Falling (Shoto Todoroki x Reader)

"Observing from afar."

I floated above the people in class and sat on Tokoyami’s desk, facing Shoto. I loved watching him concentrate during class. I also had nothing else to do. Sometimes I’d just randomly jump around on people’s desks or walk through the empty hallways dancing. I had to be careful though because I only go through things when I focus on it or try to, so if I’m not thinking I’ll accidentally move something or tip a desk over.

The sun was setting as I walked home with Sho. My body looked as if it was glitching and I teleported to the door of his house. “Welp, I guess the sun set.”

I peered over his shoulder and I could see him visibly shiver, making me frown a bit. He leaned forward, getting closer to his paper, deep in concentration. Suddenly, he whipped his head back, hitting me. And somehow, it actually kinda hurt. “Ow!” I flew back, spinning in circles like I was doing backward summersaults midair. He looked around trying to find where the noise came from. “Wait, how did that hurt me?” My eyes widened. I haven’t been able to feel pain since I “died” because I don’t technically have nerves. “How is this possible?” I muttered to myself, sitting mid-air cross-legged.

“Who’s there?!” Shoto narrowed his eyes, standing up and scanning the room.

“You can hear me?” I asked, surprised.

“What? Who are you?” I glided down to where I was standing in front of him but floating just barely over the ground.

“You can stop looking absently around, I’m right in front of you.” His gaze landed right on me, making me shiver a little. “So, you can hear me, but not see me?” Visible confusion showed on his face. “Right! I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Y/n L/n.” He just blankly stared at where I was at, still not able to see me. “Is this your quirk, to make you invisible?” He asked. “And why are you in my room?”

“It’s a long story.” I floated over to his desk and sat on it, resting my feet on the back of his chair.

“I knew I could feel someone watching me. Are you from the league of villains?” He took a fighting stance.

“Um no, sorry I’m not from some creepy league,” I said. “How can you hear me?”

“What do you mean?” He asked, lowering his hands but still having a suspicious look on his face.

I sighed. “Long story short, I’m a ghost cursed by some dead girl to be bound to this house once the sun falls until the chosen one or my soulmate or whatever comes. They’ll be the only person who can see me. And once that happens, she’ll grant me life.”

“So, are you dead then?” He asked as he sat on his bed, taking in what I said. I leaned forward, resting my elbows on my knees and my head in my hands.

“Not exactly?” I said. He nodded. “How long have you been bound to this house?”

“I’m not sure. A long time, I know that. You are the third family to have lived in this house since I ‘died’” I did finger quotation marks over the word died. “Oh right, you can’t see me. I just did finger quotation marks over the word died,” I said, laughing a little. I accidentally leaned too far forward and the chair fell, me with it.


The chair to my desk suddenly fell back with a thud followed by an “Ow!” Then the chair floated back into its place.

“Am I the first person to be able to hear you?” I asked L/n. It felt weird talking to nothing. I wonder if I should talk to Aizawa~sensei about this...

“Yeah, that’s why I was so shocked. It’s weird though that you can’t see me if you can hear me. I wonder if you are the ‘one’ or not,” She said. Suddenly the door opened revealing my sister. I jumped up, startled.

“Uh, Shoto, who are you talking to?” Fuyumi asked.

“No one, it’s nothing.” She nodded, “Okay then. You should go to bed, it’s getting late.” I checked the time to see she was right. She closed the door and walked away as I started getting in my bed. I looked over to where L/n was before and asked, “Do you need to eat or anything?” I heard a small chuckle coming from the middle of the room, no longer by the desk.

“I’m a ghost so no. I mean, I can but I can’t taste it anyway since I don’t have tastebuds and don’t need food since I’m not technically alive yet so..” She said. “Right. Good night I guess.”


I had been waiting outside the door for Sho to come out, but everyone had already come out and he still hadn’t. I walked in to see him talking to Mr. Aizawa~sensei. I glided over to him and heard him say,

“I talked to someone yester-” he started, but I grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the class, Mr. Aizawa just standing there, confused. Shoto looked around to see who was dragging him away when he realized it was me.


She let me go once we were in the hallway outside of class 1-a.

“Why’d you randomly pull me away? It would look weird to anyone who doesn’t know you’re here.” She sighed dramatically.

“You can’t just go around telling people there’s a ghost in your house! Especially if you are the ‘one’ and I become alive again! You have to keep it a secret.”

“Wait, why are you here, anyway? You come to school with me?” I asked.

“Yeah, have been since you were little. I walk to and from with you too. Plus, it’s not like I’ve got anything better to do.” She replied, simply. "I've always been observing from afar."

I was about to reply when I heard I familiar voice.

“Todoroki~kun? Who are you talking to?” I turned around to see green eyes staring at me confused.

“It’s no one, Midoriya. I was just leaving.”

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