Supernatural: Paradise Found

By Rabiduslex


Angels and Demons: 3

Once again Sam found himself staring out of the window of a moving vehicle, watching the lush greenery moving past him. Once again he registered very little of the beauty that passed his line of sight.

He was trying to make sense of everything that had happened that night and everything that had been happening to him the last few days. But he found, for some reason, he couldn’t remember any of it. Even the image of Jess’ burnt body, which he once feared would be seared into his mind, seemed lost. It was as if his mind was already moving on.

Try as he may, there was a gentle mist that shrouded everything bad that had happened.

All his mind could recollect was the time he had spent at the waterfall, gazing at the stars, and walking through a beautiful and magical forest, twice, with Alice.

At that, he tried to turn around and look at Alice. But he couldn’t turn his head all the way. Instead of seeing her, he found his face brushing against the soft strands on the top of her head. He felt her hair against his skin; almost tasted it. He closed his eyes for a second.

Alice cuddled up to him almost as soon as they had gotten on the greyhound, resting her head on his shoulders. She must have been sleeping or about to go to sleep when he had disturbed her. Sam felt bad about that.

He felt worse about getting her involved in whatever it was that he had gotten himself into.

Sam tried to take a quick glance around at the faces in the bus, which was quite well crowded, even this late into the night. But Alice restricted his gaze considerably, and most of the faces that he could see were hidden behind the tall headrests. He wondered if these people were just like him, just like the others here.

‘Seekers of shelter and security’.

He wondered about the troubles they were trying escape. But he found his mind was unwilling to linger too long on the topic. Instead, the same mist seems to flood in over those thoughts.

He was quite surprised that they were able to even find something to take them to town. He had not quite planned what he was going to do once he stepped out of the gate. Everything he had done was on a whim. Even now, he had no clear idea how he planned on achieving his goals. All he knew was what he wanted…and that was explanations. He had a plan on getting that…at least a hope.

The hotel, as it were, was not situated against the main highway. Instead, they had to travel a considerable distance on foot along the gravel roadway running through a forest.

It would seem that the hotel itself was isolated from the rest of this world. Shielded from the eyes of all but those who came seeking it. Sam found no signs or boards or any other indication that it existed on the main road. The gravel roadway they had travelled through, the only thing to even show that something man-made existed beyond the thick forest, was also well hidden from curious eyes.

Sam hated the fact that Alice had to walk the distance on bare feet; which was why he was glad when the greyhound had stopped to pick them up.

Strangely though he didn’t remember seeing a bus stand.

Sam felt Alice stirring next to him and he turned to find her looking up confused and dazed. She still looked drowsy and tired. But more disappointedly, she had lost all signs of the cheeriness and joy that was there before. The smile that seemed etched permanently on her face, at one point, was gone without a trace. It hurt Sam to think that this was because of him.

She reached across him towards the window, and Sam moved back as much as he could to allow her space. But her body still brushed against his and he found himself smothered in feelings.

She pulled back and turned towards him. He stood frozen in his gaze, away from her, for a few seconds before he turned towards her.

“We are here,” she said, without any indication that she noticed his discomfort. And then, without another word, she got up and started making towards the front of the bus. It was only then that he noticed that she was dressed only in a flimsy silver-grey nightgown.

Sam followed her as Alice got off the bus.

As he stepped down he was greeted by the familiar sight of rows of similar houses lined up against an empty street. Trees lining the pavement, and swaying in the gentle cool breeze that blew by them, the only signs of life.

Sam suddenly realized as he stared at the sight before him; at the daunting task ahead of him.

Alice must have realized once again that something was up because he felt her gentle touch. He stirred from his daze and stared at her.

“Come on,” she said, her hand on his elbow.

He followed her as she started down the street.

She walked down past the houses, her eyes never straying away from the path ahead.

Sam had no idea where she was taking him. His mind told him he should have at least tried to tell her where he wanted to go instead of following her blindly as he did last time. After all, he didn’t have time to waste. There was a chance that they may be out looking for him. But he found himself following her without a word. Because another part of him, a smaller yet stronger part, told him that he had to trust her.

Somewhere along the way she turned towards the driveway of one of the houses.

Sam turned with her and followed her to the front door.

She didn’t stop as she reached the door and opened it.

Sam knew he should by now be used to this, but yet, he still found the fact she managed to open the door without a key troubling. Especially when they walked in and Sam found the house completely empty. There was not a sound or sight anywhere that told Sam anyone was home.

