Supernatural: Paradise Found

Chapter 9 (2)

Sam found himself staring down at the limp body of Alice at his feet. He was too shocked to even realize what he was supposed to do. The moment had stunned his mind; crippling it.

All he knew was that one moment Alice was alive and well and the next she was lying; looking dead.

‘Did he somehow do it?’

‘Was his demonic powers the cause of this somehow?’

‘Or the look of confusion on Alice’s face as he told about his visions/dreams the real clue?’

However, he soon realized that he had another problem. It won’t be long before Alice’s screams would bring the other two girls into the room. It wouldn’t be wise to wait to see what happened.

He struggled against the cuffs but other than cutting into his wrists it did very little else. He didn’t think the bleeding would help get his hands out of the cuffs. They were pretty tight. Besides, he wouldn’t have been surprised if the cuffs cut off circulation.

He looked around him. Trying to see if there was anything around that could possibly help. But the room seemed otherwise deserted. The room from its walls and empty shelves looked like it had been deserted for quite some time. From the lack of any lights or anything else, it was possible to assume that until now it had never been used before.

His mind started to race. Trying to come up with a solution to his current problem.

However, before he could come up with anything he heard a sound.

Sam watched, his eyes open wide and his mind at a standstill, as the solitary door in the room started to open and light flooded in.

Anna walked into the room. Her face had an expression of worry. But when she walked in and saw Sam staring back at her, the worry turned to confusion. The confusion, however, was short-lived. Sam watched as her eyes went down to his feet and to the prone figure lying there. And immediately the confusion gave away to another feeling.

Anna screamed in horror at the sight of Alice and turned her gaze back towards Sam. Even in the lighting of the room, Sam could see the rage that was in her eyes. It burned brighter than when she attacked him at the demon’s house.

She waved her hand and Sam flew, with the chair, through the room and slammed hard against the wall on the other side.

He heard the crack of wood as the chair broke into pieces.

He was free.

Sam rose to his feet after a while dazed and bruised. He was knocked out of his sense, but only for a second. His wrists were still tied behind his back but he was free of the chair. He quickly ran his tied hands under his feet and got them in front of him. He turned towards Anna, waiting for her next attack but after her initial one, she had rushed to Alice. Anna was at that moment kneeling next to Alice, her hands over the other girl.

Sam didn’t waste time trying to see what she was doing. Though he found his mind desperate to know if Alice was alive. Instead he turned his attention back towards the room.

Now that his needs had changed. Sam was hoping that the room would give him something to help him get out.

Just like before the room was empty. But the adrenalin that was pumping through his body and the fear that was scourging through his brain seem to work well together. He saw things more clearly.

The room was not completely empty. While there were no chairs, tables, or even cleaning supplies, to show that the room was used for anything at all. There was something. At first, he didn’t see it clearly but he found that his vision got clearer as his eyes focused on the object. It was a metal rod that was lying up against a wall. It was black, which was maybe why he didn’t see it before.

He ran towards it, before Anna could decide to finish her job, and picked it up. It was heavy in his hand and felt awkward holding it the way he was forced to. He quickly accustomed himself to the weapon and managed to get a relatively firm grip before turning towards Anna.

She was now bending over Alice and searching for a pulse.

Sam froze.

He wanted to know what she found.

However, the survival instincts inside of him kicked in and he found himself moving on autopilot.

He reached Anna just as her head rose from Alice’s chest.

Sam froze again as he saw the look in her eyes.

There was just pure malice unlike any he had seen before.

Yet again that survival instinct caught him and drove his hands, as he swung the iron bar through the air.

There was a loud crack as the bar hit Anna straight on her forehead.

He saw nothing of what happened or had any knowledge of what he did.

Sam stared at the two girls lying next to each other and he froze.

The iron bar dropped from his hands.

He turned away from Alice and turned towards Anna. He searched as fast and as carefully as he could her person. Until he felt Ruby’s knife against his fingertips. He pulled the blade out quickly and used it to cut the restraints on his hands.

He turned to Anna and at Alice, giving her one final look before getting back on his foot.

As he reached the door, he had replaced the knife under his shirt again.

He hesitated before reaching for the doorknob; opening it slowly.

He stared at the open door for a few seconds before stepping out.

The image that accosted him as he stepped out once again caught him by surprise and he found himself frozen where he stood, shocked.

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