Dark Side

chapter 4

Noah walked into the cell again. He had a long cloak on and black leather gloves on his hands, blood on his neck and face. He slowly approached her and Eliza could help but look at the blood on his face. How badly it intrigued her. But she also couldn't help but think if the blood was someone she knew.

"I'm back" he grinned. "Ready for your gift?"

"What is it?" Eliza asked curiously.

"You have to come with me" Noah replied as he started to unravel the ropes on her wrists. Once her wrists were free, he stood her to her feet, he toward over her as they faced each other but with a fast rough movement, he turned Eliza around, a gasp escaping her lips, as he held both her hands behind her back with one of his hands. His other hand moved her hair from her neck, she could feel his warm breath on her bare soft skin.

"Don't try anything stupid" he whispered and then placed soft wet kisses on her neck, Eliza couldn't help but lean her head back, her eyes closed and her lips parting in pleasure. She hated how her body melted at his touch, so easily. After he placed a few kisses on her skin, Eliza heard him snicker and then began tying the rope around her wrists again.

He gripped her arm and pushed her slightly so she would walk forward. Noah guiding her out of the cell into a corridor filled with more empty cells as she felt the cold breeze on her skin. She only had a thin white nightgown on, no bra and only underwear on. Noah guided her to walk up a set of stairs leading to a large door at the top. Noah opened the door and they walked out into a large home, all-black interior. Another set of stairs, these stairs grander. Was she in his home? She walked passed a black table with white roses on. Noah walked her up the stairs which curled round. This house looked massive. Noah continued walking her down a long corridor with large black doors on either side. His house was beautifully decorated with a modern black interior. Eliza looked over her shoulder up at Noah, who noticed at the corner of his eyes and smirked down at her. She looked away immediately.

Noah stopped in his tracks and opened one of the large black doors. It was a bedroom. Which had the same black interior. A large bed in the middle of the room with black silk sheets. A few lamps turned on allowing a small amount of light in the room. Eliza noticed chains tied to the bed frame and handcuffs on one of the bedside tables. The room only had a few simple furniture pieces in, the room didn't seem like a master bedroom, no. It seemed like a guest bedroom perhaps.

"Thought you'd be more comfortable in here" Eliza jumped to the side slightly as Noah spoke to her. He walked forward, pushing Eliza as he did so. Eliza walked towards the bed and Noah began loosening the ropes around her wrists, then used one of his hands to push her onto the bed.

"Sit back" Noah tilted his head to the side as he walked around the bed. Eliza did as he demanded and sat back on the bed, then suddenly one of her wrists was grabbed and pulled back. She looked to the side and saw Noah putting her hand in a handcuff which was attached to a chain, that was attached to the bed frame. He did the same to the other one without saying a word.

"What's this for?" Eliza asked worriedly.

"A simple precaution" he grinned as he walked to stand in front of the bed, he leant forward placing both hands at the end of the mattress. Eliza moved her legs away from his hands. Noah noticed and his smirk grew. And then quickly grabbed her ankles, pulling them towards him. He attached them to more handcuffs that were attached to the poles at the end of the bed.

"I think the cell was more comfortable," Eliza said and a chuckle escaped Noah.

"Maybe," Noah said as he trailed a finger in circles on her leg "these chains can be put to good use or they can be used for a bad purpose. Which is completely up to you"

Eliza was speechless. She didn't know what to say or what to think. She tried desperately not to think about Noah using these chains to fuck her. She couldn't and she wouldn't.
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