^out the window^

After days of verbal and sometimes even physical abuse from George's parents.He had enough. Today was the last straw.

Earlier that day George's mother locked the friage doors up with a bike lock so he couldn't eat anything and when she saw George trying to open the fraige she slapped the back of his neck,making it red."OW! what the hell" "People like you don't deserve to eat" "I fucking hate you" "say other word like that and i'll kill you" George's mother rased her hand up like she was gonna hit him,George running into to his room in fear. A sigh of relief escaping George mouth.George checked the time"9:36,mom and dad go to bed at 10:30.so i'll go at 11:00" George thought to himself,for the next hour he packed his stuff up,in one big bag. In this bag George put clothes,his phone and it's chager,his pillow,and once his parents were asleep he grabbed a water bottle and some snacks from the pantry.

George slowly start to open his window,hoping his parents wouldn't wake up.Then,tried to knock the screen out,"C'mon,what the hell,just fall out already" George whispered to himself,punching the screen,causeing it to fall on the ground."Yeeeesss,finally",Just as George said that under his breath he heard his bedroomm door open,he forgot to lock the door.George looked back over his shoulder and saw his mom and dad standing there in shock.Quickly,knowing his parents will call the cops on him,he grabbed his bag and booked it out the window,"GEORGE! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING!" Although George only fall 2 feet it still hurt pretty bad,plus the big ass bag he had on his bag.As George ran he started to crying know he parent would chase after him with the car,so he ran as far as he could with the time he had,running down the street."No,don't cry,don't cry,if you didn't run away they would have hurt you more" George told himself,still looking back every so often to see if his parents were chaseing after him."where do I go." George said to himself started to tear again,as he turned a corner,"Clays...I can go to Clay's" George froze,this time when he turn around he saw head lights.George started to spirnt.George could feel the tears running down his face as the car sped up.The first thing to pop into George mind to get his parents of his tell was to scream,scream bloodly muder,high pitched deafening scream and so George did.Though his tears he scream.So loud people don't the block could hear him,waking up the whole neighborhood. within secands of George starting to scream his parents stopped turned around,his father yelling out the driver side window,"we'll get you one day,boy,you just wait,so help me god when we find you,YOU"LL BE DEAD"

George fell to his knees ot of breath from screaming so loud,soon after getting back on his feet before the cops showed up,'cause some poor person though some one was dieing."sunflower road number 21,sunflower road number 21" George repeted in his head,it was Clay or dreams adress (thats not really dreams adress I just came up with that) George checked the time "12:00,if I get there any later he'll be asleep,I should call him" George opened me menssenger and tapped on Dream,they had talked eailer that night about George's parents."Pick up,pick up, pick up,danm it" dream didn'r pick up the phone so George left him a voice mail,"Hey dreamie,i um,just wanted to tell you i'm on my way to your house,i'll tell you the whole stoory when i get there,byeeee.I love you." George added under his breath hoping his phone didn't pick it up.
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