On the Run

Chapter 31

The White House, Washington D.C

Leon Vance sat in the corridor waiting to be seen by the President of the United States. Everything else on his plate had been put on the back burner, this was of the highest priority - their nation depended on it.

“Director Vance, please come through.” The secretary led him through the white carved door into the oval room.

“Mr President.” Leon walked over and shook the Jackson Scott’s hand.

“Leon. This is a surprise, but from the urgency, I gather the news isn’t good.”

Leon looked around the oval office, pleased that they were alone. “Is this room secure, Sir?”

The President nodded and led him to sit with him on the sofa. “Tell me, Leon. Another terrorist attack?”

Leon took in a deep breath and he readied himself for telling the President what he had learned. “I’m afraid the news isn’t good, Mr President. We’ve been under attack right under our noses by the Russians and if we don’t act now, our country will be destroyed.”

The President furrowed his brow looking intently at Leon. “How long has this been going on? Why is this the first time I’ve heard about it?”

“Over forty years, Sir.”

The President’s eyes widened. “How could this be?”

Leon pulled the documents out of his bag and handed them to him. “We have corroboration from some of our retired CIA agents who worked alongside a former KGB Major. They, along with this Major, helped people escape from behind the Iron Curtain back in the 1960′s and 70′s and they thought that they were doing a good deed back then. But this KGB Major found these documents, proof that they weren’t German citizens that they were helping, but Russian sleeper agents. Out of this CIA team, only three remain alive today. One was killed thirty-nine years ago, another four, three and a half months ago, in their attempt to help rescue some of my agents who had been held captive. These agents were tortured to gather intel of where this former KGB Major was hiding. Thankfully, these agents survived. But we’ve had Federal Agents being hunted down like wild animals because someone in Russia believe our agents know where he is hiding.”

“I gather because we now have the documents that our agents do know where this man is?”

Leon looked worried and lowered his voice. “I’m not allowed to say, Mr President.”

Jackson Scott looked over at the Director of NCIS. Since he’d been elected President, he’d gotten to know all the Directors of each of the agencies rather well. He was fully aware that when Leon Vance made a sudden appearance, to take note that there was a dire situation on their doorstep. The last time that Vance had made such an appearance, they’d lost many important members of their agencies, including the Secretary to the Navy, Clayton Jarvis. Leon had his full attention. And he had to admit to himself, he wasn’t happy about what he was hearing. For over forty years the Russians had fooled them. He would do whatever it took to take them down for this. But he’d yet to hear the effects of this inside job of Russian sleeper agents working against their country over this length of time.

“I will accept that answer for now, but I want more answers soon from you. First of all, how did our agents end up working beside him and why didn’t they tell their superiors about this before now?”

“The CIA had a team of agents deep undercover to help bring down major crime families in Eastern Europe. It’s through their time there that two of them came in contact with the Major. The agents discovered what he was doing and they decided to help him in his cause until the discovery about the Russian sleeper agents. The agent he told was murdered on a beach in Constanta, Romania, thirty-nine years ago. The Major was captured by his own people and he was locked away in a Siberian prison to keep him quiet. Someone helped him escape a few years later and he’s been hiding out in Europe and later here in the U.S., under a new identity. He kept the documents hidden and buried. But with the recent attacks on our agents, our agents have managed to get him to tell them why they were still after him after all this time.”

“Why did Russia believe that our agents knew where he was? How did our agents know where to find him? Were we hiding him? And if so, why wasn’t this information provided earlier?”

Leon heaved out a sigh, he’d hoped that he could keep the next bit of information from the President, but Scott needed to know and he had no other choice.

“One of my agents is his son, Mr President.” Jackson raised his brow in shock to this news. “He didn’t know who his father or mother were. He was five when he watched his mother gunned down. He was brought to America by an uncle and left in the system. Some of the dead agent’s team did their best to locate him and help him find a family, but he was moved around a lot to keep him safe from his parents’ enemies. He’s one of my best deep undercover agents I have, he’s placed his life on the line in the most dangerous of situations to protect the people of this country. I have given my word to keep his identity secret, but the Russians have found him and have tried to kidnap him and his team, in hope to draw his father out. He’s only recently discovered who his father is.”

“So he knows nothing about what’s been going on for all of this time?”

“He’s only found out about two weeks ago. He’s come up with a plan to take these Russian sleeper agents down, but we need your approval.”

“I need to take this to my senior advisors, once you have provided me with the full disclosure.”

“I’m sorry, Mr President. We cannot take the risk. We had to do a deep background check on yourself and on your Russian policies before my agents would even allow me to talk with you. The fewer who know, the more success this operation will be.”

Jackson thought over Leon’s words and nodded. “Tell me everything that you can.”

Pleased that he’d won his case, Leon told the President everything that he was allowed.

Two weeks later, The Pension Building, Washington D.C.

The terror attacks on US soil back in 2001 had forced changes in the nation’s capitol and nation wide with cameras set up everywhere to help prevent more attacks from taking place. This came to NCIS’ advantage as Callen sat in the security office, looking at a wall of screens of live feeds. The room was crowded compared to it’s usual three man team, but this was no usual gathering. Leon Vance, Sam, Gibbs and his team piled in next to him. Everyone Callen cared about were safe. Amy had sent her family to France for a vacation while Hetty and Granger arrived in Kansas City to protect her, and Mark stayed in Morro Bay with Nikita and Arkady, just in case. They all had to keep out of sight from these Russian sleeper agents, one slip up and the whole operation would go south.

