Dark Side

chapter 5

Eliza stayed silent as she laid on the bed. Her hands and ankles attached to chains. Noah stood at the end of the bed with a smirk on his face, he couldn't help but look at Eliza's body. Her short nightgown covering just about everything. Eliza shifted her body slightly as she watched Noah's eyes look at her body.

"Who's blood is that," Eliza asked, curiously.

"Some prick" Noah replied.

"Is that the business you had to take care of?" she asked again.

"It is" he replied.

"Was it-"

"No one you would know. Don't worry" he replied not wanting her to say Draco's name.

Eliza felt better, now she knew it wasn't anyone she knew. He could have lied but she had a feeling he was telling the truth.

"It's hot in here," Noah said as he took off his cloak. Eliza's eyes instinctively darted up towards Noah. He noticed her and he only continued to get unchanged. He took off his blazer, hid his tie and finally he began unbuttoning his shirt. Eliza looked away, she couldn't look, as much as she wanted to. She couldn't.

"Look" he demanded. Eliza's eyes moved back towards Noah, his smirk growing.

His shirt was almost unbuttoned and Eliza could see the top of his defined muscular body. His abs clearer than a day, his tan making them more defined. He took his shirt off and threw it to the floor, to reveal his large strong arms. His body was more muscular than draco's, much wider and taller. Noah had scars on his chest, which for some reason made Eliza turned on, more than she already was. His trouser was low enough you could see his defined V-line. Eliza was trying her hardest not to think about anything. She wanted to tear her eyes away, but she couldn't.

Noah leant forward on the bed, looking at Eliza. "Tell me to stop" his lip curled into a smirk "only if you want though"

Noah began kissing her shin, placing warm kisses on her skin. He began kissing further up her leg, placing kisses along her leg, on her knee to her inner thigh. Eliza gripped the chain that had her wrist held. Her body tense as soft, quiet moans escaped her mouth. The chains already had her legs spread slightly but she instinctively spread her legs further apart. She didn't tell him to stop, she wanted him too but the desires she had overcome her. Her body speaking for itself. She couldn't help but wonder, if Noah kissing her thigh felt this good then what would his dick inside her feel like.

Noah had kissed her up to her leg, to her pussy, he had pushed her dress up on to her stomach, revealing her white lacey underwear. He began pulling at the sides as he looked up at Eliza, waiting for her to say something, but she didn't, so he continued to pull them down. Noah couldn't pull them off her legs, because of the chains, so he ripped her underwear in two. He looked down at her pussy and then spread her legs further apart, a gasp escaping Eliza's lips.

He placed kisses on the edge of her pussy, teasing her slightly. Eliza could feel his hot breath on her clit as he switched sides. Her grip on the chains only tightened. She couldn't grip anything else. She wanted to push his head down, she couldn't do that either. She was trapped.

But then, suddenly she felt his lips on her clit. He placed warm soft kisses on her. And she could feel his tongue entering her. Licking all her juices. Her head fell to the side in pleaser, she tried so hard not to let a moan rip from her. But Merlin did this feel amazing. He began kissing her harder as her hips began to move, her whole body felt like it was about to explode with pleasure. Her body was tense, begging her to relax, but she knew if she did she would be allowed Noah the satisfaction of it. But she wasn't sure how much longer she could take.

Eliza felt a heartbeat inside her pussy making the feeling ten times better. She also felt Noah's arms wrap around her thighs, pulling her closer so he could go deeper.

That was her breaking point, she couldn't hold on anymore. A loud moan echoed in the large room as she let her body relax, her head fell back and her back arched. Noah went deeper somehow, holding her closer to his face as his tongue moved perfectly on her pussy. He kissed everywhere inside her. Her orgasm let loose as she felt her whole body give in to him. More moans escaping her mouth, she wasn't quiet. No. She was practically screaming in pleasure.

Slowly everything came to an end, leaving Eliza unsatisfied and wanting more.

Noah bought his head up and wiped his mouth "you taste fucking Devine" he said in a deep husky voice.

He crawled over her body, his body in between her legs and she could feel his hard dick on her. His hands resting either side of her face. "One day I'm going to fuck you to your core" he leant down, his face inches away from hers. Her lips parting, wanting him to kiss her.

His words sent a million shivers through her body like electricity. Every bone in her body wanted him too. So her next words escaped her mouth instinctively.
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