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More Than Just Okay


A Twilight Fanfiction. (disclaimer I do not own Ness, Jacob, the Cullen family and Bella/her father only Stephanie Meyers does. But I own the rest of the Reeve's family and other charter's in the book that I created) Renesmee wants more to than jus this life she had in Forks. She moves to Oregon to find that Jacob is not her mate and Nicholas Reeves a vegetarian vampire tell her that her bloods sings to him because Nicholas is Ness's real mate. Enjoy the reading! This book can pared with a nice cup of hot tea or if 21 and over a hot butter rum or eggnog and rum. (Still writing and editing here and there!)

Edythe Winchester
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

My father was at war with me I was surely unable to handle this, but at the same time did I love Jake when he loved me and imprinted on me at a young age. My mind is unsure of things. So basically My father caught me with Jake kissing after homecoming and got angry with Jake and told me I was never allowed to see him. So I fled away and came to something I was almost sure of and this how my story begins of a new life that made who I am.

I was making my way with my 2008 Subaru Outback in blue. I was driving up to the new school I was enrolled in by myself. Summit High. I saw some people look at me and question each other who is this new person. I got out of the car and made my way towards the building. I found the office and saw a nice old lady. “You must be Renesmee Cullen. Here is your schedule, a map of the school and a slip that your teachers must sign and be returned here. Any questions?” “No thank you.” “Alrighty then if you need anything just come to the office.” I nodded and walked out. I was making my way to my first class Trig. I walked in saw a girl motioning me to sit next to her. ” You must be Renesmee Cullen? I am Mrs. Griggs your trig teacher you can take a seat next to Ashley here. And this is your book and I will sign that paper.” “It’s Ness and thanks.” I sat next to Ashley setting my stuff down. “You must be Renesmee I am Ashley Finks.” “Ness. So what’s it like here?” “Ness right. Well mostly it’s kind of the same as Washington but we have Portland which is a kind of a weird place. The Coastline is amazing and wonderful. Also, the mountains are where it’s at. Once pro snowboarder Ben Ferguson came in for a visit, it was awesome.” “Nieto.” The class was a breeze. I had art which was easy since it was a coping thing for me back home when daddy had his outbursts sometimes at Jake for stupid things like she should have been home by now or next time please on time with her when leaving school. It was rough. I was walking down the covered walkway when someone snapped a photo of me “Is that gonna be in the paper? Cause I don’t feel confident about that.” “Sorry I will drop. You’re Renesmee?” “Just Ness” ” Good to know. By the way, I am Darren the eyes and ears of this place anything you from study partner to prom date you got it!” “Which way is the gym for Mr. Pent?” ” I am heading that way but not for the gym.” We walked and talked until the gym was right in front of me. ” I will see you at lunch!” ” Yeah same here.” I walked into the locker room and saw Ashley. “Hey Ness, you ready for P.E?” “Kind of? It’s not my kind of thing even tho I enjoy snowboarding. I am very clumsy.” “Got I will make sure not throw anything at you!” “Good.” ” I had sweats and a grey shirt on. I walked in and sat on the bleachers watching the volleyball game, some random girl threw the ball over and I hit hard against someone’s head. “Ow. Nice spike You’re Renesmee? I’m Luke.” “Just Ness, and nice to meet you.” “I will remember that!” “Nice spike Ness, you sure you don’t want to play?” “No thanks, Ashley.” ” Hi, Luke!” “Hey! See you two at lunch cause it’s pizza day!” I walked into the locker room to change. I walked over to the lunchroom to see my new friends and a girl sitting at a table. I grabbed some pizza and an apple and made my way towards them sitting down. “I see you met my homegirl, Ness.” “Your homegirl?” and right as this kid comes by and kisses my cheek. “My girl.” and steals Luke’s chair as Luke falls over, then running after him. “That’s Gabe he is on the football team. And I am Jenna by the way. Your Ness, Ashely has told me about you.” I was laughing with Jenna on a pun that could have been used in the paper. I looked over my shoulder and I saw a couple walk through the door. “Who are they?” Jenna replied. “That’s Iris and Jackson. Their Mr. and Mrs. Reeves children. That’s Roslyn and Alex, it’s like they’re a couple but their siblings. It’s weird. And that’s Nicolas Reeves. Almost all the girls here have tried to ask him out through Iris but she put them down saying he’s not the dating type.” I looked back at them and Nicolas looked back at me. I knew he was a vampire but I was unsure if he knew that I was hybrid. I went back to eating my food until the bell rang. Great. Biology. I walked in saw Nicolas looking at me like something was wrong. I sniffed my hair was like body smell is fine. “I am Mr. Fritz I will be your biology teacher. Here is your book I will sign that. There is an empty seat next to Nicolas. Class this is Renesmee. ” “Just Ness.” “Good to know.” I walked to my seat and sat down. Writing notes and glancing at Nicolas now and then. Mr. Fritz placed tiny circle glass bowls on our tables to look at. “We are now gonna look at an onion ring and describe it.” Nicolas scooted the other once towards me. once class was over, Nicolas just left feeling angry for some odd reason. I walked to the office and saw him. I opened the door. “Is there something else besides Biology like German, Spanish or something else?” “I am afraid Mr. Reeves they are all full.” he left angry again. “Here is the slip.” “Thank you, Miss. Cullen. Was it a good day?” “Yeah met some new friends and it was wonderful.” “Good. Have a great afternoon.” I nodded. I walked back to my car and placed all my things on the passenger side. I saw Nicolas and his family looking at me. “Nick, she ain’t like us.” I could hear that from Alex. I got into my car and drove off. I found a place to park at a coffee shop for homework. I got done with homework and saw a message from Ashley. -Hey, sometimes these weeks I and Jenna are gonna go dress shopping for prom. I was wondering if you wanted to tag along cause ya girl needs an opinion.- I replied saying I would join. Since I don’t have a place to live I rented out this small 1 studio apartment for me to live in. I got home and relaxed. sprawled out on the sofa watching The Office was good enough for me with some Chinese takeout in hand. I was getting full and it was 9 pm already I was now turning the off and going get ready for bed. I grabbed some sweats and placed on with a graphic mariner’s tee from Charlie that used to be his. I placed my body in the bed and turn the lights off and plugged my stringed light in. I was ready for sleep. I woke up to beeping and it was 6:30 am. SHIT. school started at 7:50 and I had to get my ass ready. I popped in some waffles in the toaster and ran into the bathroom applying some mascara, and lip balm after I brushed my teeth. I grabbed travel mug with tea and ran out the door with my things locking the house at 7 am I rushed to the car getting and forgetting my bag. I rushed back into the apartment and grabbed my bag and ran out locking the door again. I got into the car driving off to school. I got into the parking lot grabbing my things and locking my car. the rest of the day was okay but during lunch, Nicholas was not sitting with his siblings. But his sister Iris would look at me a bit. Biology hit and he was no show. I wonder what happened. He was angry yesterday but would that have a clue as to why he is not here today. I don’t know it’s not my business.

