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Forgotten (KongpobArthit) - OneShot


Arthit wants Kongpob. He has forgotten his cheezy lines and mischievous attitude. He doesn't remember how his 0062 loves him. He has forgotten how 0062 calls him P'Arthit. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY VISUALS All Rights Reserved

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:


Arthit Rojnapat breathes another heavy sign. He stares at the clock in the room, watching as the time ticks by. He tugs on his black suit, untying his tie again and again. He does not feel comfortable in formal clothes. He does not feel comfortable attending such a formal reception.

But he has to. All that months of planning, this is the result. Arthit signs heavily once more. He regrets obeying his parents. He regrets letting his parents decide. Now, everything has to happen according to plan.

His wedding is starting in 30 minutes and he is not prepared.


Arthit mentally screams out. He misses his boyfriend. He misses Kongpob’s grin and bold attitude. He misses everything.

“Why aren’t you here with me?” Arthit chokes out, his eyes filling up with tears. He glances at the promise ring laying on the table next to their gear. The ring he received from Kongpob years ago before Kongpob left for China for his studies. Once the wedding is over, he would have to wear another ring for the rest of his life, a ring he does not want.

He remembers the moments when they lost contact. He remembers the moments when he cried in his sleep in a large empty bed. He remembers the empty room he returns to every day, filled with memories of his boyfriend smiling and calling his name.

“P’Arthit Krap.”

Arthit sinks onto the ground with an anguished sob. He will not hear that phrase anymore, he will not hear that endearing voice calling him phi anymore. Everything will be forgotten.

“Arthit?” The door opens and Knott walks in with a worried expression. He crouches down and pats Arthit’s back. “The ceremony is starting... Are you okay?”

“N-no...” Krist cries. ” I can’t do this. I can’t do this anymore...” His fingers run over his gear as he grips it tighter. “I miss him. I miss Kongpob!”

Knott grows silent as he feels the pain for Arthit. The door opens again and the rest of their gang emerges. Prem kneels in front of Arthit and signs with a smile. Tutah and Bright stand side-by-side without cracking a joke. The room dulls in sadness.

“Errr... Arthit. Look on the bright side...” Bright comments nervously. “You’re the first one among us to get married... Isn’t it exciting?” Tutah signs and elbows his best friend. “Ouch!!”

Arthit’s sobbing ceases and he wipes away his tears. “You’re right, Bright... I need to move on. No matter what happens, it is for the best.”

Everyone nods with a sad smile. They all know Arthit is not comfortable with change, especially with the absence of Kongpob. They all watched Arthit struggle without Kongpob and stayed with him when he could not sleep or eat.

“Arthit!!” A feminine voice enters the room. “Why didn’t you put on your tie? It’s your wedding! Let me help you.”

“No mae... I don’t want to wear that.” Arthit signs. Ties make him think of Kongpob, with his always neatly groomed attire and hair. The number of things Kongpob can do with ties during their private time always makes him blush for the entire day.

Used to...

A phrase that is now a past. Arthit knows he can no longer call him Kongpob... And Kongpob will never call him P’Arthit again. Hiding his pained expression from his mother, Arthit faces Knott, asking his best friend to adjust his suit and clear it out wrinkles.

“Alright then.” His mother replies. “The wedding is starting. Be ready in five minutes. You don’t want to keep everyone waiting, don’t you?”

“No...” Arthit responds weakly. He takes a deep breath and stands up. Tutah takes out his bag and pulls out Babybright’s 𝗪𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗺𝗲𝗹𝗼𝗻 𝗠𝗮𝘁𝘁𝗲 𝗕𝗕 𝗣𝗼𝘄𝗱𝗲𝗿 to cover and touch up Arthit’s tearstained face.

It is time. Time to forget everything. Time to move on. Time for a new chapter of his life.

No more OO62. No more Kongpob. No more SOTUS. No more Rangsit. No more pink milk. No more single life.




Within minutes, Arthit stands in front of the manmade altar for his wedding ceremony. As much as his parents created his dream wedding in an outdoor setting filled with greenery and nature, he does not feel happy at all.

He faces the audience and sees Namtam and Jay waving at him with big smiles on their faces. Their two-year-old son sits in between them, gaping at the fairy lights surrounding the venue. His parents sit just a couple of steps away from him, radiating happiness from within. Besides his parents are his four best friends that are with him through every step: Knott, Prem, Bright, and Tutah.

