Will You Accompany Me?


Edythe Blackwell was just a girl with nothing left to claim but herself and the car she drove. Placed in foster care she had no one to rely on. But it wasn’t until the name of Bobby Singer came into her life. He was best friends with her dad Joe. It broke his heart to see that she no parents but he was determined to give her the best life possible! What else holds in store for Edythe? Will someone with the name Winchester come in and be the light to her world? Read to find out more! — travelinb3

Edythe Winchester
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--Edythe Blackwell--

Age: 24

Born: Ketchikan, Alaska

Parents: Joe and Melissa Blackwell (Stepdad: Bobby Singer)

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blue Dreads

Personality: Shy, artistic, bookworm, music lover, and has a fear of birds

She also snowboards

--Bobby Singer--

Favorite Word: Idjit

Children: Edythe Blackwell (Singer. Adopted)

Owns an Auto Junkyard

Veteran Hunter

Loves a good homecooked meal

--Dean Winchester--

Loves all pie

Baby is his everything (his car)

Favorite Motel T.V Show: Casa Erotica

He loves his Busty Beauty Asians mag

Cannot live without Classic Rock

--Sam Winchester--

The loveable nerd

protective of his laptop

wishes he was always in charge of the music

the saddest day was when he lost his shoe


Kind of has a thing for Dean

A walking book of life

Your own google maps

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