$Arrival at Sunflower road$

George kept walking hoping be the time he got to dream he would still be up. George started to run,"Weeeeeee" George said as he sprinted (DUDUDUDU lol)"Maybe I should get and uber,it would be faster and the faster I get there,higher the possibility Dream is up.Plus he's usually up at 12,so i'll be fine.Hopefully." George looked around him as all his parents words started to run though his head,trying to hold the tears back,"it's ok,it's ok,dream will make it better,he always makes everything better,always the light of day."

A few minutes pasted,George looked up and saw he was on the street before dreams,Mapple drive,(Idfk ok lol).He started running as fast as he could,trying not to fall 'cause of the heavy bag he had on his back,George was ecstatic,yet in the back of his head a little voice was telling him he probably would breakdown when dream opened the door,if not as soon as he walked up to the house.
The voice wasn't wrong
As George walked up to the door he started to tear,"why am I such baby" George mumbled to his self as he knocked on the door with his head down.Dream opened the door in a plan white T and some dark gray sweat pants,"George?" Dream asked,George sniffled,looked up,and waved at dream as tears ran down his face.Dream pulled george into his arms,taking his bag from him and putting it on th ground,"Whose ass am I beating." Dream said as he toke george into to his arms,"George,I mean what I say whose ass am I beating." "M-Mom and Da-d" "Again? what this time bubby" "I cam out a few days ago and things hit the fan" "This happend for more than one night" Dream said as he grabbed George chin,wiping the tears off his face.George nodded,turning bright pink from dreams touch.Dream just stared in to Georges eyes,"George?" "Yeah" George said in his breaking voice from crying."What would you say if I wanted you to spend the night here...With me...In my bed" George face light up,he nodded yes,hugging dream tighly."even the sleeping in my bed part" "Yep" Dream could feel the blush on his face,so could george."Let's go sit down and you can tell me what happend" "what if i don't wanna talk it and because i walked here and wanna rest" Dream pulled out of the hug and looked at george,holding his face."You fucking walked here,you could've called me and I would have just brought you here my self" "Paniced and got caught" "How did you get cought your in my arms" "i jumped out a window" "Danm,my babies got balls" "Shut up,jerk" Dream chuckled."I wanna sleep" "Fine" Dream let go of George and toke his hand,leading him in to the bed room.

"You sleeping in that" "Yeah,I just put them on" George crawled into dream bed and cuddled up to dream when he got in bed.Dream looked like he had a really bad sun burn he was so red.Dream knew he loved George,he just didn't know how to tell him,"do I just tell him staight up like george i love you or should I take him out to eat and tell him there" Dreams thoughs put him to sleep that night and with George in his arms,letting out like snores here and there, he was the happiest man alive.

607 words,GO EAT FOOD AND DRINK WATEEEEEER,pwease lol,love you-your author
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