it all started with a junk yard


it all started with a junk yard of all things!

Cole Johnson
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Chapter 1

how did i have the time of my life AND meet the boy of my dreams at a junk yard? well i'll tell u.
''oh come on!'' i exclaimed ''am I out of gas again!?'' I get out of the car. There's a place the sign on it says junk yard/auto. I walk over to it and i see, behind the fence, a person working under a old, but still awesome, looking car. The person gets out from under the car. Its a boy with light brown messy hair piercing and green eyes. He's wearing an oil stained light grey t shirt, ripped loose fitting jeans and battered black combat boots. Damn he's hot. He walks over to me
"'how can I help u?'' he asks me. And sticks his hands in his jean pockets.
"oh my car broke down. Idk if its outta gas or what. Cause idk shit about cars.'' I say.
the boy laughs ''i'll take a look at it'' he goes through the fence opening and goes to my car. i notice hes bowlegged which some how makes him hotter. he opens the hood and pokes at stuff, he says some shit about belts. i'm not good at this.
''ok we'll take him in'' says the boy
''him?'' i say.
''oh yeah'' he says ''sorry ur car just seems like a guy. like my car is a girl'' he points to the car he was working on. ''her names Baby.''
''thats nice,'' i say.
''yep'' he says.
They boy takes my car in the garage. He gets it in and says ''come in and sit down we can talk if u want. I talk to all my customers. Unless there dicks, but ur not. U seem cool.'' I walk in and sit down in a chair by the car.
"thanks,'' I blush.
''anytime'' say says and rolls under my car.
''so uh i never caught ur name'' he says doing stuff under the car.
authors note: dun dun dunnnn! do u expect that? no? yes? well thats my bad writing for ya. i'll post more so stay tuned.

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