On the Run

Chapter 29

The Mission, Los Angeles

Deeks looked over to Kensi. Their team leader had vanished with their Assistant Director for over two days. Although it had been hard to concentrate, he worried about his partner. She looked paler than she had in the past few months, and she was up in the night on numerous occasions, although he tried to not notice.

“What?” Kensi took in a few deep breaths, today was not a good day. She looked over to Sam who also had that same worried look in his eyes as Deeks.

“Are you sure you’re okay, Kens?” Sam studied her further and he looked over to Deeks, noticing his concern for her in his eyes too.

“I’m fine. I’ve just got a lot of paperwork to do and we still haven’t managed to pry out of Hetty where Callen’s gone to.” She tried to take the attention off herself and onto Callen.

Both men looked over in Hetty’s direction and once again she was on the phone. Eric and Nell were shut off from them up in Ops, no one was allowed in except for Hetty. The tension in OSP had the three concerned.

“Mr Deeks.” Marty Deeks jumped, a moment earlier he’d seen her on the phone, after years of working at OSP, he was still surprised over how stealthily she moved around the office.

“Hetty.” He stared at her, trying to catch any anomaly to find out what was going on. So far, neither of them had been read in and they supposed it was because they weren’t cleared for field duty as yet. But that still hadn’t stopped Granger from taking Callen away from them a few days earlier.

“Would you so kindly come over for some tea.” Marty raised his brow, quickly looking over to Sam and Kensi to see if this request was a bit odd from their Operations Manager.

“Sure.” He raised from his seat and followed her, sitting in the cane chair opposite her. He took the cup and sipped, the ritual was ingrained into him by now but he always knew that she had some purpose for these meetings.

“How are you feeling, Mr Deeks?” She pursed her lips, there was no indication from her facial expressions on what she was thinking.

“Apart from the headaches, I feel almost normal. Nate said that this would happen for a while, they are getting fewer in number. Only three this last week. How are you, Hetty?”

Hetty quickly hid the smile that wanted to appear on her lips from his quick analysis and his return of the friendly concern for her. “That is good to hear, Mr Deeks. Martin.”

Deeks furrowed his brow, Hetty never called him Martin. This must be serious.

“Hetty, what’s wrong?”

She gave him a warm smile and sipped from her flower printed bone china tea cup that must be over forty years old. “Nothing is wrong, Mr Deeks. Well not from the usual terror threats and drug cartel issues that we face on a weekly basis. But there is something I need you to do for me.”

Deeks narrowed his eyes as she pulled out a manilla folder from her desk drawer and handed it over to him. She handed him a pen and waited for him to respond.

“You still want me to become an agent? After all that I’ve been through, you think I am up for this?” He hadn’t expected this. In fact, after what the doctor had told him, he was expecting his liaison position to be terminated.

“Mr Deeks, I have always wished for you to be part of this family on a more permanent basis. Until now, I have respected your wish to remain a detective. But your time here as our liaison has come to an end. After the injuries that you sustained when you were shot three months ago, there will never be the release for field duty for you. We need a plan to keep you with us and I have that plan.” Hetty watched the information run through his synapses as he thought over what she was trying to tell him.

“I’m confused. If you know that I can never be a field agent, why are you asking me to sign this application?” He looked behind him and noticed Kensi and Sam watching him.

“You need to be an NCIS agent to do what I have worked hard to achieve for you. After three months working with Director Vance, we need another FLETC on the west coast. Primarily for NCIS personnel only, not a shared agency training office. With all the terror threats that our people are trying to shut down before they happen, beside the drug cartel issues and the problems within the Navy, our people are overworked. Our agency needs more well trained agents. I have requested that you be the one to run our west coast training facility here in Los Angeles.”

Deeks was in shock, his jaw dropped and he was speechless.

“I need someone who I can trust to oversee the training of the future of NCIS. You have the skills and the experience to do this job, Mr Deeks. With your background as a lawyer, you can also provide the legal requirements to our future agents. We don’t just have young people fresh out of college, we have many retired marines, SEALs and naval officers who transfer to our agency after their tours and contracts are ended. You’ve seen what we do, the elite of the elite. This way you will not face the possibility of suspects hitting you in your head from where you were shot. From what Dr Franklin told you, this needs to be taken very seriously. You are my responsibility and I will not lose any more of my people.”

Something caught Hetty’s attention and his eyes followed Kensi running out of the bull pen to the bathroom. He furrowed his brow, again?

“Mr Deeks. Miss Blye needs you more than ever before. Both of you have been through a great deal.” She pursed her lips together and he realised in that moment that she knew about the baby they’d lost. “This way, I can guarantee that you will be safe, so when she is ready to return to the field, she can focus on the job at hand and keeping herself safe, not having to worry about you.”

“You know about…” He wasn’t sure how to say it.

