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Will You Accompany Me?

Chapter 1- The Not So Apple Pie Life

Edythe POV:

I was only 6 months old when My mom died. It was 1979 what a cold winter it was in Alaska. I don't remember how she died I was just was a baby. Shortly after that, it was just My dad and me. I was only two when a car hit us. I was alive but he wasn't. I was placed into Foster Care for a month until the man of Bobby Singer came to take me in. I was always in my room when people came over. But then I got introduce to Garth. We became best friends and still are. He is like the twin I never had. I never came down to say hi. I was always quick. I liked being not noticed. Elementary school went by quickly, but Bobby cried when I was off on my first day of kindergarten. He held my hand as we went into the classroom. I hugged him and said. "I love you daddy. Have a great day fixing cars." He walked out talked with the teacher. "She is all I got, and with her being adopted I don't want her to get picked on. Or having a hard time making friends." Ms. Fran said. "Look, she and Shannon are hitting it off braiding each other's hair, and trading pudding cups." Bobby smiled with joy. And that's also how I met Shannon. He would always say this when dropping me off at school. "Love ya kiddo, be safe." It wasn't until middle school that I had my first kiss by Jimmy Smith. He had braces and it was gross because it was right after lunch. I never had any friends besides the art teacher. Mr. Jackson was someone I could count on. Oh and Shannon as well. High school was a mess. In 9th grade, I gave Gabe Harrison a black eye and a bloody nose for making fun of where I lived. He said like "She's junk because she lives in a junkyard." Bobby found out and was upset but proud at the same time. Went to Prom with Kole Braxton that was a no-brainer. The dude was dumber than me and the lead football player. He got dared to go out with me. Bobby found out chewed his ass out. Around 10th grade, I asked Bobby about my mom. He told me what happened. So he trained me to defeat everything under the sun that was supernatural. But yeah that's the past and this is the now. Just 24 living with Bobby still and going to community college.

