Supernatural: Paradise Found

Chapter 8 (2)

It didn’t take Sam long to realize what exactly the demon was implying.

The words struck Sam hard.

The demon was sneering at him, taking pleasure in knowing what his words were doing to him.

However, Sam saw none of it nor cared what the demon was taking from his situation. All he cared about was truly comprehending what he had been told.

“Something wrong, Sam?” he heard a voice call out to him and he turned; still lost in that same stupor.

He saw Castiel standing there watching him. But there was something wrong, something amiss. Sam couldn’t quite make it out. Then he realized; Castiel was grinning; not smiling, grinning.

“You look…unwell?” Castiel continued.

“Am I…“.

“Dead” finished Castiel “Yes, Sam, well at least you were. But then, why should that be a surprise or a shock. You and Dean have more lives than a cat.”


“Why are you dead or why are you still alive?” asked Castiel but Sam couldn’t find any words to speak “Yes, Sam, before you ask, you’re alive. But don’t worry your pretty head with why. Just know that we didn’t bring you back because we wanted you. Why would we Sam? You’re useless; you’re alive because we wanted your brother. All this, all the things we created. All this trouble we went for. It was for Dean. And I must say you have been more trouble than you’re worth.”

Sam suddenly felt like the whole world was spinning around him.

His hand reached for his head as if that simple act could stop all the spinning.

However, it would seem that Castiel was not finished with him.

“What’s the matter Sam, you’re really looking pale. I hope all this is not too much?”

“But then you did want to learn the truth, didn’t you? I mean, wasn’t all this trouble so you can find out why you’re here? Well, now you know, Sam. You’re just an item on Dean’s wish list. Just like you have always been, Sam. You’re just something that came stuck to the boots of Dean.”

“Well, since we’re being honest, Sam. I need to tell you something. I’m not really Castiel” he said and suddenly Sam thought he saw Castiel’s image shift and get fuzzy and then change.

Sam felt like he was going insane.

“Hello, Sam, did you miss me,” Anna said standing where a minute ago Castiel had stood.

Sam was almost on his knees.

He felt like he was kicked in the gut.

Anna was smiling.

He couldn’t see what the demon was doing.

“Well, Sam, all this was fun and I am glad you had the chance to air out your rebel urges. But I think it’s time to go back and be the good little Boy Scout. Time for fun and games are over, time to be big brother’s good little pet.” Anna said as she started to make towards Sam.

However, Anna didn’t get the chance to subdue Sam. As she got close enough, Sam charged. Clarity finally finding him and the world managing to be still long enough for him to lay a right hook on her face.

The punch must have caught Anna by surprise because she barely reacted to it. Sam felled Anna and turned towards the demon. He had also been taken by surprise and was now watching as if waiting for orders.

Sam didn’t want to wait until he got his act together.

He rushed him just as the demon again started to change.

The demon’s hand stretched out but before he could use his powers Sam once again managed to get the drop on his opponent.

“I see you want to do this the hard way, Sam,” Anna said from behind him. And as he turned he found Anna was already on her feet.

“I could have done this quick and painlessly. But now I plan on having some fun. I mean, Dean wants you alive, I don’t think it would matter much how much of you was alive” she said. But there was no smile on her face. Instead, her pretty face was twisted with hate and rage.

She charged him and Sam prepared for her attack.

It came hard and fast.

Sam found himself outmatched by the girl. She was breaking through his defences.

He didn’t get the chance to lay a single punch on her but she managed to lay a few on him. Next thing Sam knew he was sailing through the air.

Sam again fell on the grass, but then he felt something hard hit his back.

As Anna made towards him he reached under him.

Anna was on him and reached down to grab him when he felt the grip of the handle. He pulled the knife out and struck Anna’s outstretched hands.

The angel pulled back, staring at the wound and then the blade on Sam’s hand.

“I’m not a demon you idiot. That knife is useless against me” she said.

“Your right, but he is. So how about we even the odds” Sam said.

Anna turned to look where he was pointing at. Sam made use of the opportunity that her momentary change in focus had given him and got to his feet. He then quickly charged towards where the demon lay.

“No” Anna screamed after him.

He was starting to get on his feet when Sam reached him.

He knelt next to him and prepared to plunge the knife into the demon’s heart when he heard someone scream ‘no’.

Sam and the demon were both taken by surprise. The fear in the demon’s face changed into confusion.

Sam turned to where the sound came and found his eyes once again falling on the familiar hazel browns.

“Alice,” Sam said.

“I am sorry, Sam. I can’t let you kill him” she said and reached out towards Sam.

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