Dark Side

chapter 6

"Do it" Eliza said, barely a whisper.

Noah's eyes connected on hers, as be raised his brows and his smirk growing.

"Do it. Fuck me to my core" Eliza begged as she felt his dick grow harder against her pussy.

"As you wish" he responded. An evil, hungry smirk growing on his lips.

He began placing kisses on her neck. Eliza closing her eyes, desperate to feel his dick inside her. Noah sat up and began fiddling with her nightgown. He wanted to tear it from her body and so that is what he did. With one tear, her gown ripped in two, revealing her bare chest and naked breasts. Noah looked down at her, his smile never leaving his face and the muscle in his jaw clenching. Noah pulled the fabric from under Eliza's body and threw it to the ground. Now Eliza laid underneath him, so vulnerable as she laid naked below him.

Noah got off of the bed and stood staring at Eliza's naked body. He unbuckled his belt, as he never broke eye contact with her. He then unzipped his trousers and they fell to the floor along with his underwear. He now stood at the end of the bed completed naked. Eliza's lips parted in shock as she saw his large veiny dick. She wondered how she is going to be able to take his size.

He began crawling back on the bed towards Eliza, once again leaning his arms either side of her head. Her heart pounded in her chest and her desperation growing more and more with each second.

"I have to warn you, Eliza, I don't make love. I fuck. Hard. I want you to scream my name" Noah said deeply as he looked her in the eyes.

Eliza nodded in response, his words made her speechless. Never has she felt this way before. So desperate for someone. She felt Noah's hand trail down the middle of her chest and down her stomach. He reached her wet pussy, his fingers feeling her. A low groan escaping Noah's lips

"So wet" he mumbled to himself, "fuck." Like he's trying to memorize the feeling to himself.

Eliza felt his dick press against her open entrance, he gripped his dick, pushing it in the smallest bit. Eliza could feel already how large his dick was. He placed his hand on Eliza's waist. His hand fitting perfectly on her waist. He lifted her waist towards his body and then with one fast movement Noah slid his dick inside of Eliza and began pushing inside of her with no remorse. Eliza moaned loud as she felt his dick reach places, which have never before been touched. His dick sliding against her walls as he slid inside her in and out, at the perfect speed. She could feel his dick in her core, he went so deep, as he pounded inside her.

His large hand moved to grip a fist full of Eliza's hair as the pleasure Noah felt was unlike anything before. He has wanted to do this since he laid eyes on her for the first time. Eliza moaned wildly, it was music to Noah's ears.

Eliza's pussy throbbed more and more every second like she would erupt any second. She felt Noah gripping her hair and she fucking loved it. Her eyes opened and saw Noah's furrowed face, a smirk on his lips once they made eye contact.

"You feel fucking amazing, Eliza" Noah muttered, "and to think I wanted to kill you"

Another moan came from Eliza as he began to pick up the speed. Her grip on the chains tightened as she felt her climax approaching. Her head fell back and Noah's grip on her hair got tighter and his other hand gripped the silk sheets. He loved the way her soft gasps turned into moans. And her moans almost turning into screams.

"Fuck" moaned again as he felt himself approaching his climax.

"Noah I-" Eliza moaned as she felt her self about to cum.

"Don't you dare. Not yet" Noah moned, he was close but not there yet so he pushed in harder and faster.

"Noah-" Eliza moaned, but it was more of a scream than a moan. Noah felt his dick begin to throb, Eliza's scream sending his cum straight inside her.

"Fuck- Now, Eliza-"

And she did, she felt her pussy relax as a pool of warmth unleashed itself around Noah's dick. She felt Noah cum inside of her. Her walls throbbed as Eliza screamed in pleasure. Never before has she screamed in bed. Nothing would compare to this. Her deepest desires finally answered.

Noah's pace began to slow and Eliza couldn't feel her legs. She could still feel the throbbing inside her pussy as Noah began to pull out. A release of pressure releasing from her inside.

They both were breathing heavily as Noah fell to his elbows.

"So how was the dark side " Noah smirked.

Fucking incredible. Eliza thought to herself.
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