Supernatural: Paradise Found

By Rabiduslex


Chapter 3(2)

The two men had gotten into a car and drove off. They were keeping to the speed limit, for some reason. But that meant that Sam could keep up with them. The problem was that there were no other cars on the street for him to get cover behind.

The men were driving through his neighborhood; they passed his home.

Sam gripped the steering wheel of the Charger tight, letting his grip go only to change gears. His eyes were fixed in front. His face was contorted into a mask of sheer concentration. If Jess had seen him then she would have thought he had finally lost his mind. As his concentration stayed fixed on the car ahead. He noticed none of what happened around him. At where he was going or the never changing landscape on either side.

The 2008 SRT8 Charger did well to keep up with the Chrysler ahead of him. He was glad for it. It also had a full tank, which was fortunate because he had no idea how far he was going to have to travel. Fortune it would seem was his today, as if the fates were themselves aiding him to catch up with the men.

He had not given much thought about what he would do when he picked the car. He had rushed to the first car his eyes fell upon; the first one that would give him least trouble breaking into. Then it was a matter of hot-wiring. But then that was second nature to him by then.

The car ahead of him finally started to slow down. He hoped that they were finally wherever it was that they were heading.

He parked the Charger a few houses down as the Chrysler turned into a house like his own. The car didn’t pull into the garage, as the two men got down and picked up their groceries. Their behavior should have struck Sam but then he was not concerned with their behavior. His interest was elsewhere.

He waited until the two men were inside before stepping out of the Charger and making towards the house.

He moved carefully to avoid attracting the attention of any curious eyes. There was, of course, no one in sight. But then he was still exposed to the many curtained windows that looked out in his direction.

He reached the house and made towards the door.

He paused for a second trying to decide whether he was going to pick the lock or break in. When, for whatever reason, he decided to try the knob. It turned and the door opened.

He hesitated again before remembering why he was here.

He pushed the door open and walked into the house.

He had stepped into the house when he found himself flying through the air.

He slammed against a wall, hard enough that he felt the air knocked out of his lungs.

He then found himself pinned against the wall; his brain starving for air.

Finally, he found the strength to regain his senses and air into his body.

His eyes immediately fell on the two men he had followed.

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