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GH Fast Forward: Reset

By CSEve

Horror / Romance


Mai wasn't able to find a stable life until she met a demonologist who saved her from her miserable normal life and turned it into an adventure. Even without the team, Mai was able to survive the world and became a demonologist/parapsychologist herself. What would happen if one day the young man that rejected her 8 years ago, is right in front of her together with her husband?

Mai Taniyama

8 Years ago, 16 year old Mai used to work under the employment of Dr. Oliver Davis, world-renowned Parapsychologist, however, after he left for his brother’s funeral, his promise of ever returning back didn’t happen. Mai was left on her own. Ayako had to pursue her medical career in the United States, Bou-san’s band became number 1 in Japan that he hadn’t have anytime to meet up with Mai. John had to go to Cuba for a volunteer work, as for Masako she retired from being a TV medium and is currently staying in Hokkaido, she is officially a professor in psychology there. But despite the people that left her, Yasuhara was the only one who made sure that there was still someone in the team where she can call. Yasuhara pursued his dream of being a detective in Shibuya, Tokyo, which was only a few drive away from Mai’s office firm. As for Mai, after being left she had her papers and visa processed for her to be able to study abroad. She had a very difficult time since she really needed the money badly, all her part-time jobs didn’t treat her well and the pay wasn’t as high as S.P.Rs.

Until she met a miracle one day in the cemetery. Mai was walking around and feeling the presence of a ghost that couldn’t move on. She was a young girl about 8 years old. She could feel that she was lost and upset that she couldn’t find his older brother. Mai was only 18 years old then, a fresh graduate from highs school when she met the ghost in the cemetery. The ghost was surprised to see that the brunette could actually see her and was eager to help her find her way so that she could pass on. Mai made her a promise that she would visit the cemetery for her so that she wouldn’t be lonely. Second passed by and was turned to a minute, minutes passed by and was turned to hours and finally hours passed by and was turned to days. Mai carrying a folded umbrella on her right hand was about to walk up to the young lady’s grave to visit her, until she saw a young man with hair dark as the night and eyes green as emerald, he was smiling over the gravestone that Mai usually visits. The air was cold that time, the breeze was a little bit strong and the wind carried dusts with it. Mai accidentally steps on a stick that cracked, the young man’s eyes looked over at the brunette with a small wonder in his face. Mai was fascinated with his beauty, she gently looked away as she walked over to the gravestone.

“Do you know her?” Her chocolate eyes was locked on to the gravestone, the young man placed his hand inside his coat’s pocket and simply nodded. Mai was able to see his actions from the corner of her eyes.

“Do you?” The young man’s voice was calm but husky, he glanced over to the young brunette as she gently shook her head. She turned to the tall man and said. “I don’t really know her…” she paused and looked at the gravestone. “But, I’ve talked to her spirit.” She said shyly as she gently looked down a little bit embarrassed.

The young man noticed her expression and immediately touched her shoulder but pulled it back and placed it inside his pocket. He coughed softly and looked up at the nimbus clouds and sighed.

The young man dropped his head down and said. “I can do that as well.” His voice was a little bit sincere. Mai was confused when the man confessed of his skill. “You mean you’re a medium?” She asked as the rain started to pour down on them. The green eyed man shook his head. “I’m actually a demonologist.”

Mai pulled the umbrella to open and covered the both of them but she gasped upon hearing that word, she didn’t know that the man that she was with hunt demons rather than ghosts. “I’m sorry to ask this but, who are you to her?” Mai pointed at the gravestone, she didn’t realize that the stranger was near her. “I’m actually her older brother.” He looked down and bit his lip. Mai noticed a look of regret in front of her.

“You didn’t visit her? All of this years?” Mai asked as she held the umbrella tightly as the man shook. “I was the one who killed her…” Silence and the sound of rain took over their conversation until Mai finally understood what he meant. “No, you tried to save her didn’t you? She was possessed and you had to perform an exorcism, didn’t you?”

