Supernatural: Paradise Found

Chapter 10 (5)

She showed no signs of the blow. In fact, the sneer that had been on her face at the demon’s house was back on her face.

“Did you enjoy your walk, Sam?”

“Where am I?”

“Sam, Sam, why does it matter where you are. Can’t you get it, you’re never leaving here. This is your prison for the rest of your miserable existence.”

Anna was now not just sneering she was smiling; almost laughing.

“You were just a dog on a leash” she continued. “All this was just us giving you your exercise before we put you back in your cage.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“You still don’t get it, do you. All your questions, they don’t matter. You…don’t matter, Sam. The sooner you get that the sooner we can go back to the way things should be.”

“I’m not done yet,” Sam said and pulled out Ruby’s knife.

“Oh Sam, your hopeless,” said Anna and shook her head, the smile still visible. “That thing won’t do anything to me.”

“What about this,” said a familiar voice, and both Sam and Anna turned towards it.

Dean was standing at the far end of the bridge that Anna was on. The long bridge that ran over the river. Gargoyles watched from their perch on either side of the bridge the standoff was taking place.

“Dean Winchester, swooping in to protect his little brother. How predictable,” said Anna turning her back to Sam.

“How about you let my brother go like he asks?”

“I can’t do that. But I can kill him and put him out of his misery if you like?” she said. “Only if you promise to be a good little boy and do everything mommy asks you?”

“How about if I kill you and then leave with Sam?” asked Dean and Anna laughed.

“Oh Dean, you’re such a redneck. Always looking to shoot someone. Do you honestly think that if that thing could kill us we would let you keep it?”

Dean did not answer.

“Then I presume you get its useless against me.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s useless. It can punch a neat little hole in that beautiful body of yours. I am also going to bet that it can also cause you some serious pain.” Dean said but Anna didn’t respond.

“So how about we don’t make things too difficult and go our separate ways.” Dean continued.

“I can’t let Sam go…alive,” she said and turned and stretched her hand towards Sam. She clenched it and Sam could feel himself choking.

“Sam” Dean shouted and fired the colt.

Sam saw the bullet, flying in slow motion through the air. But only because Anna was no longer there to block his view.

He was no longer choking. But instead, he was frozen in place, watching the bullet flying towards him.

He soon lost sight of it and instead felt a searing pain in his chest.

As he felt something warm flowing down his body. He felt a sense of liberation as he fell to the ground.

Sam could see the blue sky above him. Now dark and colourful with the setting sun. He could see the vibrant colours, like the palette of a master artist. He saw the many shades seem to blur and shift as if something translucent was slowly creeping across it.

The pain in his chest was there. There was something in his throat; something that was slowly filling him inside, just as something else was flowing out. But his focus was on the sky. Watching the colours become blurred as the translucent cover fell over the entirety of his vision.

He watched as it seemed to fall.

The End

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