Painted Desires


"The feeling of lust is beautiful, it is just that people don't appreciate it openly. But, if you get consumed by it, you can actually feel the intense pleasure crawling under your skin, a sense of pleasure, love can never give you. It makes you stronger because you can own it and rule the other with your dominance. The feeling of lust is as beautiful as you Y/N." He said trailing his hands down her divine curves as his nose traced the length of her neck, smelling her intoxicating scent.

Romance / Erotica
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I do not own any characters in this story. It is a pure fiction from author's imagination. Hence I request the readers not to think about the idols in an inappropriate way in reference to the fiction. I don't mean to make fun or sexualize the idols. Everything in the fiction is only made for the entertainment purpose for the readers.

The story contains mature themes so if the readers are uncomfortable with the content, please don't read it. Disrespectful comments will not be tolerated, so please do stay in limits.

Posting this story on any other website without the permission of the author or claiming the story will be considered as a crime. So no plagiarism.

Also English is not my first language, so if u find any grammatical errors or anything that needs corrections, please do let me know.

Now that I have made things clear pls continue with the story and enjoy

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Love you ❤.

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