On the Run

Chapter 19

Camp Pendleton Medical Centre - 2 days later

Sam was becoming extremely worried for both Deeks and Kensi. Deeks hadn’t woken up from the coma he’d slipped into and Kensi refused to see anyone. She’d lay on her left side with her back turned, if he, Granger or Hetty sat with her. And she’d hardly touched her food. Sam had tried to persuade her to eat, to give her strength so when Deeks woke up, she could be there for him. But even that hadn’t worked.

“Hetty, we need to call Nate in. I don’t know what to do with Kensi anymore.”

Hetty nodded her head and pulled out her cell from her pocket. “I agree with you, Sam. She needs to speak to someone. It should be Nate.” She walked down the corridor to make her phone call.

It was Owen’s turn to sit with Kensi, much to the annoyance of the young agent. He opened up that morning’s newspaper and began reading it.

Kensi shifted on her bed. The feeling in her legs had returned the day before, and although she had told the doctor about that, she’d not said a word to her team. She didn’t care. Life without Deeks had no meaning, but she couldn’t go there anymore. Even if by some miracle that he did wake up again and annoy her to make her smile, she had to cut ties with her partner and boyfriend. How could she look him in the eyes and tell him that their baby was dead? She couldn’t. So she wouldn’t. She wanted to be discharged from this prison, as she saw it and return home. No, not home, where she had millions of memories of Deeks. She needed a new place.

She looked over and saw the newspaper covering Granger’s head. This was her perfect opportune time to move. Quietly she lifted her legs over the edge of the bed and opened the drawer next to her bed. Inside, she found her purse, identification and phone, but no weapon. Of course Hetty would have taken it. She grabbed her belongings and searched the cupboard and smiled when she saw her Go bag. She slipped into the bathroom to change and opted to escape through the adjoining room. She was in the clear and peeped out of the room. She saw Hetty on the phone up the other end of the corridor with her back turned. Now where was the elevator? She turned her head in the other direction and smiled. She was free. She swiftly moved and pressed the button, keeping her back to Hetty, in case the old spy turned around. The doors opened and she dashed inside. She was on the fourth floor and she watched the levels drop until it stopped at level 1. One level above escape. The doors opened and a familiar face greeted her.

“Going somewhere, Kens?”

“Sam. I just needed some fresh air.”

“With all of that?” He pointed to her Go bag. “Let’s take a detour.” He gently nudged her out of the elevator and led her towards Deeks’ room in ICU. The image of Deeks laying on the bed unconscious hit her hard. She took in a ragged breath and tightened her grip on Sam.

“My theory is that Deeks won’t wake up until he hears your voice. Hetty, Granger and I have all sat here for two and a half days, with no change. It’s your turn.”

Kensi looked over at him with panic in her eyes. “No, Sam. I can’t…”

“Yes you can. You need to be here with him, Kens. Deeks needs you.” She knitted her brows together, her brunette locks curled over her shoulders. Her right arm remained in a sling, her sides taped to protect her fractured ribs and it hurt her to move about, but it was better than lying in that bed upstairs. She needed to get out of there, away from Deeks. But she was torn. She hated to see Deeks in this state. But she couldn’t face him.

Sam watched the battle raging inside of her about what to do. After about five minutes, she sat down in the chair, holding Deeks’ hand in her left. She took a few hard swallows and licked her lips.

“This is getting tiring, waiting for you to wake up, Deeks. I mean, how much jello can one eat before you tell me off?”

A tear fell down her cheek, betraying the brave front she was putting on. “You need to wake up, Marty. I can’t do this without you.” Her emotions got the better of her and she couldn’t continue. She stood up and walked to the other side of the bed and climbed up, laying beside him. She didn’t care who saw her there. If a mother could bring her dead baby back to life by holding it, she would do the same to Deeks - to bring him back to them. She laid her left arm over his chest and snuggled up to him, the best way she could.

Satisfied his plan had worked, he left the two of them alone. He stepped outside the room and walked a few feet away and sent Granger and Hetty a text.

‘Plan worked. Kensi is with Deeks. I’ll keep watch, the two of you can get some rest.’

A quick response from both of them and they were gone. They both had piles of work increasing in size every day they stayed there, but it was easier to guard them when they were together. Granger arranged for Sam’s replacement, like he had for the two previous nights, so he could get some sleep. But for now, Sam sat out in the corridor on guard.

A while later

Deeks wasn’t sure where he was, but he felt like he’d been whacked on the head with a bat. His head felt strange, like it wasn’t all there and he couldn’t remember a thing. He felt an arm and a smile crept to his lips. Kensi. He could smell her, but there were other smells that caught his attention that he didn’t normally smell when he and Kensi laid in bed. Beep…beep…beep… What was that? He pried his eyes open and the bare walls and that smell that he couldn’t quite put his finger on, hit him. He was in hospital. But why? As he turned his head, pain throbbed. What was wrong with him?

He shifted under the arm to move slightly, to look at her. Her locks rested on his shoulder and chest. She was asleep. So peaceful, except for the frown lines in between her brows. Something worried her. He watched her take every breath and studied her more. The arm in a sling, the bandaged ribs, as he discovered from her shirt creeping up her side. She was hurt. A pang of pain hit him, what happened to her? He found moving his arm was the safer bet than his head and touched her face. She stirred under the touch but kept her eyes closed.

“Deeks,” she mumbled. At least he was on her mind. He moved his hand up to his head and found a bandage up there. It explained the weird feeling in his head, but what happened?