The stranger looked at Mai with wide eyes, he was quite surprised that a young woman, a stranger could know the possibilities of what actually happened. The stranger gave out a soft smile, nodded and pulled out his hand from his coat. “I’m Tetsuya Honda, and you?”

“I’m Mai Taniyama.” Mai looked at the hand and shook it, after a while they got comfortable, they placed back their hands to where it should belong and there was silence again. “So, why are you here Mai?” the stranger asked as he turned back his attention to the gravestone

“I promised her that I would visit her until she would pass on and see the light.” Mai looked up at the man’s eyes. “I’m thankful that you’re able to do that for my sister.” He said with a calm and gentle tone.

Soon, the rain started to pour hard, Mai looked around and was in defeat over the rain. She sweat dropped as she looked down and slightly gripped on the umbrella. “I’m sorry, Mr. Honda, but I have to head home.” Mai pointed at the cemetery exit. The young man nodded his head and opened his umbrella under the hard rain. He hesitated on letting the brunette walk away under the hard rain. He immediately ran after her dropping his umbrella. He was drenched when he finally caught her arm. Mai turned around dropping the umbrella with quite surprised as a car was about to hit her if she wasn’t pulled back. Her heart throbbed and her body trembled in fear at the same time.

“May I take you out for coffee?” Tetsuya with his husk voice said to Mai. Mai gently nodded with a slight blush on her cheeks. “Watch where you’re going. You almost got hit” Mai pulled away gently to get her umbrella, she ran to him again so that they could be shielded from the hard rain. She gently apologized.

“I’ll take you home.” The young man offered out his hand. Mai placed her hands on his as his prince charming held her hand tightly and they walked towards the cemetery parking lot.

A chauffeur was waiting outside a black European car, he opened the doors for the two people. Mai sat at the back and looked around. She was surprised with the courtesy that the stranger has shown her. The young man sat beside her at the back of the car. They were both drenched from the hard rain, they exchanged stared before they could laugh out the experience that had.

“Master Tetsuya, you and your acquaintance are both drench from the cold rain, do you wish to return to the estate or do you have any other business too attend to?” the chauffeur turned on the driver’s seat and looked at his two passengers with the rear-view mirror.

“Mai, can you tell me where you live so that we can drop you off?” Mai was surprised that the last name was dropped immediately but she then nodded and told them her address. The drive was shorter than Mai expected. She soon arrived at her apartment. The chauffeur opened the door for her as for Tetsuya he peeked out and looked at Mai.

“Can we see each other again? Tomorrow, morning. I did promise you coffee” Mai carrying her wet umbrella gently nodded and the door closed.

Mai and Tetsuya did see each other, it wasn’t an everyday meet up but seeing him once a week already made the young brunette happy. Mai respected the work that Tetsuya has, he is a demonologist, and he didn’t allow Mai to join him in his cases. Until Tetsuya eventually became possessed as well, Mai had to see him and save him. Her skills did become rusty over the months but she was able to get the job done and save him. Tetsuya owed his life to Mai after being saved from the demon. She was eventually transferred to England to study parapsychology in Cambridge where she had to use the alias, Marie Honda. She was sponsored by the once she called stranger, she studied and took the opportunity that she could get and It took her only 4 years to finally take the doctor title in her name.

Oliver Davis to Mai? Well, fate played them quite well, during Oliver Davis’ lectures in Oxford with guest speakers from Rhine Research Center, Mai was actually at the University as a student-teacher in Parapsychology. When Mai was graduating with flying colours from Cambridge, Oliver Davis was supposed to be there to give a speech for the graduates. Mai worked in Rhine Reseach Center for two-years with cases merged by the S.P.R but in there are instances where in Mai and Oliver Davis couldn’t eventually match up their schedules thus not meeting at all.

However, fate will eventually bring them back together… even if it’s too late.

