"Can you just tell me where we're going" "Nope,you have to wait" George huffed in frustration.

George turned on the radio and started flickering though stations,finally stopping when he hered Runaway baby by Bruno Mars playing. "So every girl that i meet,Yeah,i this is what i'll say. Run,run,runaway,runaway baby,before I put my spell on you." George sang."You bet get get get away,get away darlin',cause everything you hered is true" Dream joined in and started to sing with George as they drove to there mystery dinner place."So you better, run run runway,runaway baby" both boys sang.

Once Ranway baby had finished George started bickering about wanting to know where dream was taking him to eat."Claaaay,why can't you just tell me" "I all ready told you why" "Why then" "It's a surprise" "Pleeeease" "No,if you ask again i'll just take you home and we can eat frozen food for dinner.now stop" George huffed and rolled his eye as he looked out the window away from dream.Dream looked over at him."Stop looking at me,keep your stupid eyes on the road" "Y'know George it's really hard to keep your eyes off of someone who's so pretty." "Stoooop,dream~" "It's true" Dream said as he started to pull into the Applebee's parking lot.

George looked over at dream with excitement brusting in his voice,"DREAM!" George said and smiled widely.Dream smiled back and parked the car,"do you see why i didn't tell you now" "Yeah" George said as he was already getting out of the car,"Wait for me silly,I Have to tell you something" Dream said nervously

A/N sorry for the short chapter love you go eat,take a shower,maybe play in the rain lol,:)
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