Falling (Shoto Todoroki x Reader)

"Don't. Touch. Him."

We spent weeks together just talking and hanging out, training or sparring. We were starting to grow kind of close.

I was laying on his bed while he sat at his desk. I was bored so I started humming f/s.


I was stuck on a question on my homework for Present Mic’s class when I heard faint humming coming from my bed. I looked over to see wrinkles on my bed in the shape of a human. I chuckled at Y/n laying on my bed. Listening to her humming calmed me down. Anything I was irritated about before disappeared. The sound of her soft humming was beautiful. After she finished the song she was humming, we sat in silence.

“Hey, Y/n?” I asked. I had been wondering this for a while. “Yeah, Sho?” She sat up and looked at me.

“I was wondering, how did you become a ghost?” I could tell she stiffened and her breath hitched a little. This must be sensitive for her. But she just stifled out a small forced laugh and said, “I already told you. Some dead girl made it to where I have to be bound to this house until the ‘one’ comes.” I didn’t push it.


Shoto was walking to school while I floated. “Why do you think I can hear you but not see you?” Sho asked.

“Hmm, I dunno. No one else has ever been able to,” I replied.
“Do you think I’m the ‘one’?” I contemplated it. “Maybe?”

“Uggg that was so boringg,” I said, floating above Shoto a little. “I’m just gonna sleep next time.” Sho chuckled a little at that. We had just finished classes for the day and it wasn’t very exciting.

“Todoroki~kun, who’s there?” Shoto looked over to see that Izuku kid. “No one, just thinking out loud.” The boy looked confused. “But... I heard a girl’s voice.” I gasped.

“You can hear me?” I asked, surprised. He looked startled too. “Who are you?” he asked, looking around. “Uh, my name is Y/n.” I didn’t know what else to say. ’So which one is the ‘one’ then?’

“Is this your quirk? And why did you ask if I could hear you? Can you tell me the specifics of your quirk?” He started mumbling and rambling on.

“Woah, slow down there. No this is not my quirk, my quirk is I can make things float but only when I hold my breath. I asked if you could hear me because the only person who can hear me is Sho here." I ruffled his hair a little, much to Shoto's dismay. "And no one can see me.” He looked even more confused.

“It’s a long story.” I looked over at Sho. “Do you think one of you is the ‘one’?” I asked. His brow furrowed.

“I don’t know. But we should talk to Midorya somewhere more private.” I nodded and floated with the two.

Time skip

“-and Sho can only hear me but not see me, so it was odd to find that you can hear me too. Especially since I’ve been going to class with you guys for a while now and you haven’t heard me before. And we don’t know if one of you could be the ‘one’ she was talking about,” I finished explaining to Izuku. “By the way, since I nicknamed Shoto to Sho, can I call you Izu?” I asked him. His face turned deep red. “U- u- um o- okay I g- guess.” I smiled brightly even though neither of them could see.

“I wonder if since I was around you both for a while before you were to randomly be able to see me if that means one day you’ll randomly be able to see me,” I wondered out loud. “Wait, what time is it?” I asked. Sho pulled out his phone and showed me. “Once the sun sets I teleport back to Sho’s house.” Almost as if on cue, I glitched out and found myself in the door of his house.


The air around seemed as if it was immediately warmer and we could feel her presence disappear. Tomorrow was a Saturday and I had finished getting my homework done last night. “Midoriya,” I said, turning to face him. “Meet me at the park tomorrow at noon.” And at that, I walked away without waiting for a response.


Sho finally got home and I flew up to him. “Took you long enough.” He went to take his shoes off and I went to go close the door. I accidentally flew too far and was floating in the doorway. It was as if there was a forcefield there.


I was pulling my shoes off when Y/n went to go close the door. I heard a faint static noise and turned to see what looked like a purple and blue electric force field blocking the doorway. A gust of wind shot across the room, causing a few spare papers to fly around. There was a loud thud and the wall across the room shook. "Y/n!" I got up and ran over. "What happened?" I heard a faint groan and the coolness on my face, telling me she had stood up. "I- don't know. I think it was some kind of barrier since I can't leave past nightfall." Then we heard footsteps coming. Loud, heavy, angry footsteps. "Why aren't you training?! You've been slacking off!"


He usually held his own so I didn’t need to do anything. But today Enji was really angry. He lifted his hand for the first time in a few years to hit Shoto. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to run in and save him but I knew there wasn’t much I could do. I would just go straight through him. Even so, I ran up and stood my ground between the two. I can’t let him get hurt. I didn’t care about anything else, I just had to protect Shoto. He can’t go through this again. Enji’s hand came down and collided with my face. The hit was so hard, I fell to the side. I lay on the ground, my face stinging.

“Don’t. Touch. Him,” I growled, even though I knew he couldn’t hear me. Enji looked around in shock since he couldn’t see me. I didn’t care though. I was just glad Shoto was okay. I shakily stood up and clenched my fists. Then I looked over to see if he was okay. His eyes were wide and staring directly at me. “Sho, are you okay?” I asked him. “Y/n... I can see you.”

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