In which dangerous joen jungkook is deeply inlove with taehyung, What will he do when he realizes that Taehyung was married to someone else?

Action / Scifi
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I’ve decided to continue insanity , if you want to see the first chapters go to my old wattpad acc (XxtaeshookXx)

Jungkook’s pov.

It’s been a week since ive been married to this disgusting man , He wouldent let me work , Cook , Clean , He even ordered food because he dident want me to make the food.

“ Jungkook , baby. “ I heard him speak , I rolled my eyes and stood up.

“ What is it? “ I talked back with a bored expression on my face , Clearly not enjoying this.

“ Iungkook , Baby , Give me a kiss....” I was disgusted with his words I shot him a glare at spitted at him.

He wiped the spit away from his face and sighed.

“ Jungkook , Listen I love you and want you to be my love forever....”

I glared at him , Until an idea ran through my mind and then I stared at him with a smile.

“ You know what.... , I’ll be yours.... “ I moved closer to him , I sneaked my hands to the rock next to him.

I hit him with it , I gasped and ran to the bathroom.

I watched my hands from the blood as I quickly ran out.

I ran outside , I ran as fast as I could away from that place.

Taehyung’s pov.

I was walking around laughing maniacally , I just finished killing people , God I couldent get my kookie off of my mind how can I forget him? No way.

My angel....

I saw something running , It looked like a boy with light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes.

Could it be?....

I walked after the person , No it can’t be.......

“ Angel....... “ I walked to him , I touched him , He flinched.

“ T-tae... “ He stuttered out my name.

I smirked.

“ Long time , Wasen’t it? “ I said grinning at him darkly.

“ My love.... , Why would you leave me... , You truly deserve a punishment.. “ I grinned when his eyes widened in fear.

“ I- I-it wasent my choice.... “ He said closing his eyes.

I laughed darkly.

“ You know. , Either it was or wasent your choice.. “ I walked closer to him , Closer , Closer , And closer trapping him between the wall and I.

“ I can’t stand seeing my love marry someone no other then myself... “ I grinned and grabbed a needle out of my pocket.

“ And now.... , I’ll lock you up. “ I smirked when I saw his terrified expression.

“ N-no... “ He stuttered out , I grinned when I saw his shaky body.

“ I’ll lock you up , And you’ll be mine. “ I got the needle closer to him.

“ L-leave me... , Let me go! “ I screamed.

“ Ugh... , Your such a pain. “ I said darkly and rolled my eyes.

“ Now it won’t hurt as badly...” I laughed maniacally.

“ No! Please! Don’t! “ He screamed as tears ran down his beautiful pretty face.

“ P-pleas- AHH! “ He screamed when I crashed the needle inside his arm.

To be continued....

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