Supernatural: Paradise Found

Chapter 10 (1)

Sam looked out into the hotel lobby as he had done the first time. But this time the surprise he got was for other reasons.

He looked around him but there was no sign of the blonde haired girl.

He took a quick look behind him, but he couldn’t find any trace of the closed door.

However, he knew he didn’t have time to worry about that now. However hard he had hit her Anna would be back on her feet…hopefully so would Alice.

He started making for the main entrance when he froze.

The security guards from last time were already there. Their bulky frames sealing the doorway.

He turned his gaze next towards the glass doorway that he had gone out with Alice. He could see it across the lobby. He would have to cross through the lobby and make towards the main doorway if he was going to reach it. But with some luck, the lumbering giants would not reach it in time to stop him.

He started fast walking towards the glass doors, even as the two guards crossed the threshold into the lobby.

The lobby was as usual filled with a sprinkle of people, enough to create the illusion of a packed hotel.

However, things were different this time. To Sam’s surprise, the guests were no longer oblivious to his presence. Instead, they all turned towards him when he reached the centre of the lobby.

Worse, he saw their eyes and they were the same as the two guards; milky white and blank.

They started lumbering towards him, they’re hands stretched out; reaching for him.

He turned towards the guards. They were still some way away from where he was but still, he would have no time to run around the guests.

He had no choice. If he wanted to make it to the other side, he would have to go through the lobby and the mass that filled it.

Sam took a deep breath and charged into the centre.

They were on him as soon as he was close enough.

Going for his neck; going for his body. They were either trying to pin him down until the guards got to him or they were trying to kill him. Sam realized that killing him would not have been a problem. They could always bring him back and wipe his memory. Would make things a lot easy for them.

The guests were like ants.

They were starting to overpower him and he struggled to get free of them.

He managed to get one hand free and used it to push and punch.

The flesh his hands contacted felt real.

Yet, though he was attacking them, they didn’t change their actions. They were still trying to subdue him or strangle him. None of them seemed intent on defending themselves.

It didn’t take Sam long to realize why not.

All the guests he knocked down were back up soon enough. Joining the pack and returning back to their previous act as if nothing had happened.

The two burly security guards were now closer, and he was barely halfway through.

If he had hoped that a mass of bodies that converged upon him and circled him in a thick mound of flesh would form some hindrance to the guards he was wrong.

The minute they neared the outer rim the people broke off letting the guards enter without any troubles.

It was like wading through quicksand for Sam, and just like quicksand, he was drowning.

The guards were almost on him when he finally reached the glass doors.

He feared they might be closed but for his fortune, he found they were open. He remembered what Alice had said before.

The words ‘Hotel California’ popped into his head.

‘Was that true?’

‘Or was that just another one of her lies?’

He didn’t have time to worry about that now. Instead, he ran out of the hotel and down the path that led to the forest.

He had a plan, or at least a vague notion of one.

He would head towards the waterfall and then follow the river it created to wherever it leads. He had no idea which way he would go, but one thing he was certain of was that it would lead sooner or later out of the hotel.

As for the waterfall, all he had to do was follow the path.

He looked back for a second.

The guests were all staring at him from beyond the glass doors. It was a good sight. It meant that they had no power outside the hotel. What concerned him was the two guards.

Sam didn’t run.

He waited, watching.

Until he finally saw the front line part and the lumbering giants made their way into his view.

He waited anxiously.

However, nothing happened.

The guards too stopped and just stared back at him.

Sam then turned and ran towards the forest.

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