“Go back to sleep, Fern. I’m here,” he whispered.

Her eyes flashed open at hearing of his voice. “Deeks, you’re awake.” She looked back into his blue eyes.

“Of course I’m awake. Did you eat my jello again?”

She broke into a laugh and cried all at the same time. “You’re awake.” Relief washed over her.

“Yes, we’ve already established that.” Tears fell more freely and she kissed him firmly on the lips.

He held her cheek. “Hey, why the tears?”

Her eyes widened, she went to speak, but she couldn’t.

“Kens?” He worried about her, had he scared her that much? “What happened?”

“Car accident. You’ve been unconscious for two and a half days.”

He gave a nervous laugh. “No, you’re putting me on.”

“I’m serious, Deeks. We thought…” She couldn’t say it, not even now that he’d woken up.

He did see how serious she was. When he first met her she had been more serious like she was now. She’d recently lost a partner, Dom. He’d gone missing, then he’d died. He’d tried, oh he had tried, to bring that beautiful smile of hers out as often as possible and he’d finally won. But something bad had brought that serious look back on her face and he didn’t like it one bit.

“Well, I’m awake now and I’m starving. Is there a chef around who I can complain to about the lack of food in this place?”

“Deeks.” Sam stepped in, he thought his ears had been playing tricks on him, when he’d first heard the detective’s voice. “You’re awake.”

“That I am.” He saw the relief in Sam’s brown eyes. The big guy did care. “So tell me, what have I missed? Where’s Callen?”

Kensi and Sam gave each other a look. Deeks didn’t remember about Callen going into hiding.

“What’s the last thing that you remember?” Sam sat in the chair beside the bed and quickly sent Granger and Hetty a text. ‘Deeks is awake.’

‘Fabulous news. We’ll be back later.’ Hetty replied. Sam assumed she replied for Granger as well, seeing he hadn’t responded.

“You and Callen got yourself out of a hole after you’d been kidnapped. I made my Swedish nachos and Granger liked them.”

“That’s your last memory?” Both Kensi and Sam looked at each other in shock. That had been over a month ago.

“Aah, yes? Why are you both looking at me like that?” His eyes widened, confused.

“That happened over a month ago, Deeks.” Kensi ghosted her fingers over his face, well the part that wasn’t covered up in bandages.

“You’re having me on, aren’t you? Like before, when you said that I’d been unconscious for how many days?”

“Two and a half days,” Sam answered. “You gave us all a scare.”

“So where is everybody?”

“Hetty and Granger are taking a rest, they’ve been here non-stop almost since you were admitted,” Sam continued. “Eric and Nell are in lock down in the mission and Callen is who knows where.” Deeks saw something in Sam’s eyes when he mentioned his partner and knew he’d definitely missed something.

“Another mole?” The last time the mission had been on lock down, they not only had a mole, but that mole killed one of their staff.

“No. Russians.”

“I thought we locked Matthias away to protect Hetty from being kidnapped?”

“We did.” Sam stood up and walked to the door and checked the corridor, just to make sure they were safe. They should be, seeing they were on base.

“What’s going on, why is Sam looking out the door?”

“I’m on protection detail. Your doctor is coming with a nurse.” Sam stepped to the side and allowed them in.

“Detective Deeks, you had us all worried. It’s good to see you awake.” He turned to Kensi and Sam. “May I please have a moment with my patient?”

“Doc…” Sam interjected.

“I know, you’re here to ensure no harm comes to him. Sorry, you can stay.”

Kensi laid back down on the bed next to Deeks and watched the doctor assess Deeks’ wound.

“Healing nicely.” The nurse changed the bandage while the doctor focussed his attention on asking Deeks questions.

“Do you know your name?”

“Martin Andrew Deeks.”

“Good. That’s a start. Can you tell me what year it is”


The doctor smiled. “The month?”

“January. No February.” He looked at Kensi for help. She’d told him that the last thing that he remembered was over a month ago. But he wasn’t sure.

“Close. It’s March 5th.”

“It’s almost Callen’s birthday.” Deeks blurted out in surprise.

“Yeah, not that we’ll get to help him celebrate it this year,” Sam grumbled, still missing his partner.

“Why’s that?”

“We’ll talk later about it, okay?” Kensi gave him a look so he knew that now wasn’t the time in front of the doctor and nurse.

Deeks went to nod, but pain shot through his head. “Aargh!”

“You’ve suffered quite a blow to your head, Detective.”

“A bat? Because it sure feels like a bat.” He looked between Kensi and the doctor.

“A bullet. A deep graze, you’re a lucky man to still be here with us,” Dr Rundle told him.

“I got shot again?”

“Yes.” Tears welled up in Kensi’s eyes.

“No wonder why my head feels so strange.”

“We had to repair the damage to your brain and skull, there will no boxing allowed for you, ever again, Detective. I can’t stress this to you enough. We’ve inserted a tube to drain any fluid still inside. We’ll wait another day and send you for another MRI. If that shows up clear, then we can remove it permanently.”

“I have a tube in my skull?” He felt like he’d woken up in the weirdest dream ever and he’ll wake up soon like any other normal morning with Kensi groaning about the time.

“Yes, and please don’t move your head too much. It’ll give you some discomfort, but it will hurt if you do move move it in quick movements or too far.”

Deeks heaved out a huge sigh as the realisation hit him just how serious his injury was. He squeezed Kensi’s hand for comfort and to reassure her that everything was going to be okay. It had to be.

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