George,even though he was 18 he still lived with his parents.He never thought he would be running away from home.Or so the place he called home ever since he was a kid. George knew he was gonna move out soon but never thought this would happen!What will George do,what's gonna happen to him!?

Romance / Other
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^Growing Confidence^

George wasn't the normal 18 year old boy.Do to his strict,overprotective,and christian parents he wasn't allowed to leave the house without his parents knowing where he was going,who his was going with,and what he was doing,they often made him call his friends and confirm George was going where he said he was going and with.Georges curfew was 11:30 every day of the week,any time he came home later he was force to pray for hours about how sorry he was for staying out past his curfew,like that was gonna help.

The way George was raised was to marry a women and not like or even date men. His parents though out the years made it very clear to George if he ever dated a man he would be out of the house or force to "pray the gay away" and go to some sort of christian school. So when George started to develop feelings for one of his friends Clay or Dream he knew to expect the worse from his parents and would only think about what could happen to him if his parents found out he had feelings for a boy. The sad thing was all Georges friends knew he was gay and yet his own parents didn't know.

"Tonights the night" George though to himself,"The night I tell them i'm gay and proud" George sighed as his mother calledl him for dinner. George shut his room door and nervously walked over to the dinner table.As soon as George sat down his parents started to pray and thank god for this meal,"How the fuck can someone do this every night" George thought to him self .Once that was over George started to talk to his parents.

"Mom..." "yes" "Can I,um.can I tell you somthing" "You can tell us anything George" George's Dad added. "What would you do if I,agh" "If you what,sweetie" George started to tear up knowing this was gonna be the worse decision he ever made in his life,George's mom reached out to hold his hand,"Don't cry,what did you want to tell us" "Mom..I..I like,Um." George parents just look him confused."Mom,Dad,I like boys and i'm proud." "What in gods name did you just say,George" "I'm gay,very,very gay mother" "go to your room" George's father said pointing his room,"GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW" His mother yelled.George ran into his room and locked the door,jumping in bed and crying into his pillow.Eventually,crying him self to sleep.

441 words,hello i hope you like like this story so far :) love you-your author
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