Nicholas POV:

My thoughts were running wild as I was hunting down in California. I could not get Ness out of my mind. She was all I could think of because I could not get a single kill of blood today from an animal. I knew that one thing was for sure, I was falling for a human girl and I thirsted for her blood as well. Her blood sings to me like a starry night sky overlooking the Milkyway. I was unable to tell my parents about her just yet. my siblings new immediately about because Iris can see everyone’s past and future and what their next instinct is. She saw Ness coming into my life and turning me around with a smile and love written all over it. I saw a mountain lion and charged after it. I sank my teeth into it and drained its blood. I hunted for another hour or so and hung out on tall branches at night contemplating on Ness. Her hair this beautiful wavy chestnut brown hair along with her eyes. Her body is perfect I would not change a thing about it. But most of all her smile was something that made me smile on the inside because I knew she was the one. It was into the second week and I was already hopping off a tree at 6 am getting my way back to Oregon. I got home around 12 pm seeing Hellen and Finn looking at me. I walked passed them. “Hey.” then I was going to my room. “Don’t hey us and walk passed us. Why did you leave for two weeks? I heard you called in sick Nicholas? What’s up?” “There is this girl at school I am over the moon for. Her name is Ness. Her blood sings to me I am feeling something that I never felt since you guys brought me in as your own son.” “I could never be more happy for you. My son is feeling complete again. I thought you would never find someone but you did.” “Son, I am glad you came to us and told us. I thought this day would come. Even tho she is human I will make sure that Jackson is under control.” “Thank Iris for this. She saw Ness coming into my life.” “We will have to and you are going to school tomorrow no butts mister.” “Fine.” I got upstairs to my room and started writing a song about Ness.

