Peter Pan Among the Shadows

More Clues

Picadilly Street always welcomed Captain Robertson with a jovial face and warm Thursday sunshine. The stores cheerfully waved to him as the melancholy parade of people and goods marched across. He had the pleasure of slowly walking down the street, greeting every friendly passerby without starting any more trouble than necessary.

Today, of all days, was different.

“Find that killer,” Lieutenant said. “If you find a lead, this could sincerely improve your career standing. That man is a menace, he is, and you must find him and bring him to justice.”

His eyes darted from friendly a cheerful to cold and focused- a gentleman to Policeman. Aceline always was impressed with that talent, especially at parties- when power and bravery went hand in hand.

He almost lost his attention, which would take a little longer to find than to lose, when a commotion crossed his line of vision. Three boys raced across the street, loud noises following after.

Children, again.


As he instinctively raced towards the commotion, he formed a plan so ridiculous he might have been fired had the Sergeant been there.

The children always bet on their feet instead of their head. Once one of them announced his presence, it was all over. Like a lion, he separated one of the three boys and caught him in an alley, his stolen wares dropped far away.

Captain Robertson never liked seeing scared children, especially when it was his fault. The boy looked younger than Victoria, with wide gray eyes and matted hair holding a beret in place. But this time, he needed to stay focused.

“Little boy, you will be in big trouble...”

The child hung his head in shame, mumbling something under his breath.

“However, I’m willing to help you…”

The boy didn’t raise his head.

“Tell me where I could find a child with a sword, and I’ll let you go with a warning.”

The boy’s head shot up.

“You mean Ichabod?”


“The boy with a sword. That’s Ichabod, my boss.”

“Your boss?!”

“Yeah. We steal things for him and get a percent of it.”

“Huh. So has he been the one killing cops?”

“Yea-I mean, no. He keeps saying he would but I’ve never seen him do it.”

“So he wouldn’t mind if I visited him?”

The young boy got talking.

“Well not at all sir. Even if you met him near Smith street, where all of the boys fight, you’d never meet him. He’d beat you to a pulp and mail home the pulp to your wife. Besides he never leaves the courtyard behind the marketplace anyway. He’s too good for smarmy policemen like you…”

Captain Robertson distanced himself from the boy, loosening the grip on his shirt.

“Which marketplace would he not leave to meet me in parlay?”

“Well, the Princess Square marketplace is his domain, so you better not go there unless you want to be cut down to our size.”

He let go of the boy’s shirt, cuing the boy to immediately run away.

“Princess Square market…of course!”

He continued his rounds with a smile on his face, ready to report his evidence and begin an invasion.

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