Granddaughter: The next generation |Harry Potter Fanfic|Book 1


Harry Potter fanfic| Penelope is anormal witchmon her way to Hogwarts when she finds out that she is the grandaughter. Can she endure the names and curses her classmates throw at her?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Peter Pettigrew

Chapter 1

Peter Pettigrew

“Mum, we’ve found it ″, I called to our parents as Ivy and I admired the building called ‘Leslie’s Wandshop’.

“My wand’s going to be so wicked”, Ivy taunted.

“Mine’s going to be much better”, I replied.

“Well, go on in, you two”, urged Ivy’s mother, Mrs. Thomas.

We walked into the store and saw hundreds of wands stacked on the walls. “Wow”, Ivy whispered audibly “This is bloody amazing, Penelope”

“You might have some competition for the best wand, I’m afraid”, I said with a smirk.

“Well, hello, girls”, said a young lady in purple robes from behind the counter “Going to Hogwarts, are you?”

“Yes ma’am”, I replied.

“Well, we have to get you the perfect wand, now don’t we”, she asked with a smile.

She started looking on the walls, trying to pick a wand. “Well you, young lady, “, she said to Ivy “look like you would be a Hermione Granger. Try this one out.”, she said as she handed her a wand that was covered with what looked like vines.

Ivy waved the wand and a gold mist came from the end of it.

“Vinewood and dragon heartstring core”, said the lady.

“Wicked”, said Ivy.

“And you”, she said to me “Look like a Remus”. She handed me a wand with a dark brown tip and the rest was a lighter brown. Mine too, produced a golden mist into the air.

“That’ll be 14 galleons”, the lady said to our parents.

They paid, and we walked out. “Could I please have an owl, Mum?”, I asked Mum hopefully.

“Ooh, me too!”, Ivy yelled to her mother.

“Well, you both can have a barn owl, how about that?”, said Mrs. Thomas.

“OKAY”, we shouted together.

Our mothers bought our barn owls, and we were leaving.

Mum and Mrs. Thomas left us at my house, while they wentout get firewhiskey with our fathers. We were sitting on my bed,playing wizarding chess, when Ivy asked “Do you want to play a card trick”

Most kids didn’t even play Muggle games, but we still lo it. “I’ll get it out of Mum and dad’s room.”, I said “But I’m doing one first”

Where did I put those cards?, I thought to myself. That’s when I remembered, it was in the middle drawer on her nightstrand.

I opened the drawer and started rummaging, when I found a letter tucked into the cornerof the drawer. Notyour business, Ivy. But I just couldnt help myself. I pulled out the letter, and read it.

My dearest Annabeth,

I love you with all of my heart. I know I am a very young father, but I would not wish to give you up for anything - except the Dark Lord . I know youre probably much too young to understand at the time, but I’m a Death Eater .Your mother will raise you to the best of her abilities. Unfortunately, I cannot be involved with you. My life is to the Dark Lord. I wish for you to become a Death eater, and follow in your dear father’s footsteps. Your mother doesnt follow the Dark Lord, but I hope that you will come to your senses when you’re older. You mustn’t get mixed up with those mudbloods. They are filthy animals. They have not a pure bone in their body. But of course, you are much too young to understand. And I’m sure your mother will teach you otherwise, anyway. She has not agreed on anything else. Goodbye forever, Annabeth.

With Love,

Peter Pettigrew, your father

I almost ripped the letter up, but then remembered what I was doing. I tucked teh letter back into the corner of my mum’s drawer, and went back to the room.

“Where is it”, Ivy asked when I got back

“Couldn’t find it.”, I responded, realizing why I went through Mum’s dresser in the first place.

“Oh, well that’s too bad.”, said Ivy with a look of slight diissapointment. “Well, anyway, what house do you think you’ll be in at Hogwarts?”

“I don’t know”, I said “I haven’t given it that much thought”. Of course, that was a lie. I had spent every waking moment thinking about Hogwarts. I honestly dont think I belong in any house. Did that mean I was a Hufflepuff?

“Well I want to be a Slytherin”, said Ivy “I mean, I am a pureblood, and I look rather good in green”.

“What house do you think I’ll be in”, I asked.

“Well, obviously”, she said cockily “You’ll be a Slytherin like me. I can’t go all year without seeing you.”

“Well, that makes sense”, I said after I’d thought it over a bit.

“Well of course it does.”, she said “I can’t wait to go tommorow. Being a witch will be so much fun.”

“Not to mention, our wands are bloody awesome”

Our parents arrived at around 10:00. As soon as Ivy left and my dad was asleep, I had a few questions for Mum.

“Mum”, I whispered as I slowly opened her door. “Can I come in”

“Penelope”, she squinted “Go in the sitting room, I’lll be there in a hurry”, she whispered.

I was on the sofa for about 5 minutes, when Mum came into the sitting room with a robe and slippers.

“Now, what is it”, she asked as she sat next to me.

“M-m-mum”, I asked in a shaky voice. “Who’s Peter Pettigrew.”

“Why would you ask such a question, Penelope”, she laughed.

“Because I found the letter”, I said quietly. “I left something in there, so i decided to take a look. That’s when I found the letter tucked into your drawer.”

“Well, then”, finally said my mother “Well, Peter, he-he was my father.”

“But that’s impossible”, I added confused “He said he was a Death Eater.”

“That’s because he was, child”, my mother said, a tear streaking down her face, “But He found no use for him, so he killed him”

“You told me that your father’s name was James, Mum, this makes no sense.”

“I know it doesnt Penelope″, she whispered “Listen, you’ve got a long day ahead of you. Go get some rest”

I went to bed, but stayed up all night thinking about what had happened. I was the granddaughter of a Death Eater. It was really hard processing that. But, I guess I can’t control anything. I am only 11.

Maybe all of this was a dream. Yeah, that’s it. I’lll wake up tomorrow, go to Hogwarts, and find that my grandfather’s name was James.

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