The President’s Ball, as it was titled, held provision for many of it’s former and current leaders, CEOs, politicians, and citizens who’d worked hard and had achieved some great feat for the country, gathered in the black tie event. The red carpet was draped across the courtyard from the entrance to the red brick, one hundred and fifty year old building, welcoming it’s guests with honour. No one had suspected any anomaly of the sudden announcement of such a ball, to honour the men and women of their great country, but accepted the invitation with pride. They walked the red carpet, greeted those who they knew and made their way inside for the ball, where they were handed a flute of bubbly. They had forty men and women as their targets, all of whom had accepted their invite. There were many more guests invited to the event, to avoid suspicion to their targets. As they gathered, the team of agents and their superiors, marked each one off their list as they arrived, awaiting for President Scott’s arrival.

“That’s twenty-eight on our list so far.” Bishop advised them as she continued to focus their sights on their suspects and the screens.

Callen looked over to Gibbs, the former marine sniper had been there for him through thick and thin and it was no surprise to see him there now with his team. Nell and Eric had done thorough checks on everyone involved in this operation, they’d even done checks on Vance, Gibbs and his team, just in case. Not that Callen or his team would admit that to anyone. Their country’s survival required the strictest of security on the details. They couldn’t afford the risk of a mole either like they’d suffered a year earlier in OSP. Chosen Navy SEALs by the hand of Sam Hanna and marines by Gibbs, were ready at their command to enter the building and the suspects’ homes and businesses to shut their operations down in one swift motion. SEALs were positioned around the Pension Building out of sight until their orders came through. The marines were positioned all around the country, ready for Leon Vance’s signal.

It was one of the largest operations that NCIS had performed in some time, even bigger than the last group of Russian Sleeper agents found on a list left for Sam Hanna to decipher. Unfortunately, Isaak Sidorov got to them first, killed them and stole their nukes. It took some time and at the risk of Sam, Michelle and Deeks’ lives on the last occasion, thanks to Marcel Janvier’s deception. But they had all survived and the former French arms dealer was still very much locked away in a South Carolina prison, Sidorov was killed and all the nukes had been recovered. The Russians had almost succeeded to achieve an in house annihilation, if it wasn’t for the sake of one CIA analyst who’d risked his life to gather the intel and leave it for Sam as a back up. But this destruction plan of the country with all it’s services and commodities had been going on for just as long and they were crippling the nation. It was time for America to have their revenge.

Ellie Bishop and Timothy McGee ticked off another ten suspects. “Two to go.” They looked at their list, one had been a former President, the other, a woman. Both agents looked at each other at the name, their eyes widened and they realised just how critical this operation was. Sarah Porter was the Secretary to the Navy and a Russian spy. This was the reason why thorough background checks had to be made on everyone involved, NCIS, SEALs and Marines. It was also the reason why Leon Vance had to bypass the SecNav to speak with President Scott in person about the situation.

At last they spotted her enter with President Scott at her side. They were talking and laughing as they entered. Porter had no idea. Gibbs fisted his hands by his side, he’d never trusted the woman and now he understood how someone with no Navy background could be given such a position. She was planted in there to help destroy their country.

“Whisky, Indigo, Tango, Foxtrot, Alpha, Lima. We have a go.” Leon Vance’s orders were initiated and they watched the SEAL platoons who were used to dealing with eastern European and Russian operations, enter the Pension Building preventing anyone from escaping. Sarah Porter looked around her in shock, how could anyone know who they were? She’d seen a few who she knew, but with so many people gathered in the one place, even she hadn’t suspected this take down. She tried to step into the shadows, but President Jackson Scott grabbed her arm and stopped her.

“Where are you going, Sarah? You’ll miss the show.” Jackson was a former marine who’d worked his way up the ranks and then into politics. He had a vision that this nation needed a real leader to run this country. Someone who understood the sacrifice of its men and women to keep this country safe and to help other nations who asked for their help. It was his vision that saw him move into the White House in a landslide election, promising tighter laws with terrorists.

Callen sighed with relief as each of their suspects were arrested and taken away to a secure prison set aside for them. It was imperative to keep them separate until they could interrogate them and gather all the intel that they needed. Then they would be transferred to their favourite prison in Guantanamo.

Up on the screens in the security room, footage of Marines entering Banks, Corporate Companies, Power, Water and Oil services, securing each location, while a team of analysts came in and searched for every document, paper or electronic that they could find, to help take these Russians down.

The U.S. Ambassador for the Russian Federation was contacted to have talks with the President of Russia immediately with regards to the situation. The Russian Ambassador in the U.S. was taken by NCIS agents to the White House, where President Scott would meet with him and discuss the situation from their end. Scott hoped from doing it this way, that the person or persons involved in this operation in the Russian Government would be found and extradited to the U.S. for trial. Whoever orchestrated this destruction of the United States had to pay the price of the damage that they had done and a request for all stolen water from the state of California be returned. This kind of terrorism would not be tolerated.

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