!Waking up to the cops!

"Police department open up!" Dream heard from his front door.Dream carefully got out of bed,trying his best not to wake George.He slowly ran down the stairs an yelled,"Please calm down,i'm coming". When Dream opened the door he was meet with 2 police men standing there,guns draw,ready to kill some one. "Why are you here?" dream asked still half asleep,"Sir,is your friend George dickson in this house?" "yes,why,do you need him,I could go wake him up" "No sir, His mother called and said he ran away to this adress." "Well he did,but did she tell you the whole story tho?" "what story" "Why he ran away here" "She said he got up and left and said he was coming here and would never return home." "She lied...That son of a bitch" Dream balled his frist,furious at what the officer just said. "Sir,what did she lie about" "Why george came here" "Why did he then?" the officer questioned "I don't know the whole story,but from what i know is George came out to them a couple days ago and he ran away to me,note his parents are really homophobic" "I see now,that's all we needed to know,we might call you both down to the department later to day ok" "Ok,thank you,Officer" "Bye now" the officers walked back to the car And drove off.

"C-clay what was that?" "you mom called the cops on you and said you basically ran away here for no reason,like,just for the hell of it" dream walked up to george with open arms,"Is this my hoddie i see" "listen we don't talk about it okie" "Ok,fine,but you look so cute Goergie" "what did I say about callng me Georgie" "you said you would kill me,but I know you love me to much to kill me" "I don't love you,I hate you with all my heart" "why did you run away to my house and steal one of my hoddies then,huh" "This hoddie is mine now 1,2 I'm cold,and 3 kiss my ass" "ok" dream slowly bent down,"CLAY! what the hell I was kidding" George said as he pushed dream away,dream chuckled,"I'm telling that police officer later that you tried to kiss my ass with out my consent" "You told me to" George looked up at dream not knowing how to repliy to him,"I hate you" "love you too" George piched dreams back,"Ow,Georgie that wasn't nice" "Call me Georgie one more time and I'll do it again,i'm not afraid" "meany" George giggeld,walking up the stairs to back into dreams bedroom "It's not funny you hurt me,wait up" George sat down on dreams bed,sitting on his knees waiting for him,"Can we watch TV." "Sure,what show" "I don't know,A&E?" "When have you liked cop shows?" "I mean it's quite fitting,'cause of what just happend" George giggled. Dream chuckled turning on the TV,opening netflix,and turning on A&E. George put his head on dream shoulder as both boys layed back on dream pillows,ready to binge watch A&E till they get a call from the police station.
"George?" "yeah?" "what is your favrite place to eat,like for lunch or dinner" "why do you wanna know" "Just curious" "ummm,I like Applebee's" "ok,thank you,Georgie" dream said and winked."Clay I'm gonna slap the shit out of you one of these days." Dream laughed it off like nothing,"stop calling me Clay and I'll stop calling you Georgie,deal" "but I like calling you Clay." "yeah but I don't" "but I do.plus when i call you Clay it catches you off guard and the look you give me makes you look handsome."dream blushed at George's words,"then let me call you Georgie" "fine,dickhead" Dream and George both laugh a little and continued to watch A&E,dream thinking when and if he should ask George on a date.

693 words,go wash yo god danm hands,love you-your author
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