" the way your hair flows in the winds gives me a smile. your clumsy feet make me feel whole. those brown eyes that flicker are like a thousand lightning bugs in love.

Your blood sings for me my dear, every inch of it sings for me.

I want to feel the warmth of your skin against my cold one and just slowly dance in the moonlight.

Your heart beats in a beautiful pattern. I wonder what you’re thinking about me because I think I am falling for you. and I can’t express the way I feel towards cause I am getting a little shy.

Your blood sings for me my dear, every inch of it sings for me.

I want to feel the warmth of your skin against my cold one and just slowly dance in the moonlight.

You are the Pepper Potts to my Tony Stark. The Pam Beesly to my Jim Halpert. and the sun to my moon. I can’t imagine living without you because your everything I need my dear Ness.”

I finished the song and Iris peeked in. “That was amazing Nicholas. I am sure she will love it.”

I found my forever mate.

Ness POV:

I woke up, making toast and heading out the door in a pair converse, jeans, a hoodie, and my bag. I slipped on the concert this morning and my toast was at least okay. I got to school and leaned against my car reading The Series of Unfortunate Events. I saw Gabe throw a redvine at me. I looked at them and flashed my book. “Great choice of book Ness!” “Thanks Darren. I am gonna watch the movie after I finish the books.” “Nice, we should all watch the movie together sometime!” I went into my car and parked on the otherside of the parking lot so I can get out quick for sometime to go hunt a deer quickly since I haven’t hunted in awhile. I was walking to Biology when when Luke and Darren came right up next to me. ” You still enjoying the rain Washington?” “Yeah its lovely.” “You going to prom?” “I don’t know.” “So your asking her to prom?” “Whatever Luke.” I saw Nicholas sitting down at the table. I walked over and sat down. “Sorry if I did not introduce myself, I am Nicholas Reeves.” “You were gonna these past two weeks? What’s up?” “I was not feeling well.” Mr. Fritz came and place trays on our desks containing mushroom cells. “We are gonna look at these mushroom cells and identify them by name cell count and what they look like. You each have a microscope at your table. And whoever get’s it right wins this tye dye mushroom plushie.” Mr. Fritz looked excited about this. the whole class: “AWW MAN!” I was looking at the mushroom and saw the cells. “It’s Mitochondrion.” “Mind if I look?” “Go ahead.” “yep its Mitochondrion.”

