Peter Pan Among the Shadows

Shadow Chaser

He missed the wind when it would carry him across the world. The clouds asked "Where's Peter?" as he briskly walked through the grime-covered alleyways. Grown-ups, awake only by insomnia, would see a scrawny figure dash past the streetlights and hide in the shadows, with a small light not too far behind. All Peter knew about his existence was to keep it hidden. After all, the Kensington Fairies told him so, and they were right about everything.

King's Cross and the loud trains disappeared into the sounds of the night as Peter snuck down Fuston Rd. He saw the star in front of him, Second to the Right, gleaming in the direction of Kensington Park Gardens. Maybe his shadow would be there

On the way, he saw an open window. Spring air drifted across the curtains. Peter climbed up a lamp-post to get a closer look at the nursery, where a child snuggled in their bed. The child, a girl, like the one he had seen before, scrunched her nose as a whimper left her mouth. A nightmare had invaded her dreams!

This will not do, thought Peter as he reached for the flute dangling off of a belt loop. Sticks of bamboo, laced together with vines of red, green and yellow, gave the flute an otherworldly look to it. The way Peter played it, however, made it a best friend, a lullaby, to chase the nightmares away. Tinker Bell glowed near the girl's face, replacing the extinguished nightlight her mother had lit when the night was still young.

Carried away by the song he played, he climbed further above the city, this time atop the roof of the girl's house to continue his song. Nightmares fled by the masses from London's children, the dark beings blackening the skies before the sun could begin to rise. He jumped across rooftops, sending the shadows fleeing in all directions. He stopped near Oxford castle, as the nightmares retreating all around him.

He loved his flute, and it's song, so much that he forgot he didn't have a shadow. When he jumped off the rooftop he didn't expect to hit solid ground again. His song ended abruptly, the shadows of nightmares laughing in the distance. Tinker Bell scared the rest of them by pulling the Leader's Hair.

"You mangy old codfishes," he grumbled as he slowly got back up, "I'll finish you all yet. Just you wait and see. I'll chase you out like I did so many times before."

He stood back up, rubbing his bruised shoulder vigorously.

"I've cut down every last one of you, so you better watch your backs if you show yourselves around here again."

Peter winced as his shoulder began to smart. Tinker Bell tried using Fairy Dust, but it just tumbled down his bare, discolored shoulder.

Peter stumbled down Oxford Street before the first rays of sun emerged across the horizon. The Garden stood in front of him, but Lock-Out time had finished. With the garden out of his options, he needed shelter, fast.

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