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"Do you see why I didn't tell you now" "Yeah" George said already getting out of the car,"Wait for me silly I have to tell you somthing" Dream said nervously.George walked back over to dream,"What you want to tell me,i'm hungry" "George,I care about you alot,and i can't tell you what i would do if something were to happen to you,I" Dream stopped talking and looked George in the eye,"George,I-I like you,more than just a friendthe reason why took you to Applebee's was to kindda ask you on a date" George looked at dream,"Well,are we gonna stand here all night or are we going on this date dreamy?" George asked as he grabbed dreams hand and pulled into the Applebee's.

"What can I get for you 2 boys tonight" The waiter asked "What do you guys have for drinks?" Dream asked,he knew he was gonna need it to get through this date in one piece "We have-" The waiter started "A bloodly mary,whiskey soda or mule,A sex on the beach,A few differnt margaritas,beers and wines.That's pretty much all the drinks we have" "Thanks,can i have a whiskey mule please" "Sure anythig for you sir" The waiter asked "Umm-can i just get a water please" "Okay,i'll be back with those in a mintue,any ideas on what we want tonight?" "Can i have onion rings and an order of the spinach and Artchoke chips please" George said "Of couse,and for you?" the waiter said looking at dream," I'll have a Classic bacon burger with nothing on it but pickles" "Sure thing is that it for now" "Yep" George replied "Okay i'll be back"
The waiter left and put there order's in and brought out the Spinach and artchoke chips,as well as Georges water and dreams whiskey mule
"Dream?" "Yeah" "Why are you so nervous" "Why do you think.i'm on date with the most beautiful man i've ever met,plus i'll be going home with him,so you never now what could happen" "Dream!"George whisper yelled,Dream chuckled "Im just telling the true,you can't be that mad at me,at least im not lying to you." George rolled his eyes and kicked dream under the table"Ow,that hurt" Dream said sarcastily,"Welp you deserved it" Dream just smiled and nodded his head back and forth like he was saying no.Soon after the waiter came out with there food,"I have onion rings" "That's for me" george said as the waiter put them down in front of him "And this must be your's right?" "Right thanks" "Sorry,but can i also have side of fries"George added "Of couse,of couse,don't be sorry" George smiled as the waiter walked off,"what do you wanna do when we get home" George said he plopped a chip into his mouth,"I don't know,we could play minecraft,watch tv......kiss" "DREAM! We are in public! Stop it!" "George" Dream said looking him dead in the eye,"Would you let me kiss you,would you push me away? Would you let me-" Dream was interupted by the waiter," Sorry to interupted but i have your side of fries,sir" "Thank you,can you bring out some to-go boxes please ad the check?" "Of couse I'll be back with that in a minute.can i take these with me?" the waiter asked wall pointing to dream and Georges empty drink glass,"Yeah,thanks" Dream answered,The waiter walked away to go grab the to-go boxes and check. "Now as I was saying,would you let me fuck you George" George just sat there,He didn't know what to say,what to do,His "bestfriend" just asked him if he would let him fuck him.

George thought for a minute as he grew a little hard then whispered to dream,"I don't know dreamy,you'll have to find out when we get home~" Dream was not expecting Georges answer and just sat there stund as the waiter came back with the boxes and check.George started to box up his and dream food.Once he did that he got out his credit card out and paying.
After that dream and George both stood up and started ot walk out of the restaurant,This is gonna be a interesting drive home.

740 words,Go eat,shower,play in the dirt maybe :),love you-your auothr
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