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A/N there is smut in this chapter just wanted to let you know,if you don't like it or your uncomfy with it skip to the end of the chapter please :).BTW,i'm not the best at writting smut

Nothing happend on the ride home,beside dream putting his hand on Georges thigh.When dream and George both stepped in the front door,dream grabbed George's chin and pinned him against the wall and whispered in his ear,"are you okay with this,cause i am" "Yep" George said and smirked,And with that Dream and George locked themselfs in a deep,lustful,make-out. George slowly started to make his hands down to dreams jeans,signaling he wanted dream to take them off,"Some ones needy,aren't they" Dream said breaking the kiss and putting the food down on the floor.He Grabbed Georges hand and lead him into his room,once in the room George relocked in a kiss with dream.

dream started to take off his and Georges cloths,leaving both boys nude in seconds,"And im the needy one" "shut up before I make you" "Oh yeah,make me then" Dream grabbed Georges chin and made him look him dead in the eye,"Do you really want me to shut you up George or, you gonna listen, and do as your told" George paused for a minute,"Do i wanna be a brat or should I Listen?" George thought to himself,"I don't know dream,maybe I want you to shut me up" "Well make a decision before I make one for you" The 2 sat there for a minute,just looking at one another,"George are you gonna do as your told?" Dream asked,"I will,I will" George said as he rolled his eyes and sighed,Dream smiled,"Good boy"dream pet the top of Georges head as he kissed george lightly and pushed him on his bed.Dream got staight to work and started grinding down on George,kissing his neck,whispering things in his ears every so often.George was a moaning mess under dream and he couldn't do anything about it and didn't want to,"Claay~,P-please" George moaned,"What,please what,use your worlds love" Dream stopped and just looked at Georges neck,he looked back at George,then at his neck.Dream took a deep breath and went for it,he started leaveing red marks all over George neck and collorbones,sure to purple turn later that night,"P-please~ f-fu-ughhh~"George moaned as he felt dreams teeth against his neck and collorbones. George couldn't piece his words together before dream made him moan again,Dream stopped only 'cause he wanted to know what George was trying to say,"What?" George cought his breath and contined,"Fuck me clay,do it" "What's the magic word" "Please~" Dream smiled and looked at George as he got up and pulled George into hs lap.

Dream and George locked eyes before dream said,"Lift your hips for me love" George lifted his hips and held on to dream shoulders.Dream placed his tip at George entrance and slowly started to push in,consitering he needed to be gentle because George had no prep.Dream put his hands on Georges hips to guide George as he moved up and down.Dream bucked his hips up into George,causing George to moan even louder than he already was,"Found it~" Dream teasely whispered in George ear,dreams whisper sent chills down George spine. All george could do was moan in response.Dream continued to buck his hips up and aimed at George's prostate,as he did George started to try and talk."C-clay,'m so close,'lease" George hated every second of uttering that sentence."Cum for me George,dont be nervous" dream said as he groaned. Without hesitation George came all over his and dream stomachs,Dream soon after.

Dream and George sat there a moment as dream held Goerge in his arms and kissed his neck,"was I to rough" dream asked as he slowly took George off him,George didn't really wanna let go of dream but he did anyway and layed down on dreams bed,"No,you did amazing,plus I like it rough.The only thing I wanna do next time,if there is one,I just wanna be stretched" George giggled. Dream smiled and fell down on his bed next to George,spooning the smaller man in front of him."Clay,I love you so much" "No,I love you more"

This is the end of runaway. I hope you enjoyed it! I'll be writing more story soon,love you.Again thank you so much for read my story,it means the world to me :)-love your author
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