A couple of rows behind, he sees Wad seated with Aim and May, along with the couple’s energetic one-year-old daughter. Aim smiles awkwardly at him with a small wai gesture, followed by May and Wad. Prae, Maprang, Oak sit on the other end with Prae’s girlfriend between Prae and Wad. They all wai politely to him.

Arthit smiles back sadly. Kongpob is not here anymore. He no longer has a boyfriend to call when he’s lonely or sad. He remembers all the things they both accumulated with each other during their time in Rangsit, the memories kept away in boxes to not remind him of their past.

The wedding song his mother selected starts to play. Everyone stands to their feet. Arthit feels a lump in his throat that doesn’t go away. He watches the person walking towards him with a smile, a smile that twists a hinge in his heart.

Arthit tries to appear happy. He clenches his fists harder to avoid breaking down. Just as the marriage officiant starts to speak, Arthit hears a voice for the first time.


Arthit gasps in shock, turning to the person he is about to marry. The phrase he thought he will never hear again.

Kongpob stares at him worriedly, his hand reaches out to untangle the knotted fist. He raises his hand for the officiant to pause the speech. He then leans closer and hugs Arthit, feeling his silent sobs for the first time in months.

“I’m sorry P’Arthit. I left you alone and made you lonely.” Kongpob comforts lovingly. He knows the agony of Arthit when he receives a notice to work on a project in an outskirt town with limited connection. This happened just two weeks after he had proposed to Arthit. Arthit had to endure his loneliness and plan their wedding alone especially when he is not good with romantic and/or formal settings. He also knows how pushy his parents and Arthit’s parents are with weddings. He felt guilty letting Arthit go through all that alone.

“Idiot. You promise no more P’Arthit shit.” Arthit snarks in between sobs. The warm embrace of Kongpob still soothes him and casts away all loneliness and sadness.

“We’re not married yet. So it’s still P’Arthit.” Kongpob teases gently. He misses the snarky retorts from his dominant phi. “So are you ready to be mine forever?”


Arthit shouts loud with a red face, a face that no one has seen for a while. His red angry face dressed in their wedding suit just adds another unseen screenshot into Kongpob’s brain memory of Arthit.

The audience erupts with laughter, with Bright being the loudest. Prem laughs amusingly, throwing a smirk at Wad who blushes red. The rest of Kongpob’s gang exchange a knowing look with one another.

“Ahem. Shall we continue then?” The marriage officiant clears his throat for the atmosphere to be silent before resuming the ceremony. Arthit nods subtly as they both recite their vows for one another.

After a stiffly formal wedding ceremony, the couple finally wedded.

“Phew... I thought it was going to be chaos.” Wad wipes imaginary sweat from his forehead with his hand. Prem kisses his cheek endearingly. “You worry too much, love.”

Knott laughs amusingly. He is still in awe watching the two lovebirds entering their soon-to-be fifth anniversary as a couple. Prem and Wad had met again after graduating from Rangsit during a personal solo trip, sparks flew faster than a bullet train and they ended up sticking together 24/7; as if to make up for the times they charge against each other as rivals.

A phone rings abruptly as Knott smiles to answer the call. “Hey, baby... How’s the trip? Are you already at the airport?” Nor does everyone remember their shock when Knott and Tew announced their relationship after Knott returns to Bangkok, Tew will be joining the gang in a month after completing his last project in Chiang Mai.

Maprang and Oak are the couple that everyone saw coming. The accidental hangouts and casual dates they did during and after their internship. No one ever had doubts. Aim and May have a bet on the moment they decide to get married.

As for their idiotic duo, Bright had found a person that understands and accepts his traits wholely. A person named Win, who is just as weird and funny as he is. Tutah ended his one-night-stands and settled for a younger puppy named Pete, who is extremely devoted and dominant.

(A/N: No Cast for the unknown characters so just imagine your own!!!)

Arthit and Kongpob finally join both gangs as everyone chats and reminisces the times they had in Rangsit. As time passes and they all separated into different workplaces and lifestyles, it has been a while since they all got together as a group - with the exception of Tew being outstation.

The ceremony soon moves towards the dinner reception, the night ends in happiness, and lots of tipsy characters emerging. The most important couple is declared missing by midnight as the guests start to depart.


