Supernatural: Paradise Found

By Rabiduslex


Chapter 3(3)

One was facing Sam, his hand stretched out towards him and his eyes as black as coal. The other was facing the first demon and looked as if he was in an argument with him. The second demon’s words were not clear, he only heard the tone, which sounded agitated. The second demon’s eyes were still normal. But Sam could still smell the stench that was present at the supermarket.

Soon enough he started to hear exactly what the second demon was saying. He was having a one-way argument with the other and he seemed to be trying hard to persuade the other demon to let him go.

‘Strange’ should have been the word that should have sprung into his head at the moment. But Sam’s mind was preoccupied with other thoughts. Like what he would do once he got free from the demon’s hold.

For a second he almost wished he had his old powers back.

Yet, for all the second demon’s efforts, the first one seemed to have no intention of letting go.

‘At least he was not trying to kill him’

Finally, he heard the second demon scream out in desperation:

“You want to screw all this up and go back to hell?”

At that Sam found himself again flying through the air.

This time he didn’t slam into a wall, instead, he hit the floor and slid several feet.

As Sam fought to get back on his feet, the first demon turned to the second and gave him a cold and evil stare. Sam took the opportunity to look around him.

He was in a dining room of sorts. It was not partitioned off from the rest of the house. Actually, for all the house’s outward similarity to his own, that was where it ended. It was clear to Sam that his memory of his own home was of no use here.

No matter how hard he looked around him, he couldn’t find anything to use as a weapon. The house looked as if it had been picked from a Martha Stewart catalogue. All light and bright, everywhere he looked, with nothing sharp or metallic in sight.

He realized that the sounds of the demons had died down and he turned instinctively to where they were. Just in time to see the first demon charging towards him.

His eyes were still black and demonic as before. But now, his face was also twisted and looked nothing human at all. His once handsome face was twisted into a snare. Sam could see the veins stretching across his face.

There was no doubt what his intentions were as he made towards him.

By then, the other demon had himself gone silent.

The demon bent down and picked Sam up and slammed him against another wall.

Pictures on the walls shook and fell down. Sounds of china and glass rattling in a cabinet nearby filled the air. As the demon pinned Sam hard against the wall, its face was inches from Sam’s.

Sam could feel his hot breath against his skin. And the stench was strong and pungent that it took all his strength to fight the urge that brewed inside of him.

“It’s going to be worth it, to get the chance to rip this do-gooder’s face off,” the demon said as his sneered at Sam.

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