Falling (Shoto Todoroki x Reader)

"You have five months."

It was like I was suddenly human again. I couldn’t float anymore and I just fell onto the ground. I felt it, too. That was the weirdest part. I felt the pain of falling on the ground. I usually can’t feel pain. And now that I think about it, I felt it when Shoto’s dad hit me too. I can still feel the stinging in my face of being hit with such force. How Shoto survived that all this time, I have no idea.

The world glitched around me until I found myself back in the black, empty void I once was. The girl was standing in front of me, facing the other way. I stood up slowly and looked around.

My body felt incredibly heavy since for years I’ve been so light I can float. I almost tripped over myself, but managed to walk after a little getting used to.

“Sho? Izu? Where are you? Hey!” I shouted, but there was no response. My voice echoed in the empty void, the thin layer of water on the floor rippling at the sound, yet I was still dry. “Hey! Who are you? Why am I here again?” I asked the girl, but she didn’t answer.

I walked up to her, angrily. “Hey! Answer me! What am I doing here?” I went to grab her by the shoulder and turn her to face me, but my hand just went through her. Her pale figure washed away at my touch as if she were steam. I looked up and saw her again, a few meters in front of me.

“What the-” Then she turned to look at me. Her silvery-white hair falling beneath her back, standing out against the darkness. Her eyes held years of pain and suffering as she held eye contact with me, her dark ocean eyes gazing into my e/c ones before turning and looking to the side. Her voice was delicate and soft, but powerful.

“You have five months. If you don’t find the ‘one’ before then, I’ll have no choice but to send you to the land of the dead. Or,” she paused. “you will remain a ghost- forever.” My eyes widened at this. She’s never given me a deadline before. What if I don’t find them?

A midnight blue rose appeared before me, floating at my eye level. The rose’s petals were black with vibrant, deep blue tips and it held a mystical aura.

“A petal falls once a month. After that...” She turned and looked at me, directly in my eyes. Though it felt like she was looking at me directly into my soul.

“Your time is up.”

I gasped and coughed, looking around to find myself back where I had been before, laying on the ground of the park next to Sho and Izu. I jumped up, looking around and shouted, “Wait! What do you mean?!” I looked for the girl everywhere, but she had disappeared. I sighed in defeat and sat on the ground.


I heard a thud! and looked over to see Y/n now laying on the ground, as if she had fallen. “Y/n! Are you okay?” I asked, getting up and crouching next to her.

“Y/n! Todoroki~kun, what happened?” Midoriya asked. I looked at Y/n, trying to figure out the answer to that.

“I don’t know.” Her eyes were pitch black and her body was stiff, as if it was frozen in time. I put my hand to her forehead and her skin was ice cold. Midoriya crouched down beside me.

“Is she okay?” He asked. “I... don’t know. We can’t take her to a hospital though since she’s a ghost...” Midoriya’s eyebrows creased, his face filled with worry. Then suddenly, her body went limp. I reached forward and caught her light body, holding her in my arms so she wouldn’t fall. Then I gently leaned her down, carefully holding her head too. I know she was a ghost, but I still couldn’t help but worry.

She gasped, her eyes back to her normal e/c ones. All of a sudden, she jumped up, looking around desperately and shouted, “Wait! What do you mean?!” Midoriya and I glanced at each other and I looked back at her, confused. Then she sighed in defeat and slumped back down on the grass. I gestured to her with my head slightly and Midoriya nodded. He scooted forward and put his arm around her back in a comforting way, even though he couldn’t see her.

“Y/n? What happened just now?” he spoke, softly. She looked up at him with glossy eyes and leaning into his chest. I felt a twinge of jealousy, but ignored it.

“I- I don’t know exactly. I was- and then she was there- and she said- I don’t know what to do!” We only caught half of what she was muttering and looked at each other, puzzled.

“I’m sure we can figure it out, but can you try and calm down and explain to us what happened?” Midoriya asked in a soothing tone. She told us everything that had happened, including the girl and the rose.

“-and once all of the petals fall, five months, then I... I’ll be a ghost- forever.” She looked over at me with a saddened expression. “You guys won’t be able to see or hear me anymore, either. And... there’s a chance your memories might be erased of me too...” Then her figure glitched and she disappeared.

“Oh, I didn’t even realize how late it had gotten,” Midoriya said, looking up to see the dark sunset sky.

“Yeah...” I said, dimly. “I’m going to go home. Goodbye, Midoriya.” He nodded and we both stood up.

“Yeah, I should probably get back too. See you at school tomorrow?” I nodded and we both walked our separate ways. The cool night air blew on my face and I was lost in thought, letting my feet guide me back home.

All of this time that we’ve been hanging out, even just simple things like her being in the room with me while I worked, all of this time I never realized how much she meant to me. If I come home after a bad day, she’s always right there to cheer me up. She can make me feel happy for once. She’s always making the mood more light-hearted and joking around all the time. It’s like she has the power to make me feel instantly better, no matter what. She’s always there for me, even just being in the same room as her helps. I’m never alone- both mentally and physically with her around. She’s been with me for so long and I’m just now realizing when she might disappear that

I might love her.

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