The Police Station

after about an hour of watching A&E George's phone started to ring.George reached over and picked up the phone,"Hello?" George said questoining who this could be,"It's the police,dumbass" "Oh,no ones answering me" "Just wait a minute"

George waited and waited,"Why is no ones answering meeee" "Just wait George,it's a police station,it's always busy",just as dream finished his sentence a voice cam over the phone."Hello,is this George Dickson?" "Yeah" "put the phone on speaker I wanna hear too." Dream whispered,"Okay" george answered putting the phone on speaker."I just have a few questions for you.are you willing to answer then?" "Ummm,sure" "Ok.First question,why did you left home" "for gods sake,if these are gonna be the quetions i'm not gonna answer then" "Why is that" "Cause im sick of every one on my case,just left me alone.I don't want anything to do with my parents,tell them i hate them and I hope that they feel good about themselfs,Cause they know what they did." "George what did-" "Listen ma'am,ask my parents.Good fucking bye" George hung up the phone,George rolled his eyes and sighed.George put his head back on dreams shoulder,"Georgie..." "Yes" Dream could tell by the tone in George's voice he was pissed,"why don't we make lunch and forget about all of this shit,okay" "noooo,i wanna stay in bed" "Well I wanna eat something.want me to grab you something wall i'm up or are you okay" "do you have lollipops" George asked excited,"Yeah why?" "Can you get me one pleaseee" "Sure"

Dream walked out of his bedroom and got some chocolate for himself and a bubble gum lollipop for George,also grabbing some water for both of them.As dream walked back to his room the only thing on his mind was how happy George got when he said he had lollipops,"So cute..THAT!. That's what I'll get george when I ask him on a date,soon." dream sat back down next to george and handed george is lollipop,"You never told me you had chocolate" "you said you wanted a lolipop" "Yeah,but I would have wanted chocolate if i knew you had it" Dream rolled his eyes,"If you want some,get it youself" "meany" "I'm not being mean,I still got you your lollipop" George looked at dream,trying to hide his laughter with a fake frown."your trying so hard it's cute,I know your faking it George" George started laughing hysterically,dream following by wheezeing.Dream was laughing so hard every time he tryed to talk he inturpurted himself again and again,laughing."That was*wheeze*,fuck,That was the worse fake frown ever*Wheeze*" both boys laughed till they went pink and could bearly catch thier breaths.George started to slowing pull himself together,so did dream. "That has got to be one of my most favrite thing you have ever done george" "can we keep watching A&E now" "Sure" George cuddled up to dream's chest and wrapped his arms around dream's stomach,smiling sweetly.Dream froze as George did all of this,"Clay?" "Yeah" "are you ok" "Yeah,i'm fine George" "Okay" Dream put hand on Georges back and pressed play.

"Goooooerge,im bored of A&E,can we watch somthing else,please" George looked up a dream,he wasn't to happy."Please" "Fine do you wanna watch then" "I don't wanna watch anything,I wanna dance with you" "dance with me"George thought to himself,"what!?" "I wanna dance with you" Dream started to get up moving George off him."C'ome are you saying in bed the rest of the day or get up and dance with me.Give it a shot,for me please" "I'll try,but only beacuse you want me to." Dream grabbed his phone,speaker,and georges hand and lead him into the living room. dream set his phone on the table and started to move the couch,so the boys had more room to dance,"You gonna help or what"

697 word,GO EAT,LOVE YOU-love your author

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