Falling (Shoto Todoroki x Reader)


I floated in the middle of his room, laying on my back and facing the ceiling. “I’m BoReD,” I complained to Shoto who was currently doing schoolwork. We had been hanging out for a few weeks now that he knew I existed. I liked talking to him, I'm glad he can hear me now. And honestly, I kind of hope he is the 'one'.
“Hey Sho, do you think I can use my quirk on people even though I’m a ghost?” I asked, flipping over to where I was laying on my stomach, facing him.

“Sho?” He asked, looking up from his homework to where I was even though he couldn’t see me.

“Yeah, it’s a nickname. It would be weird if I called you Todoroki considering there’s four Todoroki’s here,” I said, plainly. “Now hold still I’m gonna try and use my quirk on you.” He held still and stared at where I was, waiting for something to happen, but then narrowed his eyes.

“Wait, what’s your quirk?” He asked, skeptically. I laughed a little and replied, “Don’t worry, nothing bad.” He seemed a bit doubtful but continued to stay still. I concentrated on wrapping my mind around him and sucked in a deep breath. It had been a while since I used my quirk. I opened my eyes to see Sho floating out of his chair.

“It worked! Oh.. sorry,” I was so excited that it worked that when I talked, I let out my breath and he fell. “My quirk released when I breathe,” I informed him. “So like Mr. Aizawa’s quirk? Interesting.”

“Hey Sho, do you wanna spar?” I asked, floating over and sitting on his desk.

“How would that work, you can go through my ice.” I shrugged although he couldn’t see me. “I dunno, I’m bored. Just pretend I’m a normal person with like a ghost quirk or something.”

He considered it, “Okay I guess. I’m going to go change into my sports outfit from class.” I nodded and swung my legs, waiting for him. “Hey L/n, I have somewhere out here we can fight, come on.” I jumped up and floated to where he was.

“Call me Y/n. I call you by your first name so it’s weird if you call me L/n.” He seemed a bit reluctant, but my reasoning made sense. “Okay then Y/n, follow me.” I got up and floated quickly to where he was. I don’t know why but hearing him call me by my first name made my heart flutter.

“If you step out of bounds or if you immobilized then you lose,” Shoto said, drawing a circle with white chalk. “ ’Kay!” I said, excited. We stepped into the “arena” and both took a fighting stance. “Ready.. go!” he said and ice shot out from where he was standing.

“Eek!” I screeched, flying over to avoid it. I was flying midair, still hovering in bounds.

He huffed at me, causing me to smirk.


I huffed at her but realized that she revealed her location by talking. I stomped my right foot, sending a wall of ice heading her way. It was sudden and large so it should be difficult to dodge and would immobilize her. Then suddenly, I saw a chunk of ice being whirled back at me. I jumped back and to the side, dodging it but it did catch me by surprise. I panted and looked around, trying to find a way to find her.

Then another piece of my ice was flying back towards me. I rolled out of the way, but just in time. I heard a huff from behind me. Spinning around, I shot another pillar of ice in the direction I heard her.

"Ow, that hurt Sho," she huffed. I must've hit her a little. I could feel myself getting colder as some frost formed on my cheek. The drawback to my quirk: I'm not immune to my own ice. I have to finish it soon or I'll get frostbite myself. I turned to shoot a massive wall of ice at her when suddenly I started floating. I was confused at first but then remembered her quirk from earlier. 'She's going to send me out of bounds.' I held out my right hand, sending ice in her direction. "Ahh," she screamed and flew out of the way of the ice, causing her to release me.

I tumbled on the ground but quickly got up again, trying to find her. A large chunk of ice hurling its way towards me solved that. I rolled out of the way, but a sharp edge of it caught me some, causing me to slow down. I grunted at the stinging sensation as another smaller chunk of ice came towards me. I dodged it, only to find myself floating again. This time, she was behind me. Since she was making me float, it prevented me from turning to face her. I reached my hand behind me and tried to shoot ice behind me, but it was difficult given I couldn't see behind me or where she was.

"Nice try," her voice said from above me. I started to fall, but she sucked in another breath. I growled and tried to shoot more ice at her, but she kept dodging while still holding her breath. She can't push me out of bounds if she's constantly having to dodge ice. A piece of my icicle grazed her shoulder and I heard a thud followed by an "Ow!" coming from the ground. She's no longer flying, I might have a chance.

She had taken a breath so I was now falling. I made an ice pillar come up from the ground to catch me so the fall wasn't as hard. I didn't want her to have more ice to throw at me, so I placed my left hand on some of the chunks of ice and melted them. I sent ice under her, scoping her up and moving her towards the line. She jumped up to try and get off, but another wall of ice formed, blocking her. I walked up and pressed my left hand to it, melting the ice. She looked down to see her sitting past the white line.

"Looks like I win." She huffed and I could hear her fly off. I saw the window to my room open and the curtains move some. I shook my head and smiled a little, getting up to go melt the ice and follow her inside.


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