“So why did you move here to Oregon? the place that is identical to Washington a bit?” “My father and me had a huge fight over my ex. He caught me and my ex Jacob kissing after homecoming in my bedroom and he got angry and kicked him out. And told me that I am forbidden to not see him ever again. I knew he loved me but I was unsure if I loved him back. After what my father did and for him imprinting on me a youngling. I was sure that I stopped loving him because I wanted something more in life and I knew that there was someone out there to love me more than Jake did.” “So basically your father was unworthy of what you wanted and you also felt like everything was planned out for your life and you had no say in anything?” “Pretty much sums up everything.” “So what is imprinting?” “It’s where someone finds a mate and makes a move by looking at them in a certain way in there mind and when someone finds out its because people can see that someone is in love. And with Jake I was nothing without him. But now I am able to be free of that and move on in life.” “Interesting, has anyone told you that you smell lovely?” “No not today, but thanks Nicholas that means a lot.” Nicholas looks back into the microscope. “It’s Endoplasmic Reticulum. Wanna look?” “No. I believe you.” I walked out of class with the the dye mushroom. Nicholas had walked me to my locker. “So basically Forks is similar to Bend but smaller?” “Yep. It’s small town and it rains a ton. Your eyes were dark the last time I saw you and now they’re golden honey.” “Yeah its the lighting in here. I’ve gotta go.” I placed my mushroom into my locker and walked over to my car which was buy the edge of the small hill which was where the track field was. Nicholas was by his car with his family. I saw Gabe’s car slide over a patch of black ice and I was gonna get hit. Luckily Nicholas came by fast and stopped the van and walked away hopping over small gap between mine and Gabe’s car. “I am so sorry Ness.” “SOMEONE CALL 911.” “your gonna be okay Ness.” I ended up in the E.R as a nurse called in Dr. Reeves. “You must be Renesmee.” “Just Ness.” “Well Ness everything looks good let’s check your vital signs.” He was placing a light into my eyes as I followed his finger. “Your all good to go.” “I am so sorry Ness.” “It’s oka...” A nurse pulled the curtain around a bit. “I was lucky your son Nicholas saved me.” “That was lucky. Next time stay safe.” I signed the paperwork and walked out entrance. I grabbed my phone and left Ashley message. “Hey, I am doing okay, the doctor said I am healthy and there was no head injury. So yeah. I will see you this week for dress shopping in Portland.” I ended the voicemail and placed my phone into my bag. saw Nicholas and Roslyn taking to their dad. Nicholas came over to where I was. “So your wondering how I stopped the van?” “Yeah?” “Your never gonna know how, besides I had an adrenaline rush. And can’t you just thank me and move on.” “You had force with that car Nicholas. and besides you were right by your car.” “I was standing right next you the whole time.” “No you weren’t. I demand the truth.” “Well aren’t gonna believe it. And your car is outside I drove it here.” “Thanks.” I was in bed that night texting Ashley about dress shopping and a little dinking around in Portland. The next day I was standing in front of my car and Luke came up. “YOUR ALIVE! HORRAY!” “The doc said I was healthy and no head injury.” “Good! So you wanna go to prom with me?” I was looking at Nicholas with his family on the other end of the parking lot smirking. “What?” “You, me prom wanna go?” “I can’t I will be in Portland that weekend. But hey ask Ashley she would be over the moon if you ask her, she does have huge fat crush on you.” “Really?!?” “Yeah, she talks about you a lot in Trig.” “Wow... Thanks for letting me know!” I nodded. The field trip was going well. At least the bus ride was kind of long. “Welcome to Bob’s Plantation on where they grow mushrooms, house snails, and compost things.” We got off the bus making our way into the tour. Ashley came over to me. “So Luke asked me to prom obviously I said yes! I thought he was totally gonna ask you.” “I am busy that weekend I’m gonna be in Portland. But I told Luke to ask you because he was blushing when I told him you liked him.” “Awwe! Thanks Ness.” She looked at Nicholas who standing there. “I made hot cup of compost tea, now don’t drink its good for the mushroom and snails to feast on.” Mr. Fritz was serious about that. “How did you stop the car?” “Your still hung up on that Ness, gees, just get over it. So Portland over prom?” “Yeah, I have an important thing going on that weekend.” “If you just stay out my way and stop talking about the car thing then we could just move on as it never happened.” I was shocked. He walked away a bit angry. The tour was over and I saw Darren with a worm on a stick. “Look Ness it’s a worm.” “EWW! Get that away from me.” I was laughing at bit a Jenna’s actions towards that worm. I walked towards the bus and saw Nicholas with Iris and Jackson. “So really you ain’t gonna tell me how you stopped the van?” “No, and for the record if your smart you would stay away from me.” “You riding our bus?” Iris asked kindly “No, our bus is full” Nicholas banged the door lightly and walked on. I got on the other bus. I made to my car once the bus stopped at the school. I drove towards Bachelor stopping to catch a bite. I heard a coyote and chased it down. I took a cup I had and filled it up with the rest of the blood after I was finished drinking it. I drove back home and plopped myself on the sofa watching more Office. I woke up in the night seeing Nicholas looking at me from the sofa sitting. I turned to turn the light on but he was gone. That was first night I dreamt of Nicholas. I woke up and made to school on time. I sat next to Ashley in