assessed Deeks and for now, the head wound was all that they could see. Sam climbed out and grabbed his bolt cutters, following.

“He’s thirty-six and an LAPD Detective. Here’s his id. But he needs to be taken to Camp Pendleton Medical Centre, where his partner’s gone to.”

“He’s not military, they won’t accept him. It’s better if we…”

“He’s our LAPD liaison. He’s one of us.” Sam showed the paramedics his credentials. “They’re expecting him. Our boss has contacted Camp Pendleton Medical Centre. They will take him.”

The two paramedics looked between each other and nodded. “Okay.”

“I’ll follow in my car.” Sam looked back to where his challenger was parked on the south side of the pile up. He looked to see where he needed to get to the exit for Camp Pendleton. He saw one about one hundred yards south of his position. He dialled Granger’s number, he needed him to sit with Kensi.

“Granger. We have a situation.”

“Sam, Hetty’s already called me. I’m on my way to Camp Pendleton. Have you managed to get Deeks out of the SUV yet?”

“Yes, he’s on route. I’m on my way there now.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can, Sam. Drive safe.” They were the same words the Assistant Director had said to him when he left Coronado. He meant well, but it didn’t hit Sam how important those words were until now.

“I will.” Sam revved the engine and made his way back to the exit off the freeway. He made his way through the surrounding roads until he arrived at the gate for Camp Pendleton. He wound down his window and showed his identification. They nodded and opened the gates to allow him access. He continued until he reached the medical centre and ran inside. Deeks had just arrived and he told them that he needed to be with him.

“Your colleague has been taken for an MRI to assess the cause for the head wound and the damage. How long has he been unconscious?” The nurse inquired, with clipboard in hand.

“His partner told me that he’d been unconscious since the initial crash. She had been asleep and woke up on impact. I would say he’s been out for around fifty minutes or so.” Sam looked at his watch, he had no idea exactly when the accident occurred.”

The nurse merely nodded and wrote the details down. “You can wait here.”

“Do you know how his partner is doing? Agent Kensi Blye.”

The nurse went to the computer and typed the details in. “She’s in surgery to stop the internal bleeding and to repair the damage to her lungs. She’s lucky to be alive from the sounds of it.”

“She was coherent when I found her, but she was pale and her breathing was laboured.”

“You gave the paramedics a good description of everything. They will need to give her an MRI when she’s stable after surgery to see what’s going on with her legs. It’s stated here that they were numb?”

Sam nodded. “The front of the SUV was smashed in and the dash was pinned on her legs. I managed to pull it away from her legs and get her out.”

“Your colleagues are lucky that you were there.” Sam nodded, he sat down and waited. He heard footsteps come close and looked up to see Granger arrive.

“Any news?”

“Kensi’s in surgery, they’ve taken Deeks for an MRI to look at his head. He’s remained unconscious the whole time.”

“They’re both strong, they’ll pull through this.”

Sam knew Granger was right, but he hadn’t seen them. If it wasn’t for the steady pulse, he would have taken Deeks to be dead. His body was lifeless, Kensi was in a bad way and she was the better of the two of them.

“Have we found out what happened yet?”

“Eric’s been searching cameras to find out what’s happened. Hetty’s on her way down here.”

Sam nodded and turned his attention back to the medical staff, hoping they’d receive some good news soon.

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