Supernatural: Paradise Found

Chapter 6 (2)

“Where are you going, Sam,” she asked, only, the voice came from the doorway behind him and not from the elevator.

He turned to find her blocking the exit.

Her eyes were as dark as the night sky.

She reached out towards him again.

Sam moved fast and grabbed her wrists and pulled her hand away from his face. Her hands were soft and felt delicate, but still, he could feel the extraordinary strength in them.

He pushed towards her. Moving fast so she would have no time to react.

He grabbed her and pulled her towards him. One hand across her waist pinning her and one of her hands and the other pinning her other hand against her chest.

Her hair was touching his face, and he could feel the rich texture of it and the sweet aroma that flowed from it. She was unlike Alice, everything about her felt commercial. Her face was untouched and pristine. No sign to show that she was punched. It took him back for a second.

“What do you think you’re doing Sam?” she asked. All sense of friendliness had disappeared from her voice. He could feel her tone shattering. “Who do you think you’re running from?”

“I don’t know. But I plan on finding out. I also plan on finding out just what you’re doing here and I’m not going to let you stop me” he said and pushed her away.

She went a few steps backwards before falling on to the ground. She lay there for a few seconds staring down at the floor.

Then she started to laugh. It was a creepy sound that seemed to vibrate through the whole hotel. Sam felt a strange feeling of dread fill him.

He found he couldn’t move.

All he could do was stand where he was, staring at her laugh; as she sat on the floor staring down at its marble floor.

“You’re right, Sam,” she said turning her head towards him.

Her body still faced away from Sam, but her face was once more turned towards him. Her locks fell across her face like a gold veil on fire. From behind those gold curtains, he could see her dark blue eyes glaring at him and the smile etched on her doll-like face. But the smile that was there was different. It was not the smile she had before. There was no sense of friendliness in them, not even a fake one. Instead, it was a twisted sneer of a smile. As if someone had carved a Glasgow smile on her face; stretching from ear to ear.

It scared him more than anything he had seen before.

He took a step back, but that was as far as he got before he froze again.

“I can’t stop you. What can feeble little me do against a formidable, strong man like you?” she said, still smiling.

Sam could no longer feel his heartbeat.

“But then, they can,” she said. Her smile, somehow, growing bigger like the smile of the Cheshire Cat.

Sam looked away from her and raised his head.

And in the distance behind her, he could see two men making towards him.

The two men were dressed in bland security uniforms; towering behemoths like men who, even from where he stood, he could tell easily towered over him. The men’s shirts seemed ready to burst from the force of the muscles that strained against the material. They looked formidable enough to burst through the walls that formed behind them. Like bouncers on steroids.

Sam had no doubts that a hand to hand battle would be decided in their favour. Maybe if he still had his powers he could have put up a fight. But with no weapons, the two men could easily snap him in two.

He turned away from the two guards and back to where the hostess had lain. But when his eyes turned to the spot he found it empty. He turned around him but couldn’t find any trace of her.

He fought the panic and turned his attention back towards the two security guards that were slowly closing in on him.

Sam searched around him for any other possible way out or even any kind of tools to use against the guards. The armchairs in the lobby looked too big and heavy for him to lift, and the coffee tables looked too bulky. He could possibly run back into the hotel and find another exit, but…

Suddenly he felt a soft, gentle, touch on his shoulder, and a voice near his ear calling out his name.

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