Worse was the feeling Sam got when he realized where he was.

He looked around trying to take in all that he saw before finally turning to Alice. There was nothing in her face that she realized his confusion. But considering he had no doubts his face showed it meant she wasn’t pushing it.

“Do you mind if I get something to change in to?” She asked calmly, and then turned and walked away after he shook his head in reply.

Sam hesitated before he turned and walked up the stairs to his and Jess’ room.

It felt strange being there, remembering that this was his room as a baby, the room that changed their whole lives. But also the room he and Jess slept for however long they’ve been together.

The thought troubled him. He wondered if they had been together longer in this world than he remembered. He remembered what his dad had said about him being asleep.

‘How long had I been here?’

He looked around him but found no calendars or anything else that he could use to judge the date. He searched his jeans but couldn’t find his phones.

Then he remembered what he came here for.

He looked around the room until his eyes fell on the cupboard. He moved towards it and opened it. He paused when he saw Jess’ clothes. It brought a pang to his heart and images that had so far been suppressed by the pleasant mist.

He pushed those feelings down and searched the cupboard. Disturbing the neatly arranged clothes, pulling out draws and scattering their contents about.

It felt like several hours had passed before he finally found what he was looking for.

However, Sam realized that if he had given it some proper thought he would have found it sooner. He regretted the time he wasted searching in places he should have known they would not have concealed it.

He was losing his hunter instincts.

Sam walked out of the study, concealing Ruby’s knife under a new shirt he had changed into. Then he proceeded downstairs.

He had barely reached the living room when the sight before him, made him pause; his breath caught midway.

“Are you ready?” Asked Alice.

However, Sam couldn’t answer just yet. He found himself caught in the sight of Alice in that spaghetti strap dress.

The first thought that came to his mind was where she had managed to find the short white dress. It looked like nothing anything that Jess or Lisa would wear, or he had ever seen wear.

Finally, however, he managed to answer her and the two of them walked out of his house.

It felt wrong being in the Impala without Dean sitting next to him. It brought back painful memories of the times he had driven around trying to find ways to bring back Dean. Times he had spent with Ruby. It reminded him of everything he had done wrong; the chaos and destruction it led to.

He turned towards Alice. She was unnaturally quiet and still. Her eyes were fixed on the road ahead. She was nothing like Ruby and he knew he could trust her. But he also knew that what he was asking her was too much. Maybe she knew it, maybe she regretted talking to him. Yet, he also knew that he needed her. She knew things that he didn’t, and if he was going to find the ‘Johnson’s’ house he was going to need her help.

He felt the knife against his back at the thought of the two demons.

However, the plans he had made didn’t include Alice.

Sam turned towards her, still in that same pose, and knew that there was no way he was going to let her take any more part of all this than she already had.

He parked the Impala several blocks from the house, just as he had done the last time and then walked the rest of the way. He left Alice in the car. She didn’t protest nor ask him anything. She remained in that same silence she had been in since they left the house.

Sam felt a pain in his heart as he left her. She had changed so much since that time he had left her in the elevator. It was as if someone else was occupying her body. Sam felt a distance that he had not even felt from Jess.

He gave Alice one last look before continuing towards the house.

He felt bad for bringing her, now especially, as it turned out he didn’t even need her.

He didn’t make towards the door. Instead, he snuck around the house towards the rear entrance. He kept an eye out towards the windows but each one of them was closed. There was no way for him to get a glimpse of what was happening inside.

At least he knew that they were there. Well, their car was there in any event. It had been parked out in the driveway and it made the house stick out from all the rest. It made Alice’s presence unnecessary, unfortunately. It was almost as if they had left a signpost for him.

Sam reached the rear of the house and waited crouched. Watching from around the wall for anyone to come out.

He was worried he would have to wait long but soon he felt a presence near him.

He turned, but not fast enough. Before he was facing the stranger, he was flying through the air.

Sam hit the ground at the far corner of the house. The soft manicured grass the only thing to catch his fall.

He quickly got to his feet as the demon moved closer to him.

He recognized it immediately. It was the same one that had attacked him before. Its face was contorted into that terrifying mask as before and its eyes were as black.

As the demon neared him he called out.

The demon watched startled by the sight of Sam pulling out the knife. But its expression changed to uncertainty when he noticed that Sam was holding the handle with two fingers. It watched with confusion as Sam quickly threw it away from himself.

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