Falling (Shoto Todoroki x Reader)


Years ago, a teenage girl named Y/n L/n was killed. She is now unable to leave the house she had once lived in until the one comes. The 'one' is supposed to be the one person who can see her ghost. After a while, Y/n starts to give up on finding the mysterious person and starts just observing the people who have now moved into her house, specifically a boy named Shoto Todoroki. After a few years of quietly observing, he finally sees her. The one. TW: Mentions of suicide/suicidal thoughts, self-harm, ghosts, cursing, death. I do not own any of the art or characters!! And sorry the story is fast-paced

Fantasy / Romance
Boba Milk Tea Boy
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Falling off the world

I laid on my stomach, using my hands as a perch for my head, my feet bent up. I was laying on nothing, midair. Watching him. I always found him fascinating. I don’t know what it was about him, he’s just so interesting to watch. He’s had such a difficult life but always moves on and preservers. He made me wish I were alive.


I felt a cool gust of air and looked out to see my window closed. ‘That’s odd’ I sat at my desk to do some homework I had forgotten when a shiver went down my spine. “What the-” but no one was there. I frowned and continued working.
Lately, I’ve been feeling like someone is watching me. All the time and everywhere. I know that’s not possible but it’s still odd.


I leaned over his shoulder to get a closer look at what he was doing. ‘Ugh, just homework. I thought he might be a secret artist or something’ I thought, flying back. When I move too fast or too close to people they can feel the cold air move. I hadn’t realized I had moved back too fast. “What the-” Shoto said, but then stopped when he saw nothing. ‘It’s a shame he can’t see me..’ I thought, sadly.


I sat on the edge, my back facing the outside world. I sucked in a large breath and used my quirk.

(Quirk: Float

Can make yourself float or anything around you but you have to hold your breath the whole time. The minute you take a breath, anything you made float falls.

Drawbacks: Decreases oxygen flow to the brain, causing fainting or fatigue.)

I leaned back some so I was hovering over the edge of the roof, looking over my shoulder. ‘I wonder who would care..’ I thought to myself, picturing people’s reactions. ‘Mom would pretend to be upset to accept charity donations. That stupid “step-dad” I guess now wouldn’t even show up because he can’t even pretend to care, she would be happy I’m sure considering those times she even told me to kill myself, but my friends... they’re the only reason I’m still living. I can’t do that to them, it would break them. I have to live- for them.’

I sat there, holding my breath and floating, deep in thought. My legs were still on the edge, but I was leaning far over the edge, looking down.

“Y/n? Are you up he- Y/N!” My friend, Sora, yelled. He walked in through the doors leading up to the roof with two bento boxes in hand, but when he saw me leaning over the edge, he dropped them and ran to me.

The sudden voice startled me, making me lose focus as I let my breath go by accident. My eyes widened as I released my quirk from surprise and fell backward, off the roof. I was so in shock, I couldn’t even react. It was like my mind had completely gone blank as death neared me. I could have used my quirk. I could have screamed. I could have done something, anything. But instead, shock consumed me and I just fell, wide-eyed. My whole life I constantly felt like I was falling. Now, I was falling off the world.


“I can’t die..”

“It’ll hurt them..”


I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t yell. I just whispered, tears falling from my wide eyes. Then everything froze. It was as if time itself had stopped. I felt like I was spinning. ‘What’s happening? Is this the afterlife? Am I.. dead?’ I thought, my mind running a million miles an hour yet completely silent and blank. I was spinning, yet completely still. Everything was so loud, yet so quiet it felt like silence would consume me. I was feeling everything but nothing. ‘What’s happening?’ I can’t breathe, yet I’m very aware of the puffs of breath leaving my mouth. I can’t speak, but I’m trying to scream.

Then everything stopped.

And I was in a void of darkness. I looked around and took a step forward. It felt like I was walking on water. Then I turned to see a boy in front of me. “Y/N! NO!!” He yelled. ‘Why does that name seem so familiar?’ I thought, but aloud I said, “Who are you?” He didn’t move, didn’t even acknowledge me, as if I wasn’t there.

“What’s going on?” I saw the boy leaning over the edge of something, tears flowing down his cheeks. Then the boy disappeared. I spun around, looking everywhere only to find nothing. Images popped up all around me. Some I could tell were memories. ‘Were they my memories?’

Some seemed more present. Everything spun so fast, switching from image to image, scene to scene. I managed to catch a glimpse of one of the more present ones, I assumed. I saw people dressed in uniforms that read ‘police’ who looked to be questioning the boy from earlier. Blinding flashing lights and people gathered around. Some seemed to be in shock, others sobbed. I saw the boy from earlier holding a girl in his arms who was sobbing into him, gripping his shirt as if it was the only thing left in the world to hold onto. I heard some pieces of what the boy was saying, but I could only make out some of it. “No, listen! I swear I saw her! She fell off the roof but disappeared into thin air before hitting the ground! I’m not going crazy! You have to investigate this it could be a villain’s quirk!”

The memories and scenes and images all shuffled so fast it made my head spin. “Hello?” My voice echoed through the empty void of darkness. Then it all stopped. Once again, I was swallowed up by this darkness. Out of nowhere, a teenage girl appeared in front of me. I jumped back on instinct, startled by the sudden presence of someone else. “What’s happening?” was the only thing I could think to say. She smiled a little and gazed off into the distance as if he could unlock secrets to the universe by staring at it.

The girl looked as though she hadn’t stepped foot in sunlight in years. Maybe she hadn’t. Her hair was a silky soft silvery-white, almost a light blue shade. Her pale figure and beautifully white hair contrasted against the dark void.

“Are you a ghost?” I asked her, then paused. “Am I a ghost?” She chuckled slightly and walked towards me across the dark floor that looked as if it was a dark ocean. She moved with such gracefulness it looked like she was gliding over the surface. “I am. I died a very long time ago. Now I exist here, in the in-between. The world that connects the living to the dead. The crossover. The line between. Helping wandering souls find their way.” She spoke with such delicacy and grace but her eyes showed long emptiness. It must be lonely. She turned her head to face me, giving me a soft smile. “But you. You are different. You are not dead nor alive,” She paused before continuing, “May I ask, do you want to live?”

I processed the question. “I’m not sure. I don’t remember.. anything.” She nodded before bringing her arms out. Her eyelids fluttered closed, her ocean eyes disappearing. Her outstretched arms were facing me as her fingertips glowed a blue and golden color.

I felt as though my mind had been zapped as memories came flooding back to me. “Akari... Sora...” I remembered the scene I saw from before. Sora holding Akari while she sobbed, his eyes red and puffy too as he explained what he saw. ‘They.. cried for me?’ A tear slipped down my cheek as I looked at the girl. “Yes,” I breathed quietly. “I would like to live.”

“I will allow you to return to the world of the living. But,” But. There was always a but. ′Of course there’s a price. Please let it be something doable though..′ I silently prayed. “You will be bound to your home, not able to leave past the sunset until ‘the one’ comes. You are free, wandering around as a ghost until nightfall to when you shall be bound to your home. No one will be able to see or hear you. You’ll live out your life as a ghost until you find ‘the one’ who will see you. You are dead for now. But if you find this one, I’ll grant you access to live.” And then I fell. The darkness faded away and her words echoed around me as I saw clouds and a bright sky above me. I was falling from the sky. Back onto the world.

~End of flashback~

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