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After years of planning, the Dream Team is finally together living under the same roof. Now able to see each other in person you would think it would make things less complicated in terms of playing together and being apart of each others lives, right? That's what Dream believes as his life begins normally with two other men living along side him. But as days turn to weeks and weeks into months Dream can't help but notice subtle changes beginning to take place not just with his friends, but within himself as well. In one night everything becomes more complicated than the three could have ever imagined, not only having to face their buried internal demons, but the ones that live along side them as well. A/N: Unlike Virtual Sweaters this book with have a lot of smut, angst, fluff and other stuff. Yes, it will be descriptive if you came from CRACKSHOT you already know this. If you enjoy don't forget to leave a vote or a comment and if you really enjoy you should follow so you can see more from me. P.S. This book will update slowly compared to CRACKSHOT (faster than Virtual Sweaters though) because I am going to take my time with this book and actually go back and edit it. I will leave updates on my profile and such so please be patient with me. I promise it will be worth it. P.S.S DO NOT TELL THE DREAM TEAM ABOUT THIS OR I WILL LITERALLY DIE

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Sweet Beginnings

We could always just blame it on the alcohol...

Blame it on the heat of the moment...

Lustful youth maybe...

But we weren’t, we never did...

Those words never even crossed our minds...

A dim light peaks through the blinds from the street lamps outside. Quiet huffs in the darkness as heated skin moves against each other in a fury. Chapped lips pressed against milky skin as the cool air warms with the motion. A soft moan escapes his lips, breathy, lustful, and hungry. Is this how we wanted to be? Pressed up against each other in the middle of a warm Florida night in winter?


I don’t know...

I can’t think anymore. Those deep eyes catch mine and in a moment we hover, just barely tipping over the edge. Once could be blamed on a mistake, twice could be an experiment, but three? Were we really going to admit to what three might do to us, what three times implied. There is a flicker of doubt, fear, and something else and I know the same thing rests in my eyes as well. My hands are pressed against his warm belly, just under the helm of his grey shirt. It would be so easy to pull away, to forget what happened and just pretend that everything was normal.

If I could only just...

His hand reaches up, slim fingers dancing along the bottom of my jaw. His touch burns, even if his hands are cold, it still burns. He guides me along, I allow my self to be guided towards him, deeper into him and into this mess we have created. Our lips touch and its so soft and its so warm. And I know that it’s over.

There’s no turning back now...

3 months ago, Orlando Airport Baggage Claim-

It’s official.

Oh my god it’s official!

Dream thought as he bounced excitedly on his toes as he watched as both Sapnap and George leaned over the baggage claim grabbing at their bags and suitcases that they were able to bring with them on the plane. A wide smile crossed his face, the sun beaming through the clear glass turning dirty blonde waves of hair into gold. Sapnap was the first to notice the Floridan’s excitement as he finished collecting the rest of his stuff from the belt. He looked at Dream with a wide smile, one that Dream couldn’t quite match. He’s freshly shaven, his rounded features giving him an overall welcoming and friendly aura.

George soon follows close behind, groaning slightly as he drags a suitcase and two other large bags with him. He’s let his hair grow out over the past few weeks. His now dark hair pulled back by a medium sized clip. His smile is tight but warm as well. They all look at each other, letting the reality sink in.

Finally together.

The Dream Team was together at last.

After months of planning, rescheduling, waiting. After multiple late night calls, accidental purchases and silly laughter.

They were finally together.

They all looked at one another, grins growing wider and wider with each passing second. In unison they all came together in one big hug, laughing like school children on a playground. The warmth of the hug was intoxicating to a point where even despite the odd looks and stares that were tossed their way they couldn’t have cared less as they embraced each other together for the first time.

To them it was heaven and it felt like home.

George was the first to speak, breaking the happy and comfortable silence between them as they hugged in the semi crowded lobby. “As much as I enjoy hugging the two of you...I’m beginning to suffocate so can you please release me.”

Dream and Sapnap looked at each other, grins stretching across their faces as they released their tight embrace in a small fit of laughter.

“Way to ruin the moment George.” Dream said smile glowing against freckled cheeks.