At the honeymoon suite:

“Wait... Kong!” Arthit pouts angrily as they both crash onto the bed, kissing passionately with their tongues exploring every nook and corner of their mouths.

“Oon...” Kongpob pants heavily with sexual desire as he ravishes his husband. The fair skin and heated cheeks of this amazing person still turn him on after years of love and sex. He is certain no one will ever make him feel the same way Arthit does.

Arthit dominates the session by pushing Kongpob down. Straddling on Kongpob’s hips, Arthit gives his husband a full-on makeout session while his hands travel lower to a particular region he wants to gain control of.

Mapping out the muscular arms and torso of Kongpob, Arthit’s internal desire drools over the tanned skin and manly parts, he kisses and licks every inch of skin whilst hearing the low grunts and moans of Kongpob.

Finally, his tongue reaches the main course it desires. Arthit licks a familiar warm liquid oozing out his favorite body part of Kongpob, hearing the sounds made from his favorite lips. Arthit slowly savors the taste and swelling, it has been a while.

Kongpob loves the bold actions of his husband. He fingers through his hair and touches his earlobe, rubbing the red areas. He immediately groans loudly as Arthit hits the sensitive spot to further provoke his build-up. He needs release.

“Oon... I’m close...I’m coming.” Arthit quickens his speed and prepares to swallow as a gush of warm milk releases into his awaiting mouth. He sits back up and wets his finger with his saliva. Coating his finger generously, he glides it into a tight hole and starts poking around.

Kongpob moans louder, loving the friction of Arthit’s finger rubbing against his prostate. His hips begin a rhythm, pushing towards Arthit’s eager finger. He wants more.

“Oon... quickly!! Put it in...” Kongpob whines, begging to be filled. Arthit grabs a condom on the bedside table and slips it over his erection. He spreads the anus wider and slowly inserts, pushing deeper.

The time stops. They both stop moving. Enjoying the fullness of their connection. Feeling love and affection. Arthit leans closer and plants a soft kiss on Kongpob’s lips. They exchange a smile. A smile of love.


(I’m kidding!)

Arthit breaks their endearment by thrusting deeper and faster. The room fills with grunts and moans of two passionate hearts entwine as one. Arthit reaches the deepest fantasies and feels his husband tremble in the climax.

Arthit pulls out and takes off the overflowing condom, knotting it and tossing it in the bin beside the table. He lays beside Kongpob and observes his heavy breathing and glistening sweat appearing all over his delicious body.

“You’re so beautiful and handsome,” Arthit whispers. “And you’re all mine. Only mine.”

“I’m yours... Forever.” Kongpob turns to his side to face Arthit with a smile. “Are you satisfied?”

Arthit nods before squealing in shock. Kongpob has turned the tables by climbing on top of him. His gently loving expression takes a dark twist into the same mischievous playful grin.

“Good. Now it’s my turn.” Konggpob grins wickedly as he presents a tie from under his pillow. “Let’s do something tonight. I want you to call me 0062, my beloved P’Arthit.”

Arthit immediately blushes red, flashback to many embarrassing memories of roleplay and sexual kinks. He doesn’t know where Kongpob gets his source of information or even ideas to do this.

He nods meekly as Kongpob lifts his hands and ties them with his tie. “Now, P’Arthit... Could you repeat what you said?”

“You are brave, Mr. Kongpob! Let’s see if you can do what you say...” Arthit recites before adding, “0062...”

Kongpob grins wider, stroking Arthit’s erection with precision. “Of course, P’Arthit... I’ve made you my wife, have I not?”

“0062!!!” Arthit shouts, suppressing his moans. This is the only roleplay he can do without swapping his authority into a submissive boyfriend, which is his husband now.

Kongpob holds down Arthit’s tied hands and puts one sealed condom in his mouth before ripping it off. “I’m done waiting, P’Arthit... I want you now.” He finally shoves his lubricated covered organ into his husband, moaning at the tightness and perfectly coiled sensation.

Watching the man of his dreams moving and panting below him, Kongpob radiates angel-like brightness and happiness. His life is complete.

He, 0062 - Kongpob Suthiluck; has finally made 0602 - Arthit Rojnapat his wife.

Just as he had declared during their first meeting in SOTUS.

The SOTUS that changes their life.



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