Peter Pan Among the Shadows

The Fallout

Saturday and Sunday fluttered away like a breeze, softly tapping at the window and chasing the clouds away.

Victoria took her time down the stairs, letting herself enjoy the new blouse her mother bought for her. A school uniform with blue collars and silver buttons looked so beautiful that she wanted to see the buttons reflect the light of the lanterns in the hallway. Her father's voice grew louder as she neared the dining room, where breakfast waited for her.

"'With a vibrant cast of intellectually-appealing characters and masterful lightwork and artwork, 'The Fairy Carden' is quite the play to see this year'. Darling, this seems wonderful."

Her mother sat next to him, dabbing the napkin across her lips and kiss.

"The Henders from across the street went. I'll ask her about it when I see her at the boutique today."

As she sat down to fresh bread and jam, her father's face dived further into the paper.

"I cannot give a thorough and honest review without explaining a fairly innocent yet wholly spectacular event at the show last night."

Victoria tilted her head.

"Almost minutes in, a glowing ball of sentient light appeared onto the stage. When asked, the play's writer, John Mavis Benter, denied having planned so. Quite unfortunate, since it led to the utmost hilarity we'd see in this production."

She tried to hold back the curiosity on her face, but she stared while her father continued. Even Mother looked at her husband, leaving her favorite tea a few more minutes to simmer.

"'Yet we did encounter a sight to behold. As per direction, Brian O'Malley, the actor, stayed in character by attempting to exterminate the light, in a rather extreme yet faithful act. To our utter shock and surprise, a small boy dropped from the stage and waved his sword at O'Malley, scorning him for a heartless attack on the ball of light he called 'tinker bell.'"

"Peter," She thought as he continued reading.

"'The crowd was utterly shocked and in awe of the boy's stunts, especially for his age. But the show was enhanced tremendously by his rousing speech about fairies and his subsequent flight from the stage and disappearance into the night. It was a sight to behold, as spoken about in the front page of this paper.'"

Father's voice turned cold as the color drained from his face the moment he put down the paper. Immediately he leaped from his chair and grabbed his cap.

"My love I must rush to work. We missed him again."

By the time he left, his bread crust getting soggy with jam, Victoria looked to her Mother with wide, confused eyes.

"Nevermind. Please go to school, darling. I hope you're not awfully late."

Peter spent the last few hours watching the sunrise. He sat on the highest rooftop he could find and waved towards the Sun. It blushed as Tinker Bell complimented its new shirt.

“Peter?” Tinker Bell turned to ask, her multicolored hair reflecting every color of the sun.

He slyly turned to her. “Yes, Tink?”

She leaned back in midair, her hummingbird wings keeping her afloat.

“What do you want to do today?”

It only took him a few seconds to get some ideas.

“Let’s change the colors of the sky and the ground.”

“Let’s fly through the town and break things.”

“Let’s find a castle and pretend we’re knights.”

“Let’s swim with mermaids off of the Serpentine.”

“Let’s kill some more pirates!”

“Let’s impersonate some bobbers.”

“Let’s steal some cakes and spend the day eating them.”

“Let’s play tag across the city!”

“Oh. OH. Let’s find that girl who fixed my Shadow! She’ll make Neverland more fun!”

Tinker Bell stared wide-eyed at her companion, a wide smile growing on her face. Such a small body could only take in so much excitement.

“Why not all of those things?”

Peter jumped from the roof and into the air.

“Great idea, Tink!”

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