George scoffed, but it was playful and light, “Yeah, sure...whatever. Let’s just get going, I’m starving.”

Sapnap grinned, “’I thought you said the first thing that you were going to do in America was sleep George. What changed?”

George rolled his eyes and punched his arm lightly, “Food is more important than sleep right now.”

Dream wheezed, “Never though I’d hear those words come from you Gogy.”

George snorted but smiled softly, “Maybe America does change people.” Dream grinned and reached over to ruffle his already messy hair. George hissed batting his hand away playfully, “Stop! Come on let’s just go already.”

Dream looked at Sapnap once again who nodded with a shared grin. Dream reached down grabbing a few bags from both George and Sapnap before heading out into the sunlit parking lot. The warm Floridan sun peered down at us from a mostly clear sky, only thin wisps of fluffy white clouds danced across the clear blue sky. The trio made their way out into the parking lot laughing and talking endlessly about all the things they planned on doing together as they imagined intertwined futures. Planes sailed over head, escaping to distant lands and giddy dreams and excited playful banter escaped from joy filled tones. Everything seemed to be painted in a golden hue as the brightness of the sun carried their individual lights and spread it among the world that surrounded us.

“How come your shoes are so plain, yet you car is so fucking nice?” Sapnap asked as he climbed into the backseat of Tesla that Dream was sporting.

Dream barked out a laugh as the car rumbled silently to life, “I thought that since we were all going to be living together from now on, you’d want at least one nice thing to show off on Twitter.”

George snorted in amusement, “That sounds like such an American thing to do.”

Dream smiled, a soft laugh escaping his lips, “Maybe it is, but now you’re one of us.”

George smiled wide and proud as looked over to Dream, “Guess so huh.”

The rest of the day passed quickly, the trio stopping to grab food from a local pizzeria before zipping down the highway towards their new home with windows down and music blaring as they sang (more like screamed) along to tunes. Pulled off the highway and onto a more rural and lonely street Dream grinned at the two passengers before pressing on the gas. George yelped in surprise and Sapnap nearly screamed as their backs were pressed into the seats as Dream speed down the lone stretch of road.

“DREAM!” George yelled as he braced his hand against the roof of the car and the other gripped the arm rest. His eyes were wide and and hair was being whipped wildly by the wind and Dream knew that it would be a hot mess once George got out of the car. George’s eyes were wide with a flurry of fear and excitement. Dream smiled and before he could laugh he heard Sapnap’s bubbly laughter erupt from the back of the car. The internal damn broke as Dream began to laugh freely as the wind swept through dirty blond curls and heated tanned skin. “YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY!” George screamed but Dream could hear the laugh in his voice and the stupid smile that was plastered on his face.

“YOU LOVE IT!” Sapnap yelled as he stuck his head out the window, “SO START TO LIVE A LITTLE!”

Dream glanced over at George and swore he could see George’s reservation loosen as his smile widened and the fearful look in his eyes dissipated as he followed Sapnap and stuck his head out the window. Both him and Sapnap began to cheer in a fit of hoops and hollers Dream following in suit as he continued to drive.

Eventually, he slowed down as the area became more familiar as a small paved road came into view a little ways down the road. George and Sapnap pulled themselves back into the car laughing with both their hairs a complete mess. Sapnap offered a fist bump which George bumped back. Dream turned down the road glancing over at George who was panting lightly, a satisficed look on his face. George’s gaze met Dream’s for a short moment and a slight smile slipped onto his face. He elbowed Dream softly, “Let’s not do that again. I don’t wanna be on the news under Florida Man Youtuber Dream caught speeding down road with a Brit and a Texan.”

Dream snorted and Sapnap let out a short laugh, “No promises.” Dream grinned as he slowed down even more as the house they were going to be staying in came into view.

The house was two stories and it was moderately sized. The paint was a soft cream color with a porch that stretched across the front of the house. The house was a mix between a cottage and modern aesthetic and the more rural location made if perfect for the streamers to be as loud and chaotic as they wanted.

“Wow. I was expected something a lot...smaller.” George said as the car came to a stop at the front of the house.

Dream snorted, “Why?”