I was in the kitchen with my books spread out as I was eating a cold slice of pizza. Footsteps came in the doorway and into the living room. It must be Rufus. I was finishing up a paper when I saw two men looking at me. "Is Bobby here?" "No at the moment, he went to get some oil and a new drill. He'll be back in a few." "And you are?" "Edythe got you your favorite." "Thanks, dad." I saw the bag of kettle corn and my eyes were wide. "What the hell are you doing here boys?" "Thought we would stop by to say hello and to also get the Impala fixed, along with some other things. Bobby since when you had a daughter?" "He took me outta Foster Care. He is all I have left of family. Now if you excuse me I have a paper to finish." I took my laptop and books upstairs to finish. I closed the door and was shocked. Dean was older now. I saw him once but that was it. He was 17 and shirtless. I was grabbing Pepsi when I saw him work on the car. I ran one out to him without him seeing. But since I am older something feels different like maybe my crush for him was way better than Orlando Bloom as Legolas or even Jordan Catalano portrayed by Jared Leto. Don't even get me started on Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, or even Dave Grohl. I mean Anthony Kedis tho, I am in heaven. Oh moving on. I finished my paper and got downstairs to start making dinner. I was in the middle of putting a pie in the oven. An apple pie. One of Bobby's favorites. It was mash potatoes with green beans and pork chops. "BOYS! DINNER, GET IT BEFORE I EAT THE WHOLE THING AND THE PIE!" Dean was outside and looked at me. "Pie?!" He ran in there grabbing a plate. It had looked like he won a million dollars. Dean, Sam, and Bobby along with me sat around the table eating dinner. "Edythe this better than some diner food we have had in the past weeks." "Thanks, Sam." "Pie come to daddy!" I chuckled a bit. Just chatting and eating pie was nice. It had felt as if I knew them my whole life. "In 9th grade, I punched this dude named Gabe Harrison. Gave him a black eye and a bloody nose. It was right after home ec. He said that I was junk all because of where I live. Everyone was amused at me. After that, it was bye-bye Gabe." "Don't get me started on that asshole Kole. I had to chew his ass out being an idjit." "He got dared to go with me to prom all because I'm the junkyard girl. But that's in the past." Dean was laughing. "Really? You?" "Yeah. I managed to get over it quickly and besides I don't give two fucks anymore. Anywho I am off to bed, got an 8 am class to head off to tomorrow. Goodnight." they all said goodnight. I went upstairs and got ready. Just some shorts and a tee. I crawled into bed with my sketchbook and started drawing. Every since I became a hunter, I would draw everything I've seen so far. I got halfway done drawing a basement dweller. I woke up and it was already 7 am. SHIT! I got dressed, grabbed my bookbag. I ran downstairs to see Dean outside working on his car. I ran out the door threw my stuff in the car and then Dean stopped me. "Why the rush?" "It takes 30 minutes to get to class and besides, I am in no rush to make coffee. I am usually up at 5 am, running, showering, making coffee, food, dressed, and then off to class. But I have to go I will see you later." "Bye! Have a good day!" I smiled and drove off. I got to class with coffee by 7:40 am. I made it into class on time. It was a two-hour lecture. I got done around 10 am and made it towards my second class art. Art was for about an hour. But it was already lunch. I grabbed some sandwich and crammed it in my mouth as I headed towards work. I got into the backdoor of HML Record Store. Clocked in and sat at my post. "So Edythe, you gonna take me up on that date offer?" "Jason, I am still thinking about it. And besides, you heard about my dad and boys around me." "But yeah, come on just one date please?" "Sorry, but no. Hey, I heard Anya is free on Friday. Plus she likes you. It's why she is always in here dude." I heard the door open as I was in the back grabbing some more cleaner. I saw Dean looking for some cassette tapes. "Anya? Really. Come on your way hotter than her. Just one date." "Okay, then it's settle." "Tomorrow, 7 pm at Galaxy Laser Tag." I was cleaning some records when Dean saw me. He smiled at me as he browsed through stuff. "Luke you owe me 20 bucks!" "NO REALLY?!?" "Yes really." "Wait..... so the both of you bet on me?" Luke smirked. "Yeah, I said if he could not ask you out on a date Jason owes me 20 bucks but if he really did then I owe him." "Well, you lost loser." As I make an L on my forehead. "Need any help, Dean?" "Yeah, what would sound best in the Ipala?" "Personally I would go for the Led Zepplin and Deaf Leppard. Along with the Mixtape that has Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat, Seether, and Korn. It's a great one, Here take it. You might like it." "Thanks!" It was already 4 pm and I checked Dean out and clocked out. I headed home. It was only 5 pm when I pulled in. "Let me help you with that." "Thanks, Sam. It's been a busy day!" "Yeah?" "A two-hour lecture class and then work afterward's. At least I can get some food going for you guys which will be good!" "Lecture classes can be dreadful. I once had one that was 3-hours long." "That's what you get law boy!" He chuckled a bit. We got inside and I started dinner. Homemade mac and cheese was Bobby's favorite dinner. "Don't forget that Ellen and Jo are coming over as well." "Thanks for letting me know. I've only met Jo once and it was at work. She was kind of a bit bossy towards me, I almost kicked her out." "Really?" "Yeah, she had come in with some CD's to be cleaned, and our policy is you leave we take them and sell them if you're not back to claim them. So an hour passed by and she did not claim them so I sold them for a dollar to someone else. She came back with like oh where did they go and shit. I straight told her you leave them we sell 'em'. Boy, she was pissed ask for the manager, and I tell her that he is away on vacation and I am in charge. So I made a deal that I would pay for any 1 CD she can have. so yeah. it was stupid and it happened two weeks ago. I really don't give two shit anymore." "That's my girl! But if Ellen finds out then oh boy." I went back into the kitchen to finish with the Marionberry pie which is Bobby's favorite pie of all time. I got the pie in under the mac and cheese in the oven. I got the green beans done with the rolls already heated beforehand. I could hear Ellen and Jo coming in. "Smells good Bobby, you actually learned how to cook something besides a sandwich and the occasional steak and potatoes." "Oh really?" "Yeah and for once it's not me also bringing you something from The Roadhouse. We're gonna head in." Bobby nodded. I pulled the pie from outta the oven, right as I saw Jo and Ellen in the livingroom. Then Bobby came in with a smile on his face. "I could smell that from outside." "Decided to make your favorite dad." Then Ellen turned around. "Dad? Bobby is there something that I don't know about?" "Look, Ellen..." "Really? It would have been nice for Jo to have someone to hang with. I cannot believe you." "Goddammit, Ellen I had no choice, I had to take her in, I am the only thing she has to family." "Bobby you still should have told me. It would have been nice for her to have a woman figure in her life someone to look up to." "I don't need anyone to look up but Bobby and sometimes Rufus. I never need a woman to look up to. Bobby has done the best job to look after me since I was 2. And besides, I don't need a woman figure in my life. I'd rather we just be acquaintances and maybe friends. Sorry but it's how I feel Ellen no offense." WOW. I just said a ton there. "Well then okay we can be friends that will be fine." I set the table ready and got everyone to dinner. "This looks wonderful. You might have to show me sometime." " Okay sounds good." Everyone retreated towards the living room but Bobby. "Here your fav with some ice cream." "Thanks I really need this after a long day of Dean up my ass for being an idjit." I walked upstairs and into my room, I sat down and ate my pie while finishing some final project before graduation. I saw Dean look at me while I was taking a huge bite of pie. "Hey." "Hemmmy." I swallowed. "Hey." "Wait hold on..." "Where did you get that?" "Downstairs in the kitchen." He booked his ass into the kitchen nearly falling. Bobby started laughing. He grabbed a sliced and headed back upstairs to me. I peaked from the stairs to see Jo giving me the death glare like Dean is her's so I better back off. Well, who gives a fuck because I don't. "This is amazing. What king of pie is it?" "Its Bobby's favorite Marionberry." "Man, I may have found me the perfect pie women."
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