Peter Pan Among the Shadows

The Most Feared Pirate in the World

"Message for one Hook, Captain surname."

The musty barracks wafted with spilled rum, old treasure maps, rusted trophies, and College Degrees. Daylight spilled into the aged glass windows, auburn spots amongst white. The little bird hopped down from the open window onto the desk, fluttering and stretching its wings from the long flight. It never noticed the figure shift between the windowpanes.

"For a bird, you are a plump one..."

The bird shivered. From the corner of its visions, two blue eyes stared down at him.

"Speak the message, little white bird."

The bird cleared its throat and began.

"Message from your loyal servant, Smee. Ahem...

'Captain, as we searched for the little flying boy, we were able to find him'-"

"They did, eh?" The light shone on the young captain's face, sending fear straight into the little bird's heart. A monolith of a man, with a short scraggly beard, upturned nose, and bright blue eyes towered over the bird as he circled his room.

"Well, go on then. To leave a message unsent would be of bad form."

The bird caught itself again, flapping its wings to rest the blood in its veins.

"Unfortunately, we lost ten of our men while he escaped-"

"Escaped?! You let that little boy escape?!?"

The bird shielded itself from the crashing of China, goblets of ivory and gold and empty bottles.

"The good news is that he's gone back to Neverland. Word has it that he's gone there through the garden."

Hook slowed down his anger, relieving the little white bird.

"The garden, eh? If it's the one I think it is, then it's the one I haven't been to in years...

His walk turned towards the window, in a dramatic pose as he looked out into the great desert of water.

"My mother took me for a nice walk through Kensington Gardens the week before my tenure as Blackbeard's bosun. I always thought the island housed lost sailors who were good, instead of Davy Jone's locker..."

He stood in silence, turning from the clouded windows of the swaying Jolly Roger. He remembered his mother, then remembered Blackbeard, how his father abandoned him there, and now...

The bird stopped speaking.


The little bird stumbled back as Captain Hook rushed to the desk, a sharp hook in his right hand.

"C-Captain, that was the end of the message. I swear on my nest, that was all he said."

The Captain hesitated. They found Pan's location. If he left now, with the ship in tow, he could find Peter's hideout.


It's been generations...

"May I leave now?"

A smile grew on the Captain's face, reaching from ear to pierced ear.

"Of course, little bird. Say, you remind me of another little white bird that I once knew..."

"You did?" The bird immediately jumped into the air, blindsided by that statement.

"Yes," Captain Hook softly said, coming closer to the messenger bird.

"He was bigger...And had wider eyes... and a laugh that could birth a million fairies... And extremely naive."

"Sounds like a great fellow, if you ask me, but I must be going." The bird took off towards the window- unbeknownst to the hook hurled towards its jugular.

The bird crashed onto the windowsill, a hook piercing straight through its skull. With two strong hands, Hook pried the hook out of his next meal.

"He was only a naive child until he made a mockery of me. No one must know of our past, how we truly came to be... With this child removed, I'll be cleared. I'll have my honor back! I'll never roam these shores again!"

Finishing the bird in one gulp, he launched himself to the ship's wheel.

Alone sat a clock on a stool before the masterful Captain checked the proper time to set sail. He always made sure to leave early, as if he had an important party at Eton to attend. The clock struck 3 47 as he began pulling the anchor out of the cold Neverland waters.

"Second to the Right," he called, pointing his bow in the star's direction.


The Jolly Roger rose, as undead as its master, sailing towards the Garden.

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