George climbed out the car and shrugged, “I don’t know with how inexpensive your shoes are you’d think everything else would match.”

Dream scoffed but the smile on his face was light hearted and goofy, “Shut up, you are such an idiot.”

George laughed softly moving as he moved to the trunk to gather his things along with Sapnap. Dream followed playfully shoving Sapnap aside to grab some of his and George’s bags before carrying them over to the house. Dream could see the sun just beginning to sink below the line of trees, painting the sky in a soft shade of yellow and pink. George and Sapnap seemed to notice the setting of the sun as well. They all paused for a moment watching as the clouds fluttered outward across the mostly clear sky. A smile was shared on their faces as they looked at each other again, grinning as the moved into the house together.

Dream showed them to their rooms setting down their bags before showing them around the rest of the house. He laughed at home many times George had commented about how good the house had smelled. Dream blamed on the the Vanilla Brown Sugar Candles that his mother had gotten him when he had first moved into the place.

Eventually, the night came over, the moon shining brightly in the sky. The lights were turned off to preserve energy for the time being since the group knew that they would be using the electricity a lot once everything settled. Dream finished lighting the last of the candles before moving over to the couch where the other two were perched as they bickered over the selection of the movie that they were planning on watching.

“Do you two ever agree on anything?” Dream huffed with a slight smile as her plopped down on the couch in-between the feuding pair. George gave Sapnap a look of feigned annoyance and was met with Sapnap childishly sticking out his tongue.

“No, because Snapmap over there says he always has the best choice in movies and that is obviously not true.”

Sapnap snorted, “Yeah, like you’d be any better.”

Dream rolled his eyes before snatching the remote of Sapnap’s clutches. “George might be right Sappy, last time you picked a movie you choose and anime to watch.”

“It was one time Dream! And it was a classic!” Sapnap retorted with a huff.

“More like weird.” Dream grinned back opting to watch a horror comedy movie. Out the corner of his eye he could see George’s smug grin as he mimicked Sapnap’s tongue stick out. “At the same time though George you probably wanted to watch Harry Potter or something like that.” He got a slight scowl out of George.

The trio bantered back and forth for awhile before settling down to focus on the movie. The sweet scent of the candles filled the air, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere as a contempt quiet settled over them. Sapnap was the first to show signs of tire as he sifted his body closer to Dream’s resting his head on his shoulder. Dream smiled wrapping a careful arm around his friend grabbing a blanket that was settled on the top of the couch. He pulling it over both him and Sapnap before glancing at George and motioning for George to rest on Dream as well. The brit raised an eyebrow but was soon followed by a jaw stretching yawn. Silently, he shifted over resting his head on Dream’s opposite shoulder and allowing the blond to cover his with the blanket.

Dream could feel the soft heat beginning to radiate from the pair as the tire and jet lag began to catch to them. Dream continued to watch the move until he heard soft snores coming from Sapnap. He laughed softly to himself as he looked down to see George still barely awake. He eyes were half lidded and he looked drowsy, just on the cusp of falling asleep. George shifted slightly against Dream who sifted back more comfortably into the couch, knowing the motion wouldn’t wake the ravenette.

“He snores...” George said softly his voice laced with tire as he snuggled closer into Dream’s chest.

Dream chuckled softly, lowing his voice to just over a whisper, “Yeah but I think it’s kind of cute.”

George nodded slightly a soft ‘yeah’ escaping his lips. Dream could feel George’s breath slow as his entire body relaxed against Dream. Dream could feel his own self slipping as the heat being produced from his two friends began to make him drift off to sleep. Dream allowed himself to relax, the noise of the TV fading into the background as he focused on the soft snores and breaths of his friends.

Just as the clutches of sleep gripped him and he began to nod off Dream heard George’s soft voice cut through the haze and finished the lull of sleep as he fell with a slight smile.

“Goodnight Dream.”


Author’s Notes

Hey, hope you enjoyed and if you did please vote.

Please be patient with the story the smut will come in but there needs to build up since this is meant to be a more serious story. If there are any errors let me know and I’ll correct them but for now I hope you enjoyed!

Love you all!,


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