Hot sunlight was burning the Lucknow people. A man who had a dashing look, well-gelled hair, wearing Ray-ban coolers was sitting in the car. His focus was on a particular direction. His eyes remind us of fire. Yes, he was spitting fire through his eyes. A man and a girl are standing at the bus stop. His eyes were on them… no-no… only on the girl. It seems, he doesn’t like them talking to each other. Don’t know why he is looking at her as if he would swallow her anytime. Who is he? Who is the girl? And…who is the man with her? What’s the connection between the three? Read FANATIC…

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Arnav’s Condition

Chapter 1 Arnav’s Condition

Psychiatric Hospital

Anjali was sobbing, standing in front of the doctor. Shyam was consoling her.

*Be strong Mrs Jha… You have to adopt Arnav’s real condition. You should be happy as he is much better now…* the doctor said.

*Is there any chance for him to recover completely?* Anjali asked the doctor.

*I can’t answer the question. It depends upon ONLY Arnav. He will recover only if HE wants to recover…*

*Can’t we do anything to get him to recover completely, Doctor?* Shyam asked.

*Could you bring the girl, in front of him again?*

Shyam was tongue-tied. The doctor knew that Shyam’s answer would be NO.

*We can easily recover him if she is here… but now… we can do nothing. Don’t talk anything about the girl in front of him. Dispose of all her things from his sight. And also the things which remind him about her*

*Ok Doctor…* Shyam said.

*Try to be normal with him. He should not feel that he has a problem within*

Shyam nodded ok.

*Don’t forget about the compensation you had been paying to the hospital.*

Anjali sighed painfully. She understood what the doctor was talking about. Arnav had broken many chairs, tables, and also beds in anger. He was uncontrollable sometimes.

*Take him somewhere…*

Cutting the doctor,

*Shall we take him outing?* Shyam asked.

*Why not? Sure… he needs change. But, take care of him…without his knowledge… he should not know that he has been watching*

*Ok doctor*

*You can call me anytime…* the doctor said.

*Thank you doctor* Anjali thanked him joining her hands.

Shyam and Anjali went to the room where Arnav was getting treatment staying in.

*Rani Sahiba, wipe your face… you look distraught* he said standing near a room.

Anjali wiped her face off with a kerchief and smiled. They entered the nearby room. They saw Arnav lying on the bed, closing his eyes. Anjali sat beside him and caressed his hair. Arnav opened his eyes. He sat on the bed looking at Anjali. Shyam stood near the door, looking at them.

*Di, will you take me home or not?* He asked.

*We are here to take you home only Chotte*

*Let’s go…* He got down from the bed.

*Change your dress…* Anjali gave him a cover.

Taking it from her hand, he went to the washroom. He came out within a few minutes.

*Let’s go…* he hurried.

Anjali nodded ok. Arnav saw Shyam standing at the doorstep. Arnav’s face changed instantly.

*I’m sorry Jeejaji…* He said in a feeble tone.

These were the words Arnav was repeating again and again whenever he meets Shyam.

*Why? What happened? Why are you asking sorry?* Shyam tried to mend things even though he knew why he said so.

*Because of me, she died…I’m sorry…*

*Don’t you want to go home? If you repeat the stance, the doctor won’t let you go home* Shyam said.

*Who is he to stop me? It’s enough…* he shouted.

*Shhh…Chotte, calm down…* Anjali said, clutching his hand.

Shrugging her hand off, Arnav left the hospital room hurriedly. Shyam and Anjali followed him. Shyam called Mohan and asked him to bring the car. Mohan brought it in front of the entrance. Arnav went to Mohan and opened this side door.

*Get down…* he said looking at Mohan sternly.

Mohan gulped looking at Shyam.

*I said get out…* Arnav yelled.

Mohan got down hurriedly. Arnav sat in the driver seat and looked at Anjali. Anjali sat beside him and Shyam sat in the back seat. Shyam gestured Mohan to come to RM by auto. Arnav started the car after securing himself with the seatbelt.

Shyam sighed in relief as he drove the car just like he used to drive two years ago. Anjali leaned on the seat said nothing.

Arnav rode the car towards Raizada Mansion, making them awestruck. They couldn’t understand what state Arnav is in because he does everything normally. Arnav stopped the car in the parking lot of RM exactly.

They got down from the car. Arnav went in straight.

*He had not forgotten anything…* Shyam said.

*Yes…* Anjali agreed to it.

Arnav saw Nani and Manorama sitting in the living room. They stood, seeing him coming towards them. Arnav touched Nani’s feet. Anjali and Shyam spared a glance. Nani touched his head emotionally. Manorama hugged Arnav and about to cry, Anjali gestured her not to. Manorama composed herself.

*How are you Arnav bituwa?*

*I’m fine… hope you guys are fine*

Manorama nodded yes.

*Hariprakash….* Arnav called him.

HP ran out of the kitchen and stood before Arnav.

*Jee Arnav Baba*

*Get me coffee*

*Jee…* he again ran to the kitchen.

Arnav headed to his room. All the four were looking at him without blinking.

*What did the doctor say?* Nani asked.

*He said Chotte is fine but he asked us to be careful. We should not remind him anything…*

*Why would we? I will warn Akash, Payal, and NK also.* Manorama said.

Hari Prakash went to Arnav’s room with a coffee cup.

Arnav was sitting on the bed, looking down, enwinding his fingers.

*Arnav baba…coffee* he extended it to him.

*Keep it* HP sensed his voice was not normal.

Keeping the cup on the tea table, HP left the room. Arnav stood from the bed and went to the poolside. Though the doctor told them to remove all the things which remind him about her Arnav couldn’t remove the memories which he was having in his heart. How could he be free when he was the reason for someone’s death? Though it didn’t happen intentionally it happened. Though he was not the direct reason for it he was the reason. A girl left her life…in front of his eyes… he could do nothing.

He couldn’t come out of it even after getting two years of TREATMENT. He was in RM after completing his treatment for two years…it was an A-class treatment… world-class treatment…yet, the doctor couldn’t give them a strong assurance about his mental condition. Of course, he was not wrong because he had witnessed him losing his control often. He just couldn’t forget the incident.


*Really the doctor said that we can take him outing?* Nani asked Anjali.

*Yes, Nani… he said it will be a change for his mind…*

*But he asked to take care of him* Shyam said.

*Then we can complete the wish in the Darga now* Nani said.

Anjali looked at Shyam.

*I think he will be recovered soon if we do that* Nani said.

*But Lucknow is so far…* Anjali hesitated.

Cutting her,

*No problem… if Nani has faith in that, we will fulfil it. Sale Sahib also will feel relaxing…didn’t the doctor say…?* Shyam asked.

*Damadji is right. Arnav bituwa needs a change… poor guy he had been in the hospital for the last two years…* Manorama said sadly.

*Then shall we start preparations?* Anjali asked.

*Wait… we should ask for Sale Sahib’s opinion just like before. He may think differently if we decided without discussing it with him* Shyam said.

Anjali nodded ok.

*Let him be relaxed… I will talk to him tomorrow morning* Shyam said.

All of them agreed to it.

Though Shyam wanted to ask for Arnav’s opinion he believed that Arnav will definitely agree to it.

To be continued…

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