Dark Side

chapter 2

Eliza woke up in fear, she saw Noah standing above her with his hand over her mouth. He stood with his cloak over his head and a finger over his mouth urging her to be quiet. He turned his head toward Daphne who slept across the room in her bed. Eliza nodded, she won't make any noise. Noah slowly removed his hand away from her mouth and the second he did Eliza screamed as loud as she could.

Noah slammed his hand back over her mouth, his face formed into an angry expression like he could kill her right there.

"Bad girl," he said, his voice low and quiet.

"Eliza!" Daphne yelled as she sat up in her bed and saw what was going on.

Before Eliza could do anything she felt her body disapparate into thin air. The next thing she knew she was on all fours, facing dirty concrete floor. She looked up and saw she was in a large cell.

"You have made this a whole lot harder for yourself. You will regret doing that" she heard Noah's voice from behind her. Then a large ringed hand grabbed the back of her neck, pulling her to her knees as he leant her head back.

"You and I are going to have a great bit of fun" he chuckled deeply in her ear. She felt his warm breath on the skin of her neck, sending shivers down her spine. He pulled her back by her neck and slammed her body into a chair. He held her in place by holding her neck as he stood behind her. Eliza's chest breathed up and down, repeatedly in fear.

"Bet you're wondering why I have you here" Noah spoke into her ear, his voice quiet but deep and at the same time. His voice echoing in her ears. "After I saw those photos of you, I just couldn't stop thinking about you. How badly I wanted to rip your clothes from your body and fuck you until you screamed my name for more" Noah said as he slowly walked around the chair so he was facing Eliza, her grip on the armrests tightening as her lips parted in shock.

He now stood in front of her, his tongue licking his lips as he looked down her body, she was wearing her pyjamas still, a short white nightgown. His hand began trailing up her thigh, her grip tightening even more as she felt his cold rings on her warm skin.

"Eliza, I know my evilness turns you on," he said, his hand moving further up her thigh "I know you want the same thing I want. I know you want me to fuck you. I know you wand a taste of the dark side"

He wasn't wrong. She did. But she couldn't. She is with Draco. But she can't help the thoughts in her head or the wetness coming from in-between her legs. She knows it's wrong. But she wants it so bad.

"You're wrong," Eliza said, her voice quiet.

"Is that so?" Noah said as he raises a brow.


She feels fingers on her pussy, lightly stocking over the lace on her underwear. "You sure?" he questions her, Eliza's body tenses up, trying her best not to release a moan from her lips. His hands slid under her underwear and began rubbing her clit.

"Tell me to stop, then" he smirked down at her. Eliza's eyes closed. She didn't want him to stop. It felt so good. He rubbed her clit, in slow circular movements. Eliza breathed out a moan, her nails digging into the wooden armrests. She began thinking about Draco. What would he think? She can't!

"S-stop," Eliza said and she felt his fingers leave her clit. Her breathing was heavy.

"I may be evil but I'm not a rapist, Eliza. But I know deep down, in this innocent head of yours" he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear "I know you want me"

He pushed himself back off the chair and tied her hands to the chair with ropes. "And you're staying here until you can admit it," he said and then walked out of the cell, the cell door slamming behind him with a loud creak and slam.
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