trig. “So what did Nicholas want?” “Just a simple chat.” “okay.” “Class turn to page 120 and finish these 20 problems for the rest of class if not done then its homework.” Art and gym was breeze besides having to walk during our running on the track. Making it towards the cafeteria where Luke and Gabe were sitting on the table. “Hey a bunch of us are going to Bachelor this Saturday for a powder day if you’re up to it?” “Da Bachelor. And I don’t just shred the cheese.” “Okay, I’ll go if you stop saying that.” I was laughing a bit at that as I was walking towards the salad bar. “Something looks fancy Ness.” as my apple almost fell to the ground. “here.” “Thanks. A bunch of us are going to Bachelor if wanna join?” Luke was looking at me with a weird look. “So you gonna still tell me about the car?” “Next question?” “Okay why does Dwight blame Ryan for starting the fire?” “Well Dwight could have been needing an escape and Ryan seemed to an easy way out. Besides it’s Dwight what else could he have blamed?” “Your an Office fan too?” “Yes! I ship Jim and Pam forever!” We walked over to his table, his siblings were not sitting there. Ashley and Jenna give me a smile, and I smile back. We walked about different theories about The Office. The bell rang for class. “I will take you up on that office to Bachelor. ” “Good you can ride with me and Jenna.” I was able to skip Biology because they’re doing blood samples. I sat in my car reading my book until I saw Nicholas tapping on the window. I rolled the window down. “Why aren’t you in Biology?” “I could ask you the same?” “Anemic.” as he hopped in the passenger seat. “Lets get out of here.” I was not gonna skip class. “I am not missing Spanish I have quiz today.” “It’s okay I told them you were sick. Switch spots let me drive.” ’What about your car?” “Jackson can drive it home.” He drove up towards Bachelor and parked at a trail head. We got out and started walking. He took me off the path and up the forest where the sun shines better. We made it towards a meadow at the top. “Your hands are cold, your eyes are golden honey. You’re a vampire.” “How?” “Your skin shines in the light. It’s beautiful like diamonds.” “Yeah but I am monster don’t you get it. I am designed to kill Ness don’t you see that? So your skipping Biology as well?” “I am also a vampire Nicholas.” “Not a human but you do eat food.” “A hybrid. Half human half vampire. My father met my mother when she was human got married and had me.” “So does your ex know about this vampire thing?” “Jacob?” “yeah.” “He does know he is a werewolf and imprinting is a werewolf thing. Yeah he started with little story not giving much information to my mother years ago when she first met Edward my father.” “Wait as in Carlisle’s son?” “Yeah. How do you know Carlisle?” “Years ago when the Spanish Influenza hit Finn my dad met Hellen who is my mother who was dying of the Spanish Influenza turn her before anyone else. Him and Carlisle were co-workers at the hospital where Edward was in. And Carlisle saved him. Finn and Carlisle made sure that everything was hidden so people wouldn’t go finding things.” “Wow....” “Your thinking about how much you’ve wanted to kiss me since you saw me.” “Ummm. yeah. Does your siblings have any powers like you?” “Iris can see the past, present, and future on everything you do she also can make flames if she wanted to kill someone, Jackson can calm a whole room down and change eye colour to show that along with being camouflage so no-one can see him, Roslyn, she can lure any guy into trance then kill them if needed and erase their memory, Alex is very strong and play a mean game a Egyptian rat slap. As for me I can read minds and teleport places a bit. Hellen can protect those around her and is always a good listener. Finn can heal people.” “Wow... that’s amazing! I can show people my memories and what I want.” We sat in the meadow talking about life and family. I explained to him about what hybrid is and I adapt to things. “Its pretty easy, but there’s certain things like what happen in Biology because I am not gonna let my blood be used.” “Gotcha, I can do well with humans its just that once blood is what I smell, I have to leave the room even tho I am a vegetarian and drink anmial blood.” “Well its about 2:15 and school is over by now. I should get going.” “Hey next weekend I will introduce you to my parents and family.” “That sounds great!” I got home and Nicholas ran home. I saw the mail in box and saw a letter from my family. it had no address but I am sure that they sent it with a letter that said find her address please. It read:


It’s been at least a couple weeks, where are you? Everyone is getting worried and so am I. It was wrong of you to runaway like that and lose contact with us. We are looking for you and will not stop until we find you unless if it’s a break. Please give us a call and tell us that you’re coming back home. Edward has said that once your home you are eagle watch so that means, whatever you do someone is with you at all times no matter what, besides sleep and using the bathroom and changing. Please come back.

from your family written by Grandma Esme.”

I stashed the letter in a book that I will never read and ate sandwich I just made. I worked on homework from trig and had a chat with Jenna on the phone about celebrity crushes. She told me that Daniel Radcliffe was hot, I said that Zac Efron was sexy. I got into bed and looked over the window hoping that I would kiss Nicholas one day. The next day the Reeves was a no show. Ashley was saying. ” Mr. and Mrs. Reeves take their family hiking on sunny days like these.” Jenna chimed in “I tried that on my parents and it did not work.” “So dress shopping Sunday?” “Yeah meet at coffee shop across from the apartments you live in.” “Okay!”

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