“I do. I make it a matter of my responsibility to know about my people, Mr Deeks. And although fraternising between partners is usually frowned upon, neither of you have let it interfere with your work or the safety of your team. I also have seen how good you are for each other and I have supported you both in your relationship, by preventing Owen from intervening. This is not a punishment, Mr Deeks. I am rewarding you with this new position to keep you with us here at NCIS. The new facility won’t be too far away from OSP, you can see your family when possible.”

Family. The words hung in the air, it had been a long time since anyone had referred to him family. But that was exactly what Hetty had referred to him as, and that they, the team were his family. A smile crept across his face. Although he was guttered that he would never be out in the field again, Hetty’s proposition was a good one.

“Who would I report to?” He quickly signed his application form and handed it back over to her.

“Myself and Assistant Director Granger.” Deeks hesitated, but he should have known that Granger would have his hand in this. “And Director Vance of course.”

“Of course.” His smile returned. “Thank you, Hetty. You are the best.” He stood and walked around the desk and pulled her in for a hug. The petite Operations Manager was taken by surprise, but she shouldn’t have been. Deeks was a caring and thoughtful man.

“Thank you, Mr Deeks. Now shall I suggest that you go and see how your partner is fairing? She’s been looking rather pale of late, don’t you think?”

Deeks nodded and he headed in that direction. Nothing was missed by Hetty and it was a good thing that that they weren’t because she ensured that each of her people were taken care of.

Deeks walked up the corridor and knocked on the ladies’ bathroom door. He listened for anyone to respond, but after a moment of silence, he entered. He heard a sound that caught his attention and headed towards it.

“Kens, are you okay?” He gently pushed open the toilet door and found Kensi sitting on the floor, her face as pale as he’d ever seen with tears down her face.

“Kens?” He knelt down beside her and brushed her hair away from her face. He pulled some toilet paper off the roll and gently wiped her face. “You’re all clammy. What’s wrong?”

Kensi choked on a sob and leaned into his chest. Instantly, his arms went around her shoulders and he held her. It had been the most difficult three months of Kensi’s life. More challenging than after Jack had left her or when she was held captive in Afghanistan. Her world had come crashing down and she never thought that it would be right again, except for the man beside her whom she loved. And although the news had been bad after the accident, he’d been there for her and helped her grieve over the loss of their baby.

“I couldn’t accept that I was pregnant three months ago, Deeks. I should have and I’m sorry that we never got the chance to celebrate it. But I didn’t think that we were ready and then…after the accident, I realised just how much I wanted a child with you.” He waited for her to steady her breathing before she continued. “But the news wasn’t good. Not after the damage that the doctor told me about from the accident. You deserve more than what I could give you. I’d come to accept it and I was ready to let you go.”

Deeks shook his head. “No. I am not giving up on us. Never.”

She smiled through her tears. “Good, because I’m pregnant again. Four weeks. It’s a miracle. Dr Franklin said the chances would be slim, but so soon after the accident…the risk is high, Deeks. I’m scared.”

He held her in his arms and soothed her. “It’s going to be okay, Kens. You, me and our baby.”

“How can you be so sure?” Her brown eyes looked up into his blue eyes and she saw the happiness that she wanted for him in them.

“Because Hetty’s given us permission to be together and she has worked hard to keep me with my family.”

Kensi sat back, her eyes widened. “What?”

“Remember when Dr Franklin told me that I could never box again?”

Kensi remembered. How could she forget? “Yes.”

“It means that I’ll never be given the all clear to return to the field with NCIS or LAPD. I thought that I would have to return to being a lawyer and that didn’t sit well with me. But it was the only thing I’ve done that doesn’t require the risk of being hit in the head.”

“So we can never be partners again?”

“Not on the team. But in life, we can.” He lifted her hand up to his lips and gently kissed the back of it. “Marry me, Kens. Make me the happiest man in the world.”

Her eyes welled up again, she was overwhelmed with emotion. She nodded, her voice was barely a whisper. “Yes, Marty. I’ll marry you.” He kissed her on the temple and he held her close.

Kensi snuggled into him, he felt so warm and strong, it was difficult to think that he could never be a field agent and work along side her again. She lifted her head and studied him. “So what are you going to do then?”

“Hetty’s organised with Vance to set up an NCIS only training facility like FLETC here in Los Angeles and she wants me to run it.”

Her eyes widened and she smiled that smile that melted his heart. “Really?”

“Really. And it won’t be too far from here so I can see you guys whenever I can.”

She traced her fingers over his face, taking in his features. “I’m going to miss you here though.”

“I’ll be around making sure that Sam and Callen take good care of you and our baby.” His hands moved over her flat belly.

“Good. They need keeping in line.” She kissed him on the cheek. “You’re a good man, Marty. How did I function before you?”

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