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Straying Further From God (MCYT SMUTSHOTS)


Craka Laka Bang Bang I gonna do this again. Wattpad took down the older sister CRACKSHOT so if you read that and now you are here...welcome back! Everyday I do stray further from God but it won't stop me from conquering the world., Nothing fazes me anymore and its time I show how weird this can get. PREPARE YOUR ANUUS! ITS ABOUT TO GET FUNKY!!!! Wattpad can't silence me, they only fuel me to make more. I will do any smutshot request except anything with Schllat since he had stated he is uncomfortable. (not me not being able to spell the mans name) DO NOT REQUEST MINORS! I WILL NOT DO IT!! ITS NASTY!!!

Erotica / Other
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Lets start simple.

A little bit of DNF for the soul.

My comments will be the same don’t worry.

This should concern you

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Warning: This fic contains Bottom Dream (you should have seen it coming) so if you don’t like then leave.

Dream had always been good had hiding things despite being such an open and loveable guy, especially if it can to his job. Whether he was sick, hurting, or just emotionally unavailable at the time Dream always made sure to never show it to his millions of fans.

Dream never streamed that often, in fact, most of his streams came out of nowhere and mostly when he felt like it. This was one of those times; however, it wasn’t on his own accord. I watched Dream with an arched eyebrow and a slight smirk as Dream shifted in his chair with a light blush on his face. His hands were slightly shaky as the danced along the keyboard. His green eyes shifted over to look at me before glancing back at the screen.

I smiled, playing with the small controller that was in my hand the settings placed at a light 2 out of 10. I shifted the settings up to a five watching Dream bite down on his lip while his back arched slightly before he gained his composure.

The chat suspected nothing.

Obviously he wasn’t making enough noise. (Dream -my love- you are very screwed.)

A small ding came from Dream’s computer as a donation came in.

How’s everything going with living with George? Anyways I love you and say hello to George for me as well.

“Hello Mia and I love you to. Everything had been going great with George. It’s been amazing actually.” he responded his voice slightly strained be steady.

I grinned. I would hope it was amazing with as many times had he’s screamed by name upon me pounding into him. (Lord have Murthy 🐒)

There was another ding from a donation as I shifted the level up to 7.

“Aw, thank you so- AH!~” His entire body shivered as his back arched completely off the seat. His dirty blonde hair fell into his face and over his cloudy green eyes. Sweat was just beginning to bead along his forehead and neck, which was still marked up with bright purple marks. Dream’s tongue lolled out slightly before he was able to somewhat compose himself enough to speak. “S-Shit sorry, I spilled water on myself. It surprised me.”

The chat calmed down slightly but they were now suspicious. Good.

I bit my lip as I continued to toggled the controls going no higher then seven over the next two hours of the stream. Dream’s shaking had only gotten worse and his ability to control his words and his moans had depleted severely. He continued to glance at me with pleading eyes and quiet, desperate whines of course only reserved for my ears. I only smiled at him. He knew the terms and conditions of our agreement, he knew I wasn’t going to let up and I knew he wouldn’t willingly give up either. (How’s that second hand embarrassment working for you?)

Dream, are you okay? Your movement is weird and you keep making strange noises. Maybe you should rest a bit?

The donation chimed.

Dream shook his head. “No. I’m f-fine.”

I raised my eyebrow at him and he caught the look and immediate regret flashed past his face. My thumb flicked up on the switch pushing the settings to 10 on the 8 inch dildo that was pushed inside of him. Dream’s eyes widened as he moaned out loudly. His hands moved away from the keyboard as the gripped the arms of the chair as Dream unfolded before my very eyes.


I smiled getting up from my position on the bed and promptly turning the stream off, leaving everyone with Dream’s pleas in their minds. (I’m giving myself second hand embarrassment and I’m writing this FML) I turned to look down at Dream who was a moaning, sobbing mess in his chair as the vibrator continued to pleasure him. He could no longer speak as drool slipped down the sides of his mouth and tears welled up in his eyes, falling down his cheeks.

A shrill cry released from his mouth as the front of his sweats became soaked with his own cum. I let the vibrator continued to stimulate him for a bit before his whimpers became pain bearing. I turned it off, tilting his tired expression towards mine.

“Now are we going to keep hiding how we really feel from now on?” I asked him.

He shook his head, his eyes now drowsy. I smiled.

“Good. Get yourself together and when you’re ready come see me.”


Not my best but hey it could be worse.

I just wanted to post something so yeah here it is.

Part 2 soon.



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