The day was starting to get a little bit hectic for the known Mai. She was running through the cases that she and her husband has been taking for the past month. She was only 26 and her days of being a paranormal investigator became more and more dangerous. Sipping her English breakfast tea, staying inside the director’s office, which was inside the HondA Researchers for Paranormal Investigations or HARPI for short and located at the heart of Setagaya, Japan. HARPI does not only handle investigations that would involve about spirits, mediums, ESP’s and the like, Mai was able to incorporate demonology inside her research. She was finally contented with the life that she was able to achieve.

“Excuse me sir but you’re not allowed to enter that area!” The receptionist raised her voice as a four-eye man wearing a brown trench coat opened the door of the director’s office.

Mai’s head was dropped down on the glass desk, the man wearing the trench coat looked over at the brunette sleeping on the glass desk. He swiftly walked towards the brunette and poked her cheeks. The sun rays was directly coming from the glass window wall of Mai’s office.

“Mai, Naru will scold you if you continue sleeping like this” the young man whispered as security was about to enter the vicinity.

Mai flinched over the voice and the words that the man used to wake her up. “What?!” she panicked and looked around.

“Oh, you’re awake!” The familiar voice said, Mai looked down and then went her way up, seeing the four-eyed man smiling. Mai stood up and gave the familiar man a hug. “Yasu!” She exclaimed as security entered with the manager of HARPI.

“Oh, nice to see you here, Yasuahara.” Tetsuya smiled with his hands at his back. He lifted his hands to signal security that he wasn’t a threat nor a foe. The security team went out of the room and closed the door.

“What are you doing here? Investigator Yasuhara?” Mai gave a tease to the Investigator. He raised his eyebrow and smirked. “Oh, stop teasing me Doctor Marie Honda. I’m actually here to congratulate you”

Tetsuya swiftly flinched and ran towards the investigator as he placed his hand on his mouth. He pulled Yasuhara’s body to the side and finally to the corner of the room. Mai tilted her head in confusion. Tetsuya placed his arm on his shoulder and mumbled. “No, I haven’t asked yet. We had a hectic investigation last night.” Yasuhara placed his hands on his mouth and looked at him and twisted his body to peek up Mai. “Oops.”

The two man walked to the sofa and sat down. Mai, on the other hand, looked outside through the glass window. She gently sighed and turned around to them with a rather serious tone.

“I’ve decided to accept the case.” Tetsuya understood what she meant. “..But, I want Yasuhara to be a part of this, Tetsu.”

Yasuhara was quite surprised over her abrupt decision. He was for sure that Mai wouldn’t take the case that was forwarded to her by S.P.R.

Hokkaido: 3:00 pm

The S.P.R team was led straight towards a room inside the mansion. They were consists with only five-members, Lin Koujo, John Brown, Houshou Takigawa, Masako Hara and lastly, the one and only Oliver Davis. The client, Misaki Inagi looked over at her watch as she tapped her finger on the table. She was waiting for HARPI to arrive from their flight from Tokyo. She soon heard the main door open and footsteps coming their way.

“I’m sorry, but can we please take a roam around the house before we could discuss the case?” The voice of a woman said from the other side, the maid gently shook her head and opened the door.

“I will have to ask Madam Misaki about your request Mrs. Honda.”

The doors opened for HARPI which only consists of two members, the ‘married couple’, Tatsuya and Mai Honda. Oliver Davis took notice of her voice the moment that he heard it from the other side, he tried controlling himself as the doors opened and finally saw the face of her former assistant. He blinked for a while before realizing that his dreams as finally became a reality. He cleared his throat as hee clenched his palm into a fist. Lin Koujo felt the intense drop of temperature inside the room and so did Tetsuya Honda.

“Is the room usually chilly here?” The demonologist started to assume that the room might be infested with evil demons. Mai chuckled lightly and at the corner of her eyes she glanced at Tetsuya and mumbled to him. “No, don’t worry.”

Bou-san and Masako was busy looking over at the files that SPR has already gathered for them before committing to the case. But when they finally diverted their attention to the team that recently entered the room, the medium covered her lips with a surprised look and as for Bou-san he swiftly stood up before